ABLE leather backpack & other pretty workhorses

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I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes or shoes or purses or jewelry.  I don’t eat out a lot or get expensive coffees every day.  I don’t get the works done to my hair every eight weeks and I don’t get my nails and toes done with any regularity.

What I do buy is good supplies.  I love notebooks, binders, portfolios, pens, pencils, papers, pouches, and anything that’s a pretty workhorse.

My newest pretty workhorse is a leather backpack from ABLE

I saw this bag first when I visited Shaunna in Florida.  It caught my eye, but I didn’t ask her about it.

When she visited me a couple of weeks ago, I admired it again and this time asked about it.  It’s the Alem Backpack in Cognac.  Well, it wasn’t a day or two later that I ordered it.  She has owned hers for a couple of years and has traveled with it extensively and it was still in great condition.  It has beautiful details, like a stitched handle and leather pulls on the zippers.  It has a modern design, but a vintage feel.

And it’s not huge.  It’s just big enough to fit a 15″ laptop along with notebooks, books, pouches and pencil rolls that can fit in either the two larger zippered openings or the smaller front pocket.

This summer, the boys have joined a climbing team, so I spend a lot of time sitting at the climbing gym.  This bag is perfect to haul my computer if I need it, or at least my notebooks and sketching supplies, so I can do writing or sketching exercises.

It’s so perfect, I’m going to take it with me to Europe this fall.  It’s a little bit bigger than the leather backpack I took last year, so I can fit my DSLR camera in there along with other things for day trips.  These straps are padded, which will be a bit more comfortable, too.

One other recent purchase was a leather binder for my custom daily & weekly planning sheets.  I ordered it HERE on Etsy and had it monogrammed.  I use this every day as my planner and I love that it’s pretty and personalized.

(Since several people asked, HERE is the link to the pencil/brush roll as well.)

And I’m still enjoying my Wandering’s Notebook from Amazon.  It’s a leather notebook that holds three inserts.  I have one dotted for notes, one blank for sketching, and one lined for journaling and creative writing.  It’s a system that works perfectly for the way I collect ideas.

For me, my supplies, tools, and work environment are all a part of the creative process.  They can either add to it or detract from it.  So, it’s my mission to have pretty, practical things that make my work even more enjoyable.

ABLE leather backpack & other pretty workhorses

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28 Comments on “ABLE leather backpack & other pretty workhorses”

  1. Your pack is nice, it is functional and all that, but there are 2 companies that do tooled leather, Leaders in Leather and Ropin West.I prefer the beautiful hand tooled designs. I have a tooled leather backpack that has just gotten better over time. It is hand tooled with the most beautiful designs. I applied neutral leather polish when it was new. It has seasonsed and darkened just wonderfully. It too has pouches and special zippered compartments. It is very well made, it gats banged around and just looks better and better! I have never had to replace a zipper or a strap.

    1. Hi thanks for sharing your beautiful backpack and resource. Of course it is pricey so I did check out the resource from Chris Moore about a tooled version, just out of curiosity. Turns out I like yours 10 times better than the tooled kind. Yours is simple, supple and timeless. I ordered one!

      1. Totally agree Christina. Tooled leather looks “busy” and a little too “country Western” for my style. I like clean, timeless, and simple also.

  2. What a gorgeous back pack. I’m glad you added initials to your folio, especially since they are “M.V.P.” I can’t think of a more apt monogram for you!

  3. Beautiful pack and tools as well. I’ve always enjoyed your blog, and reading about your process (I’ve always wished I could draw or paint pictures) but I create in other ways so I’m happy 🙂

    My 11 yr old daughter just finished your YouVersion plan by the way and she really loved it! Just thought I’d share that <3 Create on!

  4. MMS and Chris in Seattle,

    The backpacks each of you prefer are absolutely gorgeous. When traveling, do you worry about valuables being stolen when in crowded areas?

    Diney on Camano Island

    1. I actually designed my own. I realized most planners were date/time driven when I needed sheets that were content-driven. I use alarms and the computer calendar for date/time stuff. So, I made sheets that are focused on content creation, creative input, ideas, notes, wins, and lessons learned each day.

      1. Thank you so much! I hope you will be able to share those at some point. I’m so curious as to what they look like and how they can help with creative content.

  5. Hi Marian,

    Just some feedback unrelated to the content of this particular post……….it’s regarding the formatting of your emails which has recently changed.

    As a long-time blog subscriber who looked forward to clicking through and reading your blog each day, the change from lower case, no capitals to ALL UPPER CASE grates terribly, and I feel you are YELLING AT ME TO OPEN THE LINK. More YELLING ACROSS THE TOP OF THE EMAIL, which used to gently welcome me into your world.

    From this
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    Perhaps this change has simplified things from your perspective, but from a reader, sadly, I am far more likely to see the impersonal style, think “oh, why bother, she’s changed, and not for the better”, DELETE, and move on.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. Really???? This bothers you?!! Get over yourself.
      Sorry to say……but I felt you were yelling your displeasure by the way you wrote that. You could have been a bit more gentle OR best of all….wrote to Marian personally….not on the blog.

      Just my thoughts.

  6. Thanks for the feedback, Felicity! We did recently change to a different mail service that is supposed to be superior, but the design options are limited. I agree that I want the e-mail to feel welcoming, not like I’m yelling at you. We are still in the process of making changes to make the design feel more that way and your feedback will be taken into account. The content is still the same and I’m still the same, so I do hope you stick around if my blog has been encouraging and inspiring to you over the years. 🙂 Thanks for being a long-time reader and for taking the time to share your opinion.

  7. The ABLE line is beautiful and empowers the women who make the bags and other pieces! Check out all their lovely, well made items.

  8. Beautiful. I love leather and agree tools/ supplies can and should be beautiful as well as functional. My initials are MVP too. 🙂

  9. Somehow you even make writing on dotted paper look like art! 🙂 Thank you for everything you share with us. You are so inspiring. I look forward to your posts every day.

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