antique finds from cannon falls

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I decided it was finally time to start exploring my local area a bit more in search of new-to-me antique honey holes.  I’ve been so busy with the house and the kids and just trying to establish a routine in our new city, that I haven’t been outside of the bubble of Rochester very many times.  I haven’t even done a lot of exploring within that bubble, but have stuck to a few places I know.

I found myself missing my antique spots in PA and the days away from my workspace.  It’s nice to step away and get some inspirations, new ideas, and maybe a few new finds for my house.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Stewartville and found a couple of antique shops to mill around in.  I have a list of things I’m looking for, like a large gilded mirror for the dining room, a wood frame arched mirror for the living room, a potting bench, etc.  I didn’t find any of the big things on my list, but I did pick up a couple of small things.

I bought this wooden birdcage…

I sold a very similar one at Lucketts a couple of years ago and I sort of missed it.  I didn’t regret selling it, but when I saw another one, I decided to get it.  It was also only $12, which is a great price.

And I bought a couple of wash boards.  When we finally work on the laundry room, I’d like to do a fun gallery wall, floor to ceiling, of washboards, hand brooms, and cutting boards.  These were $10 and $8.

Then, last week, I went with a friend to Cannon Falls to check out their antique stores.  There is a huge one in Cannon Falls that was pretty good.  We also hit a consignment store that was going out of business and a couple smaller antique shops in the downtown area.  It was a great day and I found some really nice things…

This set of transferware dishes…

They are the shape and size of a soap dish, but they came in a set of four, so I wonder if they were some sort of specialty small plate?  Maybe for berries or something.  I love the pattern, though!

I bought two ironstone pitchers…

The small milk pitcher is so beautiful!  The crazing on it is just perfection.

And I also bought a wash set.  I really picked this out for the pitcher, but I’ll find a good use for the bowl as well.

I did find one smaller thing that was on my list – a 2 gallon crock.  I have one already and I find I’m moving it around a lot, because I have a couple of different places I’d like to use it.  That’s an indication to me that I should get another one!  The trick was finding one for under $50, because I didn’t want to spend a lot on a crock to hold a plant.  I ended up finding this one for $42 and it was just what I wanted.

My favorite find was definitely this French ironstone soup tureen.  I always look at them on Etsy and eBay, but they are usually $80-100+ with shipping tacked on top of that!  This one was $45, so I snatched it up quickly.

And, I couldn’t resist the beautiful work on this petticoat.  I’m not sure if this is one I’ll end up wearing or if I’ll make some pillows out of it, but it was just too pretty to pass up!

I found a few other antique supplies for art, but I’ll share those in another post.

Well, the summer has officially started for our boys and we are heading out east to visit our families, so I plan to hit up some of my old favorite spots while I’m there.  We’ve got the dog sitter lined up, the house sitter lined up, and we are looking forward to being done with school (for Jeff & the boys) and taking some time to relax and play.  I will be posting here and there, but will be a bit quieter than usual, so I can take a break, too!

antique finds from cannon falls

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48 Comments on “antique finds from cannon falls”

  1. It’s so fun to read about places in my vicinity! Cannon Falls is about 40 minutes away for me and I haven’t been there in a while (they have an awesome community wide garage sale in the fall). You’ve reminded me that it’s worth the trip, I love all of your finds. Have a great time on your break!

  2. Marian, The details on that crock looks like something you would have painted yourself. Looks like you had a good trip out and about. Have fun and enjoy your vacation with your families.

  3. Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, and my husband and I headed up to Gettysburg to hit some of your honey holes…it was a fun day, with a few little treasures coming back. I have a list of your favorite shops with a map, so when the mood strikes us, we can head up and look. Have a wonderful holiday! Good luck shopping!!!

  4. If you feel like making the drive, you should check out Hopkins, MN. It’s about 15 min west of Minneapolis and has a charming downtown area with 5 or 6 antique stores.

  5. You found some wonderful treasures. I love the birdcage with the gambrel roof. How precious!

    Enjoy your break(-ish). You do everyone a favor by modeling mentally healthy behavior.

  6. I’m surprised no one has said anything yet on your new profile picture. I love your new hairstyle!!

    My husband & I just came back from Myrtle Beach & I made him take me to a few antique shops. Who would have thought?? I guess no matter where you are, you have to go for a hunt in an antique stores!! And yes, I found a great deal on a Furnival creamer for only $4!

  7. Love these posts! Good for you to get away and enjoy your summer 😀 we have all winter to hole up in the house and read your blog. Now is the time for outdoors and fresh air and enjoying family time.

  8. I was looking at some platters in a thrift store yesterday. What defines ironstone, and what makes it different from generic “old white pieces”? I couldn’t tell if this was ironstone, or china, or stoneware, or something else.

    1. You can read about that in a post titled, Ironstone 101 and also Ironstone 102 on Marian’s blog.

  9. Such pretty finds! I especially love the crock and petticoat! Enjoy your time off with your family!

  10. I have a question, which might be silly, I don’t know. When you buy old dishes, how do you know whether there is lead in them or do you not actually use any of them? I adore bowls and do use them but then sometimes wonder if maybe I shouldn’t.


