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I learned pretty early on that I’m in the right profession for a person who loves getting packages in the mail.  A part of it is that I live in a rural area, so it makes sense to order things online instead of driving all over the place hunting for something.  That’s probably how I get most of the supplies for my articles and non-antique items that I sold at Lucketts.  I also get “blogger mail”, which is stuff people want me to review, nice things people make for me or sweet thank you gifts.  Well, today was an epic mail day with a little bit of everything.

I got new tile for my kitchen back splash….


mini herringbone marble tile.  Sigh.  Yes, I know.  It’s actually Oriental White tile, which is a lot like Carrera, but it’s whiter and has a touch of beige veins in addition to gray.  It’s lovely and I can’t wait to install it.  Of course, I had to look at it in different lights, from different angles…


…and play with it and touch it a lot. and see what it will look like with my kitchen table, a boxwood topiary and Bakelite forks.


The back splash project is a “domino project.”  I’m installing new butcher block counters for an tutorial and it made sense to do both projects at the same time, so the back splash will be a nice bonus.  Can you imagine how amazing that is going to look over a walnut counter?  Eeeeee!  I’m excited about both tutorials not just because I get to do them in my house (and enjoy them), but they’re both very doable and economical projects. I’m looking forward to working on them and then sharing them with you.  I’ll be installing the back splash with my dad and the counters with my husband.  Hopefully we won’t hit any major snags.

In addition to the 10 boxes of tile (the UPS guy was thrilled), I got a roll of fabric…


…fabric that until today I had only seen online, but I had a good feeling I would love it in person, so I took a chance and ordered a whole bunch of it.  I was a little nervous as I opened the box.  Why, oh why didn’t I order a sample?!  As soon as I unrolled it, though, all fear melted away.  It was every bit as beautiful as I hoped it would be.  And it’s a good thing because I have 15 yards of it!



…and, of course, I had to roll it out and take a picture to share on Facebook and got down on the floor with it and lean it up by the window and took another picture of it to share in this post.  I’ll be making curtains and a wall treatment with it, both for tutorials.  I bought the fabric for 40% off and free shipping at Joann Fabric.  It’s a PKaufmann print called Artissimo Navy.  Have I mentioned I love it?


 In addition to those, as if that wasn’t enough, I got a kitchen faucet (for the butcher block project) courtesy of Moen (more on that later), a bottle of starch and a pair of striped tights.  It’ll all make sense soon.

Disclosure: The link for the tile is an Amazon affiliate link.

awesome mail day

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67 Comments on “awesome mail day”

  1. STriped tights?! Woo hoo! And if they are the No Nonsense ones they are simply WONDERFUL!! (i know because i bought myself a pair… only plus sized ones that fit short curvy girls!! i.e. me… yippee!!)

    Your tile and fabric is simply gorgeous! Can hardly wait for the tutorials!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. The backsplash is great,love the tile and with butcher block counters boy you are increasing the value of your house with each project….and the fabric is gorgemegus….can’t wait to see the result, I would love to use some fabric like that with a long coffee table and make a ottoman for the end of a bed, I have done 2 and they sell well. Love all the stuff you are working….the tights what a teaser

  3. Can’t wait to see your tutorials on everything! Butcher block counters and a tile back splash are both on my to do list for this year.

  4. that back splash tile is amazing!
    I see stuff I know you’d love alllll the time, I’d send you a package if I had your address 😉

  5. We’re renovating our entire kitchen and are now halfway thru putting down the snaplock bamboo floors, haven’t picked out the backsplash and just ordered the faucet. Look forward to seeing your faucet. Considered putting butcher block top on one set of counter but was worried about cleaning it…… gorgeous granite on all counters….Built a peninsula and used a vintage treadle sewing machine base under the counter…will post pics on furniture friday when all is done…thanks for all your helpful stories

  6. I can relate to the loving things coming in the mail. I love the tile and I love that fabric! I actually clicked on your link for it. Is the 40% off from a coupon or is it a Fabric Sale?

  7. Oh that tile is gorgeous, and the butcher block counters are going to be beautiful with it. The fabric is really pretty too. I have a thing for getting things in the mail too, it’s like Christmas!

  8. I’m drooling….first over the tile, but then you showed the fabric…….oh my! Very excited to see the turorials and how they turn out in your home!

