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In my post yesterday, I shared that we’ll be installing some new flooring in the studio.  Well, not in the entire studio, but a corner of it, so I can use that area for photo shoots.  The corner we’ll be installing it in is this one…


You can see that the flooring is a bit of a mish-mash; some of the old pine and some plywood, so I haven’t used that corner for photo shoots despite the nice light and big, blank wall.

So, I’ve been planning to float some flooring in that corner, so I can create “rooms”.  Rooms that I can design, put together, photograph, and ultimately, sell everything in them.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?!

So, I was looking for a few specific things.  First of all, I wanted a floor that would be neutral and wouldn’t cast any sort of hue, specifically red, orange or yellow.  (The floors I have now are wicked orange.)  I wanted a hard-wearing laminate, but it has to look good.  No cheesy, fake-as-all-get-out laminate wood floor.  It has to have a texture and warmth to it.   Lastly, it had to be a “click-together” floor that will just float over the existing floor.  I rent my studio space, so I can’t lay down anything that’s permanent.

Even as I was looking at flooring samples, I received an e-mail from Quick-Step, asking if I had any upcoming flooring projects.

Well, interesting that you asked!  As a matter of fact…

  Yeah, it really happens like that sometimes!

I took a look at their flooring options and it was exactly what I was looking for.  Well, in the pictures, anyway.  I selected some flooring samples in the gray, brown, and even cream family, so I could see them in person.


I really liked all of the samples.  Each one had something I liked about it, but there was one that jumped out at me right off the bat.  When I know what I like, I don’t have to hem and haw about it.


The one on the bottom right was the winner for me.  It’s the French Country Oak Planks from their

Reclaime´ line.



I love the texture and the grain and how it looks (and even feels) like real, reclaimed wood.


I can hardly wait to see them all clicked together.  We’ll be installing it next week and I’ll share all of the details on the process.


Disclosure: I received free product from Quick-Step in exchange for an honest review on this blog.  All opinions are my own and I wouldn’t have partnered with them if I wasn’t impressed with the quality of their product.

studio flooring options

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