a sea of furniture & 500+ pieces of ironstone

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Some of you have noticed and commented that I have been sharing a lot of furniture pieces that I’m going to be taking to Lucketts and you’re right.  Last year, I brought about 12 large painted pieces to sell (dressers, cabinets, tables, etc.).  This year, we’re at about 25 and that’s not even including all of the chairs and benches, which are pretty large in number, too.

The studio has been flooded with a sea of furniture…





And, on top of all of the furniture, we’ve been shopping about once a week to find lots of ironstone and other smalls to sell.  We packed up the ironstone earlier this week and it took three of us several hours to get it all packed.  Kriste and I estimate that we have over 500 pieces of ironstone.  And that’s probably a conservative guess.


We have stacks and stacks of plates, bowls and platters.  We have about 10 very large pitchers…


We have sugar jars, creamers, tureens, casseroles, tea and coffee pots, wash bowls, soap dishes, compotes, gravy boats and handleless mugs.



We have sets and a la carte.


We have pieces that are really old with beautiful stamps and hallmarks, crazing and stains.  And some that are newer and dishwasher safe (like what I use for my everyday dishes.)

So, I hope everyone’s ready to buy some ironstone (or else my collection just got a whole lot bigger!)

We’ve also been working on 10 hand painted “antique signs”…


…and over 20 primitive bread boards (waiting to be oiled).


We’re going into our last full week before Lucketts, so I’m hoping to get everything finished up by Friday.  I want to give myself a few days to slow down a bit before heading into the event.

Lots more Lucketts stuff and furniture makeovers to come…

a sea of furniture & 500+ pieces of ironstone

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31 Comments on “a sea of furniture & 500+ pieces of ironstone”

  1. Amazing. Other than your desire to be immersed in the craziness that Lucketts becomes at spring market (which, I would venture to guess, is because you are there), you don’t even need that event. You’ve built your own venue now, and people would come to you if you chose to sell at your own site. Betcha. I would. Best wishes for a sale that exceeds all others – it’s bound to!

  2. The whole reason I follow your blog is because like you, I love furniture. Especially tables, chairs, hutches and dressers. Empire dressers are my favorite. I loved them before I even knew what they were called.

  3. WOW!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much Ironstone in one place. It is hard to find in KY. Wishing you much success at Luckett’s and dreaming of attending….XOXO

  4. Did I miss the transformation on the round pedestal table in the middle of the sea of furniture? That shape is really calling to me, I’d like to see what you did with it.

  5. I also dream of one day being able to attend Luckett’s spring market! I am wondering, if you don’t sell everything (doubtful really!), do you make it available to be purchased from you online? Just askin….!

  6. Ok my back hurts looking at all this furniture to load. I bought my Friday tickets today so barring any DC traffic ranglings I will see you next Friday and am so excited! Rita C has a great idea maybe 2016 your studio can be open Lucketts weekend and we come to you as well as shopping the fair!

  7. Wow!!! So busy, you will be glad when it’s all finished. I wish you could ship furniture because I can’t make it to the show. Maybe one day!

  8. It’s ironstone heaven! Wow!, ya’ll have lots of stuff! Sounds like having your studio has really helped with getting things together and organized. I wish i could be there to see it all…


  9. I’m hoping to be at Luckett’s with my niece who also follows your blog. Keeping my fingers crossed

  10. All those beautiful pieces of furniture oooohhh i would love to get my hands on some of your chairs and small tables!

  11. With Luckettes Premium Tickets for Friday, I’m not as excited about Luckettes this year. We are due to arrive Friday but will be shopping at the local shops and will go to Luckettes on Saturday. I was disappointed in the whole jacked up ticket price for Friday. I know it’s not you, but it really takes the excitement away for some of us.

    1. Yeah, I know it’s a lot. They were required to add more hours and an extra day to the event, but they can’t have Friday be nuts, because the school next door is in session and there’s the DC rush hour to deal with. So, they had to make it a premium price. I have at least twice as much as I did last year, in the hopes that I’ll still have a very full booth for the Saturday morning shoppers! 🙂 We’ll see how it goes.

  12. One word- AMAZING! You ladies have all worked so hard. What a treasure trove. I would love to visit Luckett’s or your studio…. someday.

  13. Gosh, Marian, you are so inspiring, and I am glad Kriste has been at your side. The two of you seem to have different ideas but are such good working partners.

  14. SOOOO green 🙂 Would just love to be there – wherever it is. Maybe one day ………………. All the best Marian, I hope you sell it all and tell us all about it on your return.

  15. So looking forward to Lucketts Weekend!! You Always have an Awesome Inventory! and Now it’s Doubly Awesome!! 🙂 Wishing you wonderful weather and Great success !!

  16. Where do you find all your ironstone? I live in San Diego,California. ..any suggestions? ♡♡♡

  17. Sooo wish I could attend the Luckett’s fair! Dang ~ maybe another time, though. You ladies look super-organized and ready to roll. Best of luck for a productive and profitable event! And if you ever decide to sell any ironstone online, please let us know!!


  18. I’ve started collecting some ironstone pieces and I was wondering where you’ve found most of your pieces. They’re absolutely beautiful.

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