  9. Gah!! I LOVE the herringbone tile. Just drooling over here. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a herringbone tile backsplash in my kitchen, so I cannot wait to see yours!! And that fabric is drool-worthy too. I got some twine in the mail today, so I was super excited. But THIS mail day for you is uber-awesome!

  10. I have seriously picked the exact same tile out and will be doing a portion of my counters in butcher block. I can not wait to watch your tutorials! Lovely taste.

  11. Oh, what a wonderful day, you had. Love the tile, can’t wait to see it with the counters. I am envisioning pure fabulous. Oh and the fabric, I was in love with the picture, but next to the window and the rug, all I can say is WOW. Looking forward to the upcoming posts.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. I have that same tile on my bathroom floor! Although I thought it was carrara. That’s what they called it anyway on amazon. I love it!

  13. It would be so amazing to do what you do. I love that tile. I’ve been wanting to replace my backsplash with a vintage looking tile, but hubby would have heart failure if I tore out the tile that is already there. I plan on painting the cabinets at some point to see if it will help.

  14. OK,so when are you just going to have your own TV show. Just think, it would be great,tutorials,new painting tech,other bloggers,furniture redo,oh my!

  15. Oh oh oh! I LOVE that tile!! I had been thinking about getting a similar marble herringbone patterned tile for my powder room, and I think you’ve inspired me to finally get off my butt and order a sample!

    Can’t wait to see your tutorial for the butcher block counters – my husband and I are going to be tackling that within the next year or so. Keep up with all of the awesome projects!! 🙂

  16. Oh my–LOVE the Herringbone tile! I have two couches, each in the herringbone fabric–love herringbone! You are sooo in the right business. To be able to work and beautify your home through “work”. Such a lucky lady! The fabic is beautiful also. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. As for me…I have a tile guy doing our bathroom floors (flooded a few weeks ago) as I write. I had to pick the grout–that was a tough one! We are keeping it simple but I will be adding a few touches of Miss Mustard Seed! Thanks for the renewed inspriation!

  17. Gorgeous tiles (LOVE!), fabric just screams Miss Mustard Seed, walnut butcher block, oh I’m ready to see that!!! Stripe tights…lol! That could be interesting!

  18. Marion, that tile makes me wish I had a project for it! Gorgeous 🙂

    And the fabric? I’m pretty sure I looked at that just yesterday. I have to say, your photos of it are much nicer than the pic online, and I may just have to copycat you on that one LOL

  19. oh love the tile lucky you !!!! we installed butcher block few yrs ago . let it rest in house for a few days . i put minerall oil on it all sides 1st and get a new blade for your saw.i treat with ikea oil every so often they look great and i love them. are you changing your sink???

  20. That tile and the thought of walnut counters makes me happy! So happy for you! Can’t wait for the pics of the finished product.

  21. Ahh! You are a girl after my own heart!! I am the same way with fabric and your pick is
    fabulous!! Just like me …..trying it out against things before it is even off the roll!! I love it
    against the boxwood greenery and pot………. your tile selection is awesome….you must be
    so excited! And I CAN tell you the UPS man probably WAS excited….as my husband is one
    of those and he gets to see everything I order come in before I do…..sometimes that is not
    always good!! LOL! I am very excited that I may get to meet you at Knot So Shabby, CA in March?
    I hope that works out!!!! I’m sort of new to all this blogging and I found you recently and loved all the litttle rabbit trails it has introduced me to…….I already read your book……love it! It has inspired me for SO many things…..creatively and spiritually……..take care and many blessings!

  22. I love the blue and white block print fabric, so old world looking.
    Jo-Ann’s fabrics are great, I bought the Pkaufman Inoteca in
    Indigo to put on to old wing chairs for my shop. I think this is
    the same fabric you have on your curtains in your home. You
    were my inspiration!

  23. Those tiles are WonderFul…i too plan to use a mable in the kitchen..probably the bath too..when i can get to it..i’ll have to check out Joann’s site..i’m hooked…they have things on sale always..20-50%…i’m going to be opening an etsy shop in the next couple of weeks..hoping sooner..i’ve always loved fabric..opening this shop will get me back into the…fabric love…and…i CAN NOT wait…

    looking forward to watching the tutorials…as well as seeing your finished projects.!!

