I always wanted a goat cart…

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It started years ago when I was a newlywed, just getting into yard sales and antiques.  I was doing my usual Saturday morning thing – touring neighborhoods, looking for fluorescent poster board signs, open garages, and driveways lines with discounted treasures.  I followed signs into a cul de sac and my heart sped up.  In the driveway, I could see an antique wooden cart.  I barely put the car in park before my feet hit the pavement and I was running towards the cart.

I frantically searched for a tag.  

No price!  Does that mean it’s sold?  Or it was never for sale to begin with and someone was playing a cruel joke and taunting me with their antique European goat cart?  

I took a breath and calmly inquired about the price of the cart.  It was for sale, but it was $250.  My heart sank.  I was young, immature, and was still learning a lot about how the whole marriage-thing worked.  I wasn’t an idiot, though, and I knew that withdrawing $250 from an ATM, buying it, and then coming home with a completely useless antique wooden cart that wouldn’t even properly fit in our apartment would not be a good move.

I sighed and walked away.

But that cart has always stuck in my antique-loving heart.

One day…

Well, over the years, and many, many shopping excursions, I have seen a few goat carts, but I never bought one.  They’ve always either been on the pricey side ($250-450) or too large to be reasonable to use indoors.

And then, when I wasn’t even looking, a small and reasonably priced goat cart found me.

It was the last thing I bought at the Oronoco Gold Rush Days before the rain chased us home.

At first, I dismissed it.  I was there to shop for furniture for our new house and was really trying to stay focused.  I couldn’t ignore it, though.  It was petite and it was in spectacular condition.  It was priced at $225, but I was able to negotiate down to $190 and, based on other goat cart prices I’ve seen, that was pretty good, especially given the fully-intact condition.

I thought about it and knew I would regret not buying it.  So, I counted out my cash and walked away, pulling my wooden cart behind me.

It’s just been hanging out in the dining room, but I finally pulled it out today to use for a fall photo shoot.

I always wanted a goat cart and now I have one.

I can’t wait to put a Christmas tree in it!

What is an antique piece you have always wanted?

PS – Sorry this took me so long to announce, but the winner of the Old World Kitchen giveaway is Ashley C (demureprincess)!

I always wanted a goat cart…

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72 Comments on “I always wanted a goat cart…”

  1. I’ve never even considered a goat cart, but now I am!
    What an awesome piece.
    I hate the feeling when you pass something up, then regret it like crazy afterwards. Congratulations on the incredible find!😁

  2. I think you did GOOD and you will enjoy it. I believe you waited long enough to purchase. Looks lovely on your porch and styled as only you can do to PERFECTION!!!

  3. What I love about this goat cart is the story. And you will always have that story – memories of being young and newly married and passing one by, then, finally finding one in a surprising place, when you weren’t even looking. The goat cart will be a great object for great for you to style, but the real value is in those memories it evokes.

    Plus, it’s awesome.

  4. We lived in Carlisle, PA for a year while my Husband attended the Army War College, as one of the token Navy families, I remember the first time we drove through our neighborhood and seeing the goat carts in the yards… What were these things? fancy trash can holders? I found out later that they were prized by the Army wives from their travels in Germany! I’ve wanted a French market/flower basket for a long time, the hunt continues!

  5. What an excellent find! I used to live in the Midwest and I loved all the great shops and markets and finds. Your cart is perfection……enjoy! We will enjoy it at Christmas when you make it gorgeous for another season!

  6. mmm, the piece I have always wanted???…..probably the things I regret getting rid of and now wish I still had! It always seemed right and good at the time, but a few moves and years later you think about those few things you had given up! Love your goat cart…….

  7. Antique Spool Chests (I already own 2), or an antique ribbon display chest. Not an antique, but always on the lookout for Fiesta in original colors……or colors I dont own.

  8. Love your cart! It looks great styled for fall and I agree a Christmas will look beautiful too. My dream find is a pie safe. One with screens not punched tin. Someday.

  9. Lovely. Just absolutely lovely.

    So many uses indoors. I can see if filled with linens, or overflowing with dried hydrangea.

    What a find!

  10. I love it when you share the price. Helps us out when we are looking at an item with a quizzical face.

  11. I have always wanted a goat cart! 🙂 Especially because I have goats, and it would be so fun to teach them to pull one. But around here, they’re $250 even when barely holding together.

    I also dream of finding an apothecary chest. But I’ve only seen 2 in person, and they were so incredibly expensive that I just couldn’t do it.

  12. There is nothing I want….nothing new, old, or in between. But I remember when I did. Enjoy this phase of your life…and keep posting so we can enjoy it with you. I’ve enjoyed my antiques and flea finds immensely but now I’m moving toward minimalism.

