upholstering a broken cane-backed chair…

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…because you know you wanted to do that at some point in time, right?  Top Google search -“How do I upholster a broken cane-backed chair?”  Well, here is your answer!

So, the chair itself isn’t broken, but the cane back is.  It’s actually missing entirely, but that qualifies as broken in my book.


I bought this chair quite a while ago and Kriste commandeered it from the stash to use as her desk chair.  Well, our stash is very thin and my back was killing me perched on a stool all day, so I commandeered the chair from her.  Clearly I need to go desk chair shopping if we have two people who need to sit and only one proper desk chair.

So, I’ll do that.

Until then, I needed to take a break from sitting at a desk, so I decided to deal with the gaping whole in the back.  Upholstering it is the easiest way to do that.

I started by stapling a piece of fabric to the wood frame that will be visible from the back…


This just makes the upholstery look nice from the back.


This is a small opening, but I added a couple of pieces of upholstery webbing for support.


And then a bit of cotton batting for some cushiness….


…and finally the fabric.  Since I didn’t need very much fabric, I was able to use remnants of an antique grain sack for the front and the back.  I stapled it in place and then trimmed the excess.


I shared a few weeks ago that Sebastian was scared of the compressor and staple gun.  I was even a little hesitant to use it, but I decided that if he’s going to hang with me at the studio, he should probably get used to it and learn that it’s just a noisy thing that won’t hurt him.

At first, he scurried to the door like last time.  I kept looking over at him and he kept inching his way closer to me.  It was really pretty comical, because I wouldn’t see him move, but I would just see that he was closer.


…until he was right near me again.


He’s soooo brave.

I finished off the chair by gluing on some braided jute trim, just because it was simple.


And there it is!


If you’re new to upholstery, a project like this one would be perfect for you.  It is simple, doesn’t take very much time or materials, and will give you confidence to tackle other projects.

upholstering a broken cane-backed chair…

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