  24. I am in LOVE!!!! This tile is exactly what I have been looking for for my own kitchen backsplash! I hope I can get something the same over here. I can’t wait to see yours in place. Thank you so very much Marian for finding it!!! <3

  25. Marian, Love the fabric, love the tile, however…..I am OVER the moon about your walnut butcher block! That is so awesome! I’m so excited about your upcoming projects! When things come together like that it’s almost like Christmas.(Or am I the only one who gets a thrill from rose covered teacups, barkcloth , depression glass or really cool antiques?) Have a great day!

  26. We’re working on our bathroom now but our kitchen is next and I too want butcher block counters. I love Ikea’s so will probably get them from there. I am looking forward to seeing your tutorial on installing yours. I love that fabric too and can’t wait to see the curtains you make from it.

  27. I need to see these tutorials! I have been designing my eight by eight kitchen for seven years. I love this selection of your backsplash and I am considering the butcher block counters, too. I purchased your beautiful book and I am sending it to my son and his wife, both newlyweds who are going to love your book and this style! Can we see a pic of your kitchen soon? Take care!

  28. you will LOVE your wood counters! we’ve had ours for almost 5 years from ikea and they have really held up well. they give such a warm feeling to the room too. happy kitchen remodeling!

  29. Looks like you are in for a lot of work, but I know … you LOVE it. Great selection of fabric and tile. Good luck with your decorating projects. Will look forward to seeing the finished projects.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  30. Oh, I understand the starch. In a past life I lived in pre-WWII housing with thick concrete walls. We could not do much, but we could starch fabric and stick it on walls and cabinets!

  31. I wanna be like you when I grow up! (never mind that I’m on Social Security already!!). Love the fabric and the tile. You are so talented!

  32. I LOVE the tile! I wish I knew about this when I was adding my soapstone counters. I think I was burnt out by the time I picked out the tle and just went with white subway tile. Oh well, next time… I also have to give you credit for ordering the tile online, the photos on Amazon don’t reveal 1/2 of their beauty.

  33. I love the sound of that big brown truck, the sound of the door sliding open and the knock at the door… ohhh, getting goosebumps!! LOVE that fabric… it’s GORGEOUS and I can’t wait to see your projects with it… a wall project??!I I hope you do a tutorial as you do your butcher block counters, I’m leaning toward them and would love to see how hard or if I think we could do it!

  34. Marian, I love ALL your new arrivals! Can’t wait to see the tile with your counter…it’s going to be gorgeous! The beige veins in the tile will be so perfect with the wood counter. I love your new fabric! Can’t wait to see all these new projects!

  35. Where do you order fabric from? Online is such a great way but I was curious about your source. Love the new combination!

  36. Marian: I want to be your neighbor!! You have too much fun getting ALL your packages!! I absolutely “drooled” over your fabric! It is gorgeous & I can hardly wait to hear and see what you will do with just “15” yards!
    Glad to be following you.


  37. Marian I too adore receiving mail. I never yet formally thanked you for the best Christmas present I received this year – a personal note of encouragement from you! You are one of my heros and I so admire you and all your work. I totally ‘dorked out’ and embarrassed myself at Christmas with my inlaws, I was so excited. I’m so looking forward to (God willing!) meeting you when you come to Toronto!

  38. I have to laugh…and comment, of course…I saw your new bedroom post and was blown away! It is absolutely stunning and I totally love the fabric…now that I know the name of it, I know it is destiny… ( my nickname is ART and I am a huge fan of Navy) . Thanks for sharing!

    I hope you have sweet Indigo dreams in that beautiful new bed!

  39. I have the day off today and I realized that I hadn’t seen any of your posts recently. I panicked! But have been looking through your blog for the past hour and a half and getting caught up and loving every minute of it. I guess I have to add you to an interest list to get your posts to pop up on my facebook page? Facebook is really confusing to me sometimes.

    I am so excited that you are installing butcher block counter tops and I can’t wait to see them. That is something I have dreamed about doing for years. It’s going to warm up your kitchen and look absolutely fabulous!

    So glad my friend Debbie told me about you two years ago!!

  40. Love, love, love your talent, ideas, decor style and hard (fun) work! You are doing an amazing job and so thrilled all that God has blessed you with! Keep going! Ever need an assistant from IL?? I pray to follow in your footsteps one day 🙂 Please come here for a paint class soon!

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