I’ve become a bit of a lens junkie over the past year.  It all started when my old Nikon lens (that came with the film SLR I bought about eight years ago) wasn’t working with my new D7000 Nikon.  It worked, but it took forever to get it to focus, so it was finally time for an upgrade.  Since then, I’ve bought four new lenses and just added one more…a 50 mm.  (If your curious about my camera and other lenses, you can read about them HERE.)  It’s not the one I really wanted, but this one is $130 and the one I really wanted was almost $700, so I decided I would get this one for now and upgrade later.

One reason I wanted this lens is because the aperture can open to 1.8, which is big.  That means the camera lets in more light, which is nice for interior photography where lighting is an issue.  I can also get a super shallow depth of field, which means I can compose a picture so that only one specific thing is in focus.





I love how everything “falls away” expect what I’m focusing on.   It’s just another tool in my bag that I can use as I work on becoming a better photographer.  I still have so far to go, but I can see how my pictures now are better than where they were even just a few months ago.

On a decorating note, the last three photos were taken in one of the corner cabinets in my dining room.  I used to make sure everything was arranged perfectly and symmerical, but in recent years, I’ve grown fond of a more haphazard look.  I use a lot of the stuff in there for photo shoots, so I just stick things back in where ever they fit and it seems to work.  It may be against your type A nature, but you should give it a try with your hutch, open cabinets, curios, etc.  Loosen things up a bit and see how you like it.


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