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I hope you had a great weekend!  We had beautiful warm and sunny weather that was beckoning us to a family hike, but we really needed rest and had some chores that needed to be done, so we threw open the windows, pressed through our work, and then just chilled.  It’s amazing how much energy a dose of sunshine and some warmth can bring in mid-February!

Anyway, I received some questions on my blog and Instagram about the box easel used as a prop in the landscape wardrobe shoot, so I thought I would share.

I actually looked at vintage and antique easels, but opted to buy a new one that was made in the traditional French box-easel style.  I ordered the Martin Julian full-sized French box easel from Amazon.  I would like to get a full-sized studio easel soon, but I liked the idea of getting a smaller, portable easel that I could use at home, in the studio, or outside.

I haven’t had a chance to use it, yet, but I already know that my neck and back will appreciate having my paper or canvas at eye level, instead of on a table top!

And, as I found out in the photo shoot, it just looks cool and makes a great prop!  A nice little bonus for someone who takes pictures as often as I do.

And speaking of the studio, we’ve been bustling lately.  It’s hard to believe we have a pretty nice stash built up for Lucketts, but we do.

My order of French soaps came in last week and I piled them up in an antique enamel baby bath I found on craigslist.

Last week, we also worked on cleaning and pricing all of the ironstone…

Each of those sweet little hearts had to be wiped off by hand!

But now everything is all priced and stacked, so I can get a sense of what we have so far.

Clearly, I have lots of ironstone!

And we’ve been working on painting milk paint swatches for a special project I’ve been working on over the last few months…

I should be able to share more about it soon.

To end last week, I did some design work and tidied up the studio.  It was getting to be a bit of a mess and I find that I need things to be orderly and relatively clean to foster creativity.

The boys have off school today, but I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio tomorrow!


  1. Carla from Kansas

    That desk or buffet or whatever that is carved (3rd pic from the bottom) looks interesting. Have you shown that to us?

  2. Kim

    I love the Ironstone….sooooo hard to find down here in the South!!

  3. Sandra

    I feel you have gotten away from painting furniture. I miss it.

  4. Marian Parsons

    Did you see the wardrobe I just painted and posted on Friday?

    My business does go through seasons when I do a lot of work on furniture and then times when I work on other projects. I love the variety and, quite honestly, my creativity (and my back) need it. 🙂

  5. MaryLisa Noyes

    it will be an amazing booth!

  6. Lori

    My daughter has a tabletop version of the easel. I bought it new for her as well and it either came from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. She loves it, as she can transport it anywhere.

  7. Sandi

    When you get ready for a large Easel, Dick Blick has their own brand H frame Easel that is very sturdy and quality. I recently replaced my old Easel.
    I’m a landscape artist and I loved your newly landscape painting armoire.

  8. Rachel Riley

    That BASKET! Swoooooooon! I love your Luckett’s posts. I hold a sale at my home twice a year and you are positively inspirational!!!!


  9. Kathy

    Is that a home made apron you have hanging? I noticed you wearing it in a previous post and I love the style.

  10. Laurel

    If only you could just drive over to my home with the whole kit and kaboodle!!! Ironstone heaven….sigh…..couldn’t just one or two pieces make it to your online shop?

  11. Cheryl

    Wow, you are getting a collection of things for Luckett’s! Love the box easel! I just love everything about Miss Mustard Seed, you are an inspiration!

  12. judy young

    I so wish you would open up your shop for sales too !

    • Marian Parsons

      I actually would and have thought about it, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t have enough parking!

  13. Paula

    I would love to have some swatches of your milk paint line in order to figure out the colors in “real time”. Are they available??????


  14. Jan

    I too hope you sell some of your ironstone on line. I already saw some I’ve. Fallen in love with.

  15. Rene'

    Ok, Miss Mustard Seed – no 1. Your new photo on the blog looks amazing!! Would you, by chance, be wearing that awesome linen paint apron that you got at Me and Mrs. Jones in Germantown?!?

    No. 2 – your stash of ironstone for Luckett’s awakened the green-eyed monster in me! Oh my gosh – all so beautiful! You will be well stocked for all of those lucky customers! Yay you!

  16. Melissa

    Do you ever sell out of your studio?

    • Marian Parsons

      Yes. While it’s not a shop, I am set up to sell. Just let me know when you’re coming, since we don’t have regular hours.

  17. Julie B.

    Oh how I wish I were near you and Luckett’s! Ironstone is VERY hard to find here in So Cal… especially at a decent price. This past weekend, I picked up a lovely tureen at the Salvation Army. Not ironstone, but I still love it (came with the plate, as well). Only $7.50. 🙂 (It might be a good thing that I’m not hear you! 😉 ) The Lord keeping from spending what i don’t have. LOL!

  18. Indigo

    As to the Dick Blick comment above, I ordered their large wooden H easel at a 71% discount. Even if you’re not ready, you’ll never find easels of this quality at this reasonable price. I am so happy with mine. Also, it rolls around on wheels very easily. I know you love a bargain.

  19. Samantha

    Do you have a theme for Luckett’s this year, like you have in previous years?

  20. Jo

    Thanks for sharing!


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