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I went shopping on Friday to get some fresh inspiration and to find some things for the online shop.  I stopped at a couple of local stores and then one of my favorite local antique malls.  When I went to the checkout, one of the vendors said, “I saw that pile on the counter and I knew you were here!”

I looked over to the pile and, yep, it was pretty much “me” in a collection of items found spread over dozens of booths.  Mostly blue and white finds and lots of ironstone.

I’ve been shopping antique stores for a long time and that’s always been one of my favorite things about it.  Someone can shop from many different vendors, curating things that catch their eye, and by the end of the trip, you can see their style in the collection of items.

There’s something cool about that.

Anyway, my favorite find of the day is one I’m keeping for myself.  It’s a blue & white quilt I scored for $45!

I love these old quilts that are soft with age; especially ones with indigo-dyed fabrics.

I’m selling everything else I found, though.

The sale will go live Thursday night (October 6, 2016) at 8:00 pm EST.

I actually didn’t buy these this trip, but have had them for years.  They have survived many purges, because I just love them so much, but they have been in a cabinet for 12 years, so it’s time to send them along to another home.


I bought this pieces of enamelware, too.  I just love the markings…


…a mini cast iron coal wagon…

(Wouldn’t that look cute with a plant in it or as a business card holder or something?)

And this “brush holder”…

Can anyone guess what it actually is?

It’s a car step!  I had no idea when I bought it, but the woman who checked me out educated me.

You can see the other items that will go live in the sale tomorrow night HERE, in the online shop.

One last thing before I go…

A sweet husband of a reader introduced me to his wife, Susan of DunnByDesigns through e-mail.  Well, I checked out her Etsy shop and she is so talented that I just had to order something.

Aren’t these zipper pouches the sweetest things?  And they are so well made.


This isn’t a sponsorship or anything.  I placed an order just like everyone else!  I just loved her work and wanted to share and support a talented maker.


  1. Sue

    Well shoot – I was hoping that quilt would be for sale LOL. 🙂 Love the blue and white ones…

  2. Lisa from Montana

    Love that quilt! <3 Are those mildew spots on it? I think an overnight soak in oxyclean may get rid of those – IF you are so inclined!

    Having access to wonderful antique/thrift shops is one of the things I miss about being so far out west these days. Love those zippered pouches too!

    • marian

      No, that’s the pattern on the white fabric. It has a small pattern in a light gray.

  3. Elizabeth Stein

    The quilt was an excellent score, especially at that price. I don’t blame you for keeping it. Can a home, especially in the Northeast, have too many handmade quilts? They embody the word “cozy.”

    You were good to highlight a maker’s work after determining for yourself that they are nicely made. I’m sure she appreciates the recognition – and I appreciate your passing along the tip.


    That antique quilt is beautiful! I quilt but I just love the “antique” quilts. Blue and white are my favorite colors. Enjoy your quilt, Marian!

  5. Pamela

    Why are so many items sold out when the sale hasn’t even begin yet? These should be removed until there are some to sell. And a p.s., of course you keep the quilt I like. You gave a term to something I always felt, “soft with age”. That’s why I always preferred older more worn blankets or quilts of any sort, they’re ” soft with age” in a way all the fabric softener in the world can’t replicate.

    • Sharon Hankins

      I’m not totally sure, Pamela, but it could be possible that their website has the “sold out” showing until the sale goes live at the given time? I know that is how some do it. Then when the sale is live, they show the items as for sale. It is so that a site can have all the items up for people to browse before the sale. Just a thought.

    • marian

      There are only a few pieces listed as “sold out”. Perhaps you were reading the “coming soon” label incorrectly? We do remove old listings as soon as their shipped, except for some items that we will reorder.

  6. Debbie

    Don’t you love it when the owner of your favorite antiques store becomes your friend? I’ve had the pleasure of having them assist me in choosing items to use in decorating for both my daughter’s rustic wedding and my son’s more formal wedding – both held in our back yard. First item purchased was a crystal chandelier, which we hung from a corner of the porch – over the bride’s cake table, at both weddings. Now, that chandelier hangs in my granddaughter’s bedroom.

    I love your blog and remember reading you back when you were so excited about getting your first shipment of paints. My, how you have grown! Loving your watercolors now….you’re quite the artist! Keep up the good work.

  7. Nancy

    All good, but pleeeeeze ditch the ruffled slip covers on the wing chair….and any other chairs you treated the same way. I know you go through phases, but the ‘ruffled’ look was not your best.

    • Mary

      Ouch, Nancy! Let’s be nice, ok?

    • Mandy

      Was that really necessary Nancy?

  8. Becki H.

    I guess each to his/her own, but I love the little ruffle on the slipcover. Gives it a sweet feminine touch that I think is perfect.

  9. Lori Ferguson Lucas

    I am as sarcastic as any person I know. I can whip out come-backs before you even blink your eyes. But one thing I will never, ever get is why people are just blatantly rude or mean-spirited. Truly, if something offends you, then move on. If you deem something not your taste, then so-be-it. That’s what makes the world special. We are not all the same. We all have different tastes and ideas. That does not make any one of us right. Or wrong. With the world so full of hate, why add more to it? Why do people feel the need to espouse their rudeness to others? If you don’t like it, then quit looking! There is no reason for the rudeness. Go gripe to your self. Go find someone that you can put-down to their face! It is a lot harder to do, huh? People need to quit hiding behind their computer screen, and more importantly, they need to just try to be nice. The world needs it.

    This goes for all on-line bullying, because that is what it is!

  10. Bonnie

    I love the ruffled covers on the wing back chairs! Who determines what is good taste or in fashion? Thanks for sharing your lovely photos Marion.

  11. Vicki

    I guess everyone else too care of Nancy,thank you ladies! I wanted to thank Marion for supporting a fellow artist with her purchase on etsy. It’s good to share the love!

  12. Susan

    Wow!! Thank you Marian!!

  13. harriett

    Nancy expressed her opinion. I’m sure Marian can handle that. Why do so many feel the need to bully Nancy in defense of Marian? Don’t pile on!! She’s not a hater!

  14. HippiesChick

    There are a lot of Antique stores and malls in our area. I have scored many old quilts for under $60.00. I have them all over the house and I love them so much……..My Ironstone collection is growing and I seem to score the most amazing pieces. Yesterday I bought a cute bowl for $6.00!! I find so much that I make myself buy only pieces that I don’t have or that really scream “take me home”………. If you ever want to come to the Williamsport PA area to shop, let me know. I will be happy to take you around to all the amazing spots. You will not be disappointed.


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