April’s Theme – Deep Spring Cleaning

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February sort of flowed into March, so I didn’t set a theme for that month.  This whole theme thing is going to be pretty loose, anyway, but I loved how we were working on projects together throughout February – my posts encouraging you and your comments encouraging me.  It felt like more of a conversation and I really enjoyed that, so I’d like to set a theme for a few months this year.  We can work on things together, spur and sharpen one another, but it won’t be the only thing I post about.  I’ll share about it once or twice a week depending on the subject, but try to gear my content around the theme.

So, April’s theme will be Deep Spring Cleaning!

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Several ladies mentioned this as an area where they needed to focus and I need it, too!  I felt so reactionary last year…unexpected homeschooling, stocking up on staples, writing a book, doing tons of home projects, everyone home most of the time, etc.  There was just a lot going on last year that threw me out of my normal cleaning routines and I’m sure I’m not alone.

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The funny thing about focusing on organizing in February was that cleaning dropped a little lower on the priority list.  Instead of vacuuming and dusting, I was sorting through cabinets and closets.  It’s sort of all cleaning, but the house got a little fuzzier than usual and I’ve been working on catching up.

Not only will I share some of my cleaning tips and my favorite tools and supplies, but I’ll dive into some of my cleaning books (yes, I have several books on cleaning and housekeeping, like a nerd) and try out some tips from the experts to see how well they work.

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I think it would also be fun to take a look back to see how cleaning has changed over the years.  I bought a collection of eight antique rug beaters in January and they made me think about how cleaning tools and products have advanced, but also how cleaning techniques have changed.  I know the Victorians, who were understandably anxious about germs, would regularly take all of their furniture outside and scrub it with soap and water.  (That’s why metal bedframes were popular during that era.)

Anyway, I think we can learn a lot together and get some areas of our home squeaky clean and fresh for Spring.

Who’s with me on this one?  Are there any products or cleaning tips I should test out for the benefit of the group??


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