  13. For years I have wanted an antique secretary desk; one with glass doors/shelves on top, a pull down desk and drawers below. But like you so many were too big, to expensive, required WAY to much work to restore, the list goes on and on. Then one day as I was browsing Craigslist a petite secretary desk came up $20.00 – I clicked on the link with the thought “what is wrong with it??” it appeared nothing. I emailed if it was still available, it was!!

    So, long story short – it did have small damage – the pull down desk was bowed from being stored in a non-temperature controlled unit in Washington and the veneer had fallen off – but the seller had the full piece intact! It had been in his wife’s family for 85 years but she prefers a more southwestern style decor so the traditional secretary had to go and he didn’t want to fix it.

    I couldn’t load that treasure up fast enough. I desk was an easy fix and I now am the proud owner of the long awaited petite secretary desk!

  14. My husband is retired Army. Years ago they were quite plentiful and cheap at Floh Markts in Germany. I have several and use them for everything imaginable. I❤️them!! They were also referred to as potato wagons as I think they probably served several purposes.

  15. I used to have one of these on my back patio. Loved decorating it seasonally. It eventually fell apart with the crazy Kansas weather. Guess I should have brought it inside in the winter? My favorite part was some carving of a name on it. Enjoy!

  16. When I read your headline, I thought, what the heck is a goat cart and why would anyone want one? Boy, I had no idea!! That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! I love it and especially how you have styled it. And I love the suggestion above about sweet it would be with linens in it inside the house. Adorable. For myself, I’d simply swoon if I found an apothecary cabinet that was in good condition and AFFORDABLE. Pretty sure that is an impossible combination.

  17. Oh my gosh Marian. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen and I want one. Now for me to say “I want” and not “I need” is a huge thing for me, especially since I really don’t consider myself anything but a collector of needful furniture. Pretty dull, but having raised five sons there isn’t much left for the “want” list. I love your blog, your posts and all of your creative and artistic talents. You are an amazing woman. Keep enjoying life and letting the rest of us share in your joy. Have fun with that adorable cart.

  18. I have one regret. We were antique browsing in Prague and my friend picked up a walking stick covered with shields of Eastern European towns priced at $27. It was lovely, and so unique. Her husband argued that she didn’t need it and she put it down. I didn’t have the heart to buy it, but I remember it after 20 years…

  19. Good for you! It’s always the “one” that got away that stays in the back of your mind! Love Orinoco! Now did you make it to Junk Bonanza? It was wonderful! So much creativity !

  20. I bought one at an auction several years ago. I had to haul it home in my car trunk. I had just inherited my Mother’s Grand Marquis car (big car with big trunk), but had to do the one hour drive slowly down the highway! I also purchased a small spinning wheel that day. Thank goodness it fit in the back seat area. I am currently seeking out a Welsh cabinet for my hallway. The size I need is hard to find, but I will keep looking. Sad thing to note, that goat cart has been in our garage, unused! I am so afraid somebody will steal it as we live in the country. I may go ahead and get it out and leave it on my porch with pumpkins in it. We have lived here since 1993 and nothing has went missing yet!

  21. This post made my day! I’ve never even heard of a goat cart before, but it is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long while. What a inspiring story and terrific find!

  22. For years I wanted a small, doll sized, antique wicker baby buggy and about fifteen years ago I bought one. It was featured inside with wrapped Christmas gifts in the season, and outside, on the front porch with flowers in it, spring, summer, and autumn. When I moved to England eleven years ago I gave most of my things to my children and family and sold what they didn’t want. I sold the buggy to a dear friend and she still has it today. It brought me joy and now continues to bring me joy knowing my friend has it and loves it, too.

  23. My antique yearn is for a carriage seat. The beautiful old wooden ones…..sigh…. I can see it in my foyer now…… one day! If any of you shoppers find one, be sure to let this North Carolina gal know! 😍

  24. I have a very large one in my master bedroom. Unfortunately no where for it outside so it holds blankets at the foot of our bed. I traded an old empire dresser I had for it. I’ve been offered $700 and turned it down. Some day, I will be able to decorate with it on a front porch. They are gorgeous.

  25. I learn so much from you – yes I have seen the carts – but I didn’t know they were goat carts!!! I too love to go to sales to find those hidden treasures – but honestly I can’t think of anything that I would love to have that I don’t already have – but that comes from downsizing!! My Hoosier cabinet in my latest addition and it was something I had to have!!

