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I’ve spent the last couple of weeks focused on the writing of my book and I’m finding it so difficult to write blog posts as well.  I’ve been locked in my room in sweat pants, just writing.  So, what am I going to share on my blog?  Yeah…this is challenging.  All of my writing and creative juices are going into the book, because I want it to be really good and fresh even to those who have read every post on my blog.  I also have a super tight deadline, so I’m having to cram like a college student working on a last minute term paper.  I’m enjoying the process, but this is an unexpected side effect.


So, here’s the plan.  I have another week or two of writing, so I’ll just post about this and that during that time.  Once my writing is done, I’m going to start working on the projects and photography, so I’ll be able to start sharing some sneak peeks of that and will hopefully have more to share.  My manuscript is going to be done by March 1, so I have big plans for when that is done.  First of all, my husband and I are working together on a wood working blog to share some of the behind-the-scenes details of our projects.  I’ll share more on that soon.  Second, I’m going to start ramping up for the Lucketts Antique Fair in May, so I’ll have lots of new finds and makeovers to share.  Lastly, I’m going to *try* to make some more video tutorials like my slipcover series.  The content may be light for a couple of weeks, but just hang in there with me and things will get “back to normal” and hopefully even better soon.


I hope you all realize that all of this is your fault…and I mean that in the most wonderful, grateful way.  It’s because of your response to my blog that I even have the problem of balancing a book project with everything else.  I appreciate all of your comments, encouragements and prayers through this busy and exciting time.  Thanks so much!



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