Chalkboard Cabinet

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There’s no rest for me these days…even with the Christmas holiday.  I looked at my husband this afternoon and declared, “OK, I officially cannot say yes to one more thing.”  We’ll see if I stick to that.  If someone asks to photograph one of my rooms for a magazine or…say…someone wanted to publish my book…I’d say yes to stuff like that.  So, I guess I need to make it clear to him that I will only say yes to a few things. 
Today, I shampooed the carpets to clean up after the post Christmas mess, which has become known as “The Christmas Bomb” in my house.  The slipcovers are washed, the floors have been vacuumed and I hauled my plastic tree to the thrift store, as promised.  (Sorry, Nutbird.)  I am sold on live trees from this point forward. 
In addition to my projects for Christmas 2011, I’m making a final push to finish pieces to bring to Wild Rose and Chartreuse on Saturday.  In the past couple of weeks, I’ve finished a beautiful French Provincial buffet, a drafting table, a small cupboard and this metal chalkboard cabinet.  I’m so mad at myself for not taking a proper before picture.  The only one I have is this lame picture of it in my van.  It’s the yellow cabinet on the right. 
It is entirely made of metal and it’s a little worse for wear, but I really liked it and immediately thought it would look great in chalkboard paint.  There’s something very “vintage modern” about it, now. 

I simply sanded it down with steel wool and painted it with two coats of spray-on chalkboard paint.  When dry, I rubbed the entire cabinet with a piece of chalk to “season” the surface and then wiped it off with a dry paper towel to give it that wonderful smeary chalkboard look.  It almost looks like zinc and it makes the imperfections look like “character” instead of flaws.

I sketched simple tree branches and placed one of my magnetic glittered butterflies on it.  
This piece will make a great display for my glitter letters…until it sells.
Well, I’m pooped.  When I wasn’t working on projects, I was playing X Box Kinect with my four year old.  I’m pretty awesome on a hover board in Sonic, I’m telling you.   
Miss Mustard Seed
Chalkboard Cabinet

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30 Comments on “Chalkboard Cabinet”

  1. Truly inspired! Wish I lived closer, I would snap it up in a heartbeat.

    Is there any reason this wouldn't work just as well (minus the ability to use with magnets) on a wooden cabinet or is the metal surface part of the beauty of the final finish?

    Love it!


  2. Oh, that looks so wonderful– love the 'seasoned' chalkboard and the grey effect. I love the butterfly effect too (no, I never saw that movie…)
    I haven't forgotten about the ivy leaves– I hope to mail them soon!
    I'm a big procrastinator…
    have fun playing with the kiddos…

  3. ~**~LOVE the cabinet! It turned out awesome!!You sound just as busy cleaning and getting rid of the Christmas clutter as I did!;) I am finally taking a break to enjoy the rest of the week.Hope you get some relaxation and enjoy your week too!! Hugs, Rachel ~*~*

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  4. That is so awesome, chalkboard paint is really fantastic.You have really great vision, it's so amazing to see these pieces take on new life,I never tire of it.I have no clue what xbox connect is (my girls are adults) but it sounds like fun.

  5. That's funny. I have a little cabinet and on my to do list you can find the point "cabinet – chalk paint".

    Yours look fantastic and I like all chalk paint projects!

    Love hugs


  6. Well, its not bad to say No sometimes. Think of the Holiday as an off to your commitments. Have that time to relax and feel good. Take this for example.I regularly do the cleaning, but this time I want a day off of everything. This year I thought of calling for a office cleaning service (New York-based).I even asked myself of "why just now"?
    Well, its never too late. I can have my vacation and the office cleaning services (New York-based) take care of my cleaning worries.

  7. Oh, my. Nice people love to say YES. I totally get this. And other people know this. 🙂 Plus we fall prey to thinking we can and should do everything. Recently I decided I didn't HAVE to be the one to paint my trim in what my son called the "dark creepy room" on the north side of the house.

    This has inspired an idea for a post for me. 🙂 Thank you!


  8. That looks fantastic! I love the extra touch you did with the butterfly! I have a question for you, I also live in MD and am painting some furniture at the moment, some beds for my boys and am finding that the cold weather is making my paint bubble. Do you have that problem?

  9. Chalkboard paint seems to work on everything. I'm currently working on a project usisng glitter. I just hope that it works out. Well wishes for the new year.

  10. You know, until I saw this post, chalkboard paint was on my list of materials that have been overdone on the internet. THIS cabinet, however, may be chalkboard paint's redemption! It looks great.

  11. What a fantastic idea! I'm going to start searching for a metal filing cabinet this weekend. Your blog is amazing. I spent all day yesterday going through all your posts. Can't wait to see what you come up with next year.

  12. I have been happily "stuck" on your blog for way over an hour now. Just couldn't bear to leave until I checked out lots of your interesting creations. Love it all, glad I don't have to pick a fav!

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