  26. It’s an amazing find! For years I searched for a step back cupboard and either the price was ridiculous or I couldn’t think of transporting it home. Everything changed when my niece discovered one for me at Suite Pieces Huntington store. I found a transport company that moved it for me all the was back to Seattle for a very reasonable price( around $200). I love that piece so much!

  27. Well…I have goats and must say they are way too naughty for that sweet cart! Button-popping thieves is what they are.

  28. Love the sweetness of your home. It’s so refreshing to look at your blog and see you pour your heart into your home and family. God bless you and your sweet family.

  29. Your family is so good with wood working they could make repros as a second or third career and
    laugh all the way to the bank.

  30. sweet!! my best lesson learned…i have left items behind at yard sales/antique stores, telling myself “i really don’t need that”…..and then, they “bug me” for years!! enjoy your goat cart

  31. I love goat carts. I was so lucky to buy one at a local auction several years ago. the price was great. I paid $20.00 for it! I was so afraid someone would bid against me, but no one wanted it. Now it resides in our vacation cabin. At times it holds extra pillows and throws or pumpkins and mums or beautiful summer red/white/blue flowers and articles for 4th of July. I can’t wait to see how you decorate it for the other seasons.

  32. We lived in Germany several years and I collected a few of these carts (we were told they were potato carts). Every year we put our Christmas tree in the cart with a old wool blanket for the skirt. It brings back our good memories of how Christmas was in a country that has not commercialized this blessed day. Glad you finally got a cart, it looks beautiful for fall.

  33. I’ve always, always wanted a hoosier. Growing up a 2nd great aunt had one in her fabulous old kitchen. She also drew water fro tm the well in a hand pump, which I thought was over the moon cool until I had to pump it to get water. I quickly lost any lust for a real pump, although I have some now jus for décor. But her Hoosier? Oh, what delights it held! A flour sifter, jars to hold all sorts of dried goods and it had little hooks inside one of the doors for enamel ladles and such. It even had a little pull out enamel table with a drop down leg. I tell you, it was love. I was poor and a single Mom and any thought of spending money on something so frivolous was out of the question. I did, however buy an antique desk in Sisters, Oregon and I swear we ate beans….for a week. But a Hoosier was beyond me and still is. Now I can afford one, but have zero space. ZERO! How did that happen???? sigh. Love that little goat cart, and it would be worth it to eat beans for a week.

  34. Former army wife who saw tons of those in germany….we called them potato wagons. They were cheap, back in the day.

    My regret is the €200, WW1, German photo album. All the German soldiers in their uniforms, in different battle areas. It was AMAZING! It was way more than we could afford, too, esp for photos. But I wish I had that book to this day. I love the history it represented.

  35. I love goat carts! A dear friend of mine has a blue one that I secretly covet!
    My treasured antique find is a broken star quilt. On a shopping foray with my antiquing bestie, I saw it in an store about 40 miles from my home. It was almost $200 and that was more than twenty years ago. I dreamed about that quilt for a solid week! I didn’t want my dreams to become nightmares, so I dug into my savings and bought it! I still love my quilt! The colors are vivid , the stitching is not perfect, and if you hold the quilt up to the light, you can see the remnants of cotton hulls in the batting.

  36. I have always wanted to collect a strange thing that for some reason appeals to me – vintage darning eggs – I know, odd –but you should google them to see some of the ones that are out there -! I always thought they would be good to collect because they are small – you could display them in a dough bowl —–you have inspired me to go for it!

  37. First I’ve ever seen a Goat Cart – but what a find. I’m envious. Would love to have one as well. Your’s is absolutley lovely!!! Well done.

  38. I’ve always wanted a Hoosier cupboard. We had my grandmother’s in our home when I was 6-8 years old. Always wanted that one, but alas, … not to be. I keep looking though. (Even though my son’s girlfriend says I don’t need it!)

  39. I have a goat cart and didn’t even know it! I just called it a wagon but goat cart sounds waaaaay more fun. Mine is strictly indoor (I don’t have a porch and I didn’t want it out in the weather) and gets used for antique bears or antique dolls with pumpkins or crabapples for fall, pinecones and christmas trees for December, and any other theme throughout the year. Sometimes it just holds plants too. I do have an antique picture of children being pulled by goats so must go look to see if I can see any of the cart! Just never know what I’m going to learn reading your blog!!

  40. I went to Vintage Market Days in the Greensboro NC area today and saw one there filled with pumpkins, mums and hay. I didn’t notice the price but it was so cute….glad you finally got one! I have always wanted a mid-century faux bamboo chandelier. They are pricey when you find one.

