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I went out antiquing last week and I wasn’t planning on purchasing any furniture.  But, I just can’t help myself.  Furniture seems to find me the way a lost dog often seems to end up in the path of a dog-lover.

I mean, literally…within five minute of shopping, I spotted and purchased this beautiful step-back hutch…

It has the original wavy glass…


…and a beautiful patina…

…and a working key…


It’s just one of those special pieces and, even though I wasn’t shopping for furniture and I had no idea what I was going to do with it, it was just too good to pass up.

I do already have a buyer for it, but I’m contemplating keeping it, but you know my rule!  I have to have the perfect spot for it, which means I would need to displace another piece of furniture.  It’s not looking good for keeping it.  I mean, I already have two hutches and a pie safe and there are just so many hutches one can have in a house.


I’ll have to think on it a bit more…

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, I’m looking froward to decorating for Christmas and spending some time on my house…


  1. Brenda

    It is lovely!

  2. Ginny

    I have one VERY similiar! It was DH’s great Aunt’s. Mine is stained darker and has the same back (in a natural wood) and I always thought maybe it was handmade, but maybe not? No manufacture markings on it.

  3. Jennifer H.

    It’s gorgeous! You need to keep it. : )

  4. Wanda

    You should listen to MY rules- one can NEVER have too many hutches! LOL! Your beautiful things already look at home 😉

  5. Ramona

    You just can’t beat an aged pine piece of furniture. I especially love the crack in the door panel! Your glassware real tops it off!

  6. Bean White

    I have a similar one for sale….from Prague. Mid 1800. Also several armoires from same place and period. I’m in Charlotte. $300 to $600. Pick up in Monroe NC. Email for pics

    • Tammy Woods

      Simply in LOVE with this piece!!! May I please be put in line to purchase? And I have the perfect place to put it.

  7. Janet

    You can never have too many hutches says the lady with 2 in her family room (one of them almost a twin to yours) and two in the living room, as well as two others in the house. They’re just awesome, vertical (which means less floor space) storage. Keep it and congratulations on a great find!

  8. Kim Price

    I totally understand I love…. hutches and pie safes and corner cabinets, oh my !lol

    And then can’t part with them. This new piece is amazing, such charm. It seems to have a personality!

  9. Jenn

    This is a stunner! Great find, Marian!!

  10. Lynn Merrell

    Oh my! I think I’d have to keep that one. It really has such a nice finish. Beautiful piece.

  11. Erin Rizzo

    You had me at wavy glass.

  12. Erin Rizzo

    You could always use it as a display in your shop.


    Marian, this antique cupboard is gorgeous! I think it’s wanting to stay right where it is! You really do need to keep this one!

  14. Marianne Davies

    I just love it Marian. I would have a hard time parting with this! One cannot have too many hutches!!?


    You had me at wavy glass also!! You will have a bigger house to keep it in before you know it!!..I have two hutches and one Welsh Hutch Top I need to find a base for!!…..I cannot have too many old Child Size Chairs! Love them!..Have a Nice Weekend!!..P.S. I have never seen a hutch that nice in New England. Great Color also!

  16. Sally

    Oh, that is beautiful!! Keep it….you can always change your mind.m but this is one in a million. In my humble opinion.

  17. Deb

    I love the hutch!
    I wish I lived within ” hollering” distance.
    I could surely talk you into making it mine!!!

  18. Paula Quinn

    This gorgeous hutch would have haunted you the rest of your days had you not bought it.
    Always listen to your-heart-of-pine heart!

  19. Gavin - across the pond

    It’s very smart you’ll have people arguing over it! Why to Americans call these pieces of furniture hutches ? we call them dressers – like a Welsh dresser to show off your finest crockery 🙂 hutches to us are for keeping rabbits and guinnea pigs in – outside lol

    • Penny

      That’s funny Gavin. I know what you mean though, we say rabbit hutches in Canada too.

      Have a good day & thanks for adding the humorous side to things.

    • marian

      Most Americans call a “chest of drawers” a dresser and we call this a hutch or this is technically a “step back cupboard”, since the top “steps back” from the bottom.

    • Caroline

      We DO also have rabbit hutches in the U.S.–but we also have hutches like this, for dishes, etc. Dressers are for storing (mostly)) clothing, etc., usually in the bedroom.

  20. Patty

    WOW! Fabulous lines and patina! Not one to paint. Love it!!!

  21. Charlene Crable

    Gavin I have a handmade old Pine Irish buffet with the holes for spoons in the shelves and under the shelves candles have burnt some of the wood, it had been in a barn and bottom of legs are a little rough but it is gorgeous! Enjoyed your comments.

  22. Anita H Birkhimer

    Can you find another….that’s my rule!

  23. Jeanie

    It is beautiful and I hope no one paints it!!!

  24. Kathy

    it is beautiful, but as for as i’m concerned i would have a hutch in every room

  25. Patty

    At one time I had 14 hutches in my house. I don’t think there is a rule about how many you can have but if you love it. I love this one – keep it.

  26. Gilda

    cupboard, not a hutch===please don’t paint it!

  27. Kathy

    Oh my what a beautiful piece of furniture, I am in love. What a well cared for hutch. I really think you should keep it.

  28. Joan Dorrill

    Keep it until you find one you like better, which may be never. Sorry I sold my cherry cupboard.

  29. Mary

    WOW! Be still my heart. That’s a BEAUTY!! I’d like to come to your neck of the woods and shop where you shop! Ha… joking, but sure would like to do that.

  30. Sheri

    That hutch is absolutely a super “find”!! It is totally gorgeous the way it is…..(Please do not paint it; just saying! I love most of your painted items though! But not this.) Wonderful piece of furniture!!! 🙂

  31. Barbara Warkentin

    I keep part of my cookbook collection in mine…

  32. Lisa

    Such a beautiful piece!?

  33. Amy Darling

    This piece is stunning as always!! Can’t wait to see what you do with it ?

  34. Kristine

    Oh wow… just wow! It is a beautiful piece. I like one of the previous comments about keeping it in your workshop. You may want to hang to this one…. its just so gorgeous. sigh…

  35. Mechelle

    Simply gorgeous! I however, am in love with the paintings. So pretty!

  36. Laurie

    Keep it!! You’ll find a place for it!!

  37. Deb Plapp

    I think you should keep it. It looks perfect where you have it, and it’s a gorgeous piece of furniture!

  38. Heidi

    It IS beautiful! Keep it for a while… and then sell it on 😉 – H

  39. Jen

    It is a beautiful piece – keep it! I wish that I knew you personally, because your gift for finding beautiful pieces would result in my handing you money and sending you out! I wish I had that gift.

  40. marylisa noyes

    It’s a wonderful piece but you are making the right choice to let it go to the designated buyer. It’s a wonderful piece but your blue cupboard is my favorite!

  41. Angie Boughton

    I don’t know if I could give that up if I had been the one to find it! I want it myself! Gorgeous and I love everything you paint but that its perfect as is! I’m very jealous! Keep it or sell it to me! 😉

  42. Linda Dodson

    Beautiful! I would have bought it too!

  43. Julie

    This one’s a keeper. 🙂

  44. Rosie

    Love it! If you are interested in selling it, let me know.

  45. Priscilla Delikowski

    I would like dimensions of pine hutch cost and shipping cost

  46. Paula Breen

    very interested in hutch on this page! is it for sale? I have been looking for a similar piece for 10 years

    • Marian Parsons

      No, sorry. It is not currently for sale.


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