  11. I love all of your finds! Yeah! It’s lovely that you are finding new places to shop and find treasures!

  12. What fun ! Do you go to estate sales very often ? Love finding goodies at those. For my laundry room, I have washboards and rug beaters on the walls. If you ever get back to reupholstery, Marian, I need to sell my father’s sewing machine. He and mom re-did furniture for many years and although hubby and I like to refinish furniture, I never got the knack for upholstery. Keep my info in case you even need a heavy duty machine. There’s also a big pillow stuffer. 🙂

  13. Sounds like a fun day. I am happy that you are finding your way around your new home area. It takes some time to discover the little haunts that become favorites. Would you share your Gettysburg area favorites? I live in Lancaster and roam far and wide for antiques. I thought you might have some new territories for me to explore. I enjoy your blog and thank you for sharing your talents, life and knowledge. Many blessings!

    1. You can read all about those in this post SHARING MY “HONEY HOLES” | WEST & SOUTH
      Marian Parsons July 21, 2017 Antiques, Favorite Finds

    2. Yep, if you search “honey holes” on the sidebar, there are two posts all about my favorite spots.

  14. Such pretty little dishes, ( I just BROKE my favourite one very similar to those!) (mine was an oval transferware pickle dish!)
    I’ve seen those (yours) called bone dishes before/maybe that’s what yours are… they were the little dishes off set from the dinner plate, in older antique sets…

  15. Enjoy your antique posts most of all. Never see much ironstone here. I had some really great pieces but I sold them before they got hot, so didn’t make much profit. Today I found some Limoges pieces sprinkled with sweet forget-me-nots. Need to stop bringing orphan dishes home.

  16. Have you tried Stillwater, MN antique shops yet? There are plenty there and a great way to spend a summer day by the river.

  17. Carole, keep searching for orphan dishes with patterns you love! Give them a home! You can still use them all in cobbled-together place settings, it’s a very shabby chic thing to do and things don’t have to match. In fact, the idea is that they really shouldn’t match. If you’re not familiar with shabby chic, google images for Rachel Ashwell and her table settings- she’s the Englishwoman living in the U.S. (not far from me here in Los Angeles) who invented the term (but not the aesthetic) “shabby chic.” The idea is to recognize the beauty in old, even chipped or worn, scraped, scratched, or otherwise damaged antiques or vintage pieces that are not new and shiny, but are well-made and still lovely. Marian’s style has a bit of a shabby-chic quality to some of it, so you can see how beautiful it is in action here on her blog!

  18. Love your hair! When you have display pieces that are rusty, do you leave as is or do something else.

    1. It depends on how I’m using them. Sometimes I’ll clean them up and seal them with a clear poly if I’m using them inside.

  19. My husband worked for IBM and had to go to Rochester for classes on new equipment. I would go with him and had time to wander looking for cross stitching shops, decorative painting shops (Viking Woodcrafts in Waseca), and antique shops. Went to Red Wing and there was a large brick building with all kinds of shops including an antique shop. Don’t know if it is still there but you could investigate online. Red Wing Pottery located there, too.

  20. I read your post on Lucketts and wanted to tell you that I went and wore my Miss Mustard Seed sweatshirt. You may have not been able to go but you were there in spirit. You are the reason I started going there and that was at least 5 years ago. This year was a muddy mess but I still loved it. Missed you!

  21. So glad that you took a day to just go and browse all the antique shops! This is so fun! You got some fabulous things which are going to look lovely in your home, Marian!

    Have a wonderful holiday with your family! Bless you all!

  22. Omigosh! I bought that very same birdcage at least 30 years ago! It has gone in and out of my house as my whims change, but I’ve always liked it too much to give it away. I’m planning to redo one of my bathrooms in blue soon–with an Aviary Toile shower curtain–and I had just decided to that it was time to bring back the birdcage. So glad to see you like it!

    1. I used to not share prices, because I was buying the pieces to sell, but now I am just buying them for myself, so I’ll share them. I know it’s helpful for some.

  23. My Grandmother had little side dishes like the transfer ones that you purchased and she called them Monkey Dishes. I have no idea why they were called that but I like the name. I use the ones I inherited from her for things like ambrosia, creamed cucumbers, and fruit salads. Love hearing about your finds.

  24. Thanks for including the prices on your finds! I’m new to the antique world and it’s so helpful to see what things usually go for and what you paid.

  25. Oh that petticoat! I feel that wandering gives you a sense of calm and inspiration. Hunt and Gather is a must and The Loft (across the street from each other on 50th and Xerxes) and it’s not far from Hopkins which used to be the place to go however as we all know the internet has changed so much about how we shop~ Enjoy your trip “home.” I will be coming home to My Minnesota in July and cannot wait! As I wrote that my hand just went to my heart~
    Stay well Marian!

  26. Hi Marian,

    how would you deal with some rips in the center of old pillocases? I stupidly washed them in the washing machine instead of by hand and they ripped right in the middle.
    I was wondering if it makes more sense to embroider stitch something on them or to use some kind of patch (like another piece of textile). Thanks for your input! Hugs from Italy

  27. Yes, enjoy some time off with the family! You have all worked hard and been through significant change this year. Does this mean Jeff is all finished with school? Congratulations!! 🎉

  28. Love every single item you purchased……and giving a big nod to the Columbus, Ohio washboard – that’s where I live!
    I didn’t even know we used to have a washboard company.

    Don’t ever get rid of that without maybe letting me buy it from you first, please oh please? Thank you!
    Have a blessed holiday weekend.

  29. Welcome Minnesota, Marian. Have followed your blog for years so imagine my surprise when you mentioned the tiny town I grew up in! Thrilling! You must check out Gold Rush Days in Oronoco this August – a treasure hunters paradise…

  30. Um…. If you really need a guided mirror, I think Victoria Elizabeth Barnes has a few spare!

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