  41. OMG, that is the cutest cart! So adorable, and it’d be even cuter with a goat pulling it. Although I’d be the type to put the goat inside the cart and pull the cart for her!

    My elderly uncle had a farm with quite the flock of goats on it, a couple billy goats and several nanny goats, and a whole bunch of goatlings (goatlets?) of varying ages. They were the most playful, adorable animals! I took a ton of pictures of them and their cute little faces — I called them my “goatographs.” He also had a large, white goat-herding dog who was a wiz at rounding up the goatlings/goatlets, although he’d eventually get tired of chasing them and exasperated when they’d climb on top of his doghouse and jump around! The one thing my uncle did *not* have, however was a goat cart!

  42. It looks quite stylish in the autumn garb. And, what are the odds that a pinterest ad just showed up featuring goat Carts! Hmmmmm

  43. Marian, just loved your story about finding your very first goat cart when you were first married and living in an apartment! So happy for you that you finally found one! It is just so cute! I know you will enjoy filling it, each season, with all your favourite things! You enjoy your little goat cart! You have been waiting a long time to find this treasure! Blessings! Have a wonderful weekend!

  44. I loved your post! I’d never heard of a goat cart before. What a splendid decor piece!

    My dream find would be a one-horse open sleigh for my front lawn at Christmas. I have visions of heaping it with brightly wrapped boxes and boughs.

    Practical people (like my husband) ask me: where are you going to put it for the other 11 months of the year? My suburban home is lacking a rustic old barn (dream #2) to store it in. So alas, it remains yet a dream … for now …

  45. I also have always wanted a goat cart, but living in a small house, where do I put it. The one thing that I have always wanted, craved, and one day I will own, an armoire. I have regretted not buying one years ago, when I found the perfect one…but I will have one, I WILL! I love yours, both of them, but the one in your sewing room I have serious envy over. 😉

  46. Mine would be a bentwood coat tree with the circle near the bottom for umbrellas. Hey, if your Dad’s buying Christmas goats, we’ll take 2 (one might be lonely)!

  47. What a great cart! I’m always on the prowl for a library card catalog, also dream of a hay rake (such as was pulled behind a tractor) to display in my yard. Don know how I’ll get that home!

  48. I didn’t know what they were called- it’s super cute- you have styled it so nice ! I love your blog.

  49. That’s perfect, Marion….and now you are looking forward to Christmas decorating in your new house, which you probably hadn’t been with all the work to still do ( thinking back to your mantle decorating story) – so I think that goat cart was supposed to be yours that day!!!
    The only thing I really regret not buying is a little stone house in the country, back in the day when we could barely afford it and passed it by (Hanover area). Now they are again way out of our price range as we think of retiring and moving back. Maybe……there will be the perfect house waiting for me?

  50. I have always wanted a goat cart, but the price had been too much. As my husband said we don’t have any goats!!!
    So perhaps if I get the goats we will finally get a goat cart. only kidding

  51. Thank you for sharing your story of the goat cart I have always tried to find one but no success Have a blessed evening and God bless

  52. Congrats Ashley C on winning the giveaway! I, too, at one point many years ago, always wanted a goat cart. It took awhile, but the feeling finally passed! I still look at them, but don’t lust after them anymore! Great for decorating though!

  53. Love your cart! My “wish I could have antique” is something I saw YEARS ago on the British version of Antiques Roadshow. Someone brought the cutest, tiniest cage and in turned out that it was used to ship a queen bee for a hive many years ago. I adore all things aviary and that precious little cage made my heart flutter!
    On a separate note, we just purchased a home in Shafer, MN. Waiting to move there full time til our home in Missouri sells, but when it does I hope I get the chance to run into you at one of the fantastic dales they have up there!

  54. Silly “auto correct”! While I do love birds, my post should have read apiary, not aviary! 😁

  55. The goat cart is wonderful! Love the naturals that you use for styling each season. I always wanted a chicken coop/cage to use a s a coffee table with a glass top. Still looking, they are a little pricey, and I am a skinflint! 🙂

  56. A rounded top dresser of sorts that has many drawers of all sizes. The drawers are much like what you’d find in an architect’s office of old. I passed it up at a garage sale last weekend because I couldn’t figure out where I’d use it, and I regretted it almost immediately! Alas, the house it was at is in a gated community so I can’t get back to it. Since it was an area wide sale, I have a list of all the homes participating. I’ve narrowed it down to two and have sent letters to each–now I’m just waiting for a call back to see if it’s still available! When, oh when will I learn?!!

  57. I LOVE your goat cart. I also have seen some cuties and want to get one. But above that on my list is an antique Swedish mora clock. I love those and plan to have one hopefully soon.

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