3 minute, no-sew bolster pillow cover

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I was working this weekend on my guest room, getting it ready for a photo shoot.  I was in a bit of a crunch, because of some unexpected delays, so I wasn’t able to put this room together in a leisurely way.  The mattress was delivered and I had to put the room together in two days.  I didn’t have time to shop, so it had to come together with what I had.

It was like old times and I think it brought out the best in me.  For years, I had to make my home look the way I wanted it to without buying a lot of new stuff.  That’s how I learned to thrift, sew, paint and refinish in the first place!  Now that I buy and sell things, have a home decor business and this blog, I’m able to constantly shop my own inventory to get what I envision and buy pieces to use specifically for props to finish off a room.  It’s nice to have that luxury, but maybe it’s made me a bit lazy when it comes to being resourceful.

This time crunch forced me back into that and, as I said, I think it brought out the best in me.

I showed you a peek of how the bed in the guest room was coming together…

Some of you thought I’ve gone wild and went with orange bedding, but it’s actually a rich yellow-gold color.  The bedding is a departure from my blue & white scheme, but you’ll noticed I snuck some blue in there.  I’ve always seen the guest room as a room I can put a toe outside of my comfort zone, so I’ve gone a bit more colorful with yellows, reds and blues, balanced with brass and wood accents.

I was sort of nudged away from blue and white into the gold bedding (I’ll explain that later), but it ended up being a great choice.  Before I put the gold bedding on, which looks very French provincial to me, the brass wasn’t working well with the white bed.  I love those brass sconces and was a little nervous about their fate in that room.  The gold bedding tied in with the brass, making everything look intentional.

The little yellow bolster pillow on the bed looked really pretty, but I have red curtains and red striped grain sacks on the French bergere chair in the room and some red in the rug, so I felt like I needed some red in the bedding…even just a hint.

I went to my fabric stash, looking for something that would work.  I found a large piece of red work that didn’t sell at Lucketts.  This could work!  I found a bolster pillow form in my pillow form stash (yes, I have one of those) and tried wrapping the red work piece around it.  I set it on the bed.

It was perfect.  Just the hint of red the bedding needed to tie in with the curtains.

I was in a time crunch and still needed to hang pictures and add finishing touches, so I didn’t want to take time to sew a bolster cover.

Fortunately, the red work had pretty lace edges, so I just strategically wrapped the fabric around the pillow and tied it at either end with a length of Baker’s twine.

3 minute, no-sew bolster pillow cover | miss mustard seed
3 minute, no-sew bolster pillow cover | miss mustard seed

It looks so sweet, I don’t think I even need to take the time to go back and sew it.

It’s a simple idea, but it could work with fabric scraps, tea towels, oversized dinner napkins…  Even try raiding your wardrobe for a scarf.

I’ll show you a full shoot of the guest room soon, but I can say that it looks really pretty.  It’s definitely “cozy” with the queen sized bed, but it is such a comfy, inviting guest room now.

I know some of you are probably still wondering why I sold the hand painted Bavarian bed and went in a new direction.  I’ll be explaining that and will share more about the bedding, rug, mattress and the other details of the room soon…

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    1. TinaG

      I have a pillow on my deck right now that is covered in an antique grainsack that I did the exact same thing with a couple of months ago. I have gotten so many comments on it…people can’t believe it’s not sewn. It has held up all spring and summer and I will bring it indoors at summers end and will probably never sew it at all!

    2. Judy

      Hi Marian, cute idea! You know I actually like the room better this way. I loved the Bavarian bed and didn’t think I would like anything else as much, but I do! The room has a freshness (vintage-y in a youthful way) that I just love! Good for you for knowing when to make a change!

    3. Yuko Jones | northfield gate

      I love the golden yellow with the blue. This color combo really makes the room come alive. I’d love to try the bolster with a pretty tea towel. I do my best work when I’m under pressure too – I think it helps me think outside the box when resources are limited.

    4. kathleen charm bracelet diva {at Home}

      I’ve done this many times with a bolster on our bed in the master bedroom. I’ve found that white tea towels are perfect for this! You can get a pack of them at Wal-Martfor like $5.00! You can also use vintage lace, crocheted remnants, etc. as ties for the ends. The possibilities are endless!
      xo Kathleen

    5. Teresa

      I am sitting here saying to myself “Why didn’t I think of that”? Something so easy to make but yet looks custom made. I like the gold you added in the guest bedroom. It will look really nice for the autumn months.

    6. Nancy

      LOVE LOVE LOVE the gold bedding!! It goes perfect with the blue and warms up the room!

    7. Linda Warner

      Hi Marian,
      I have a question to ask you on another topic. Do I do this here?

    8. Pamela @ Flower Patch Farmhouse

      I love that you strayed from your usual blue and white. Liven things up and show that you have the touch with any color you choose. What is great about the bolster being unsewn is that it can easily be switched out and the redwork and/or pillow form can be reused in a flash when you get another brainstorm. It is so much fun to have a stash to pull from, keeping that stash organized is the problem. 🙂

    9. Anita

      I LOVE the golden yellow in your guest room!! It looks fantastic! Your sourcing an old redwork pillow cover looks beautiful. I enjoy the fact that you didn’t sew it, too. It can be used in the future in many ways. Great job!!

    10. Gwen

      I really like how this room looks. Love the rug and all. I’m a gold person but nothing is really gold in my house now but I find this room soothing and coordinated! And so quickly assembled no big “deal” to change it if you desire!!! Just love the bolster.

    11. mary young

      Just call the yellow Goldenrod………… Very nice. I couldn’t help but notice the buffalo check red and white curtains. We visited Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello in Virginia and in one room they had the same red buffalo check chair covers. They said it was considered a
      formal “look” back in the day. Imagine that! Mary

    12. Brandy @ The Prudent Homemaker

      This would be very nice for a quick Christmas decoration using Christmas towels or a bit of Christmas fabric! The pillow cover could easily be changed out for seasonal decorating.

    13. Eileen

      We have an antique iron bed in our room. It’s very heavy and ornate. I love it! My husband had to weld a piece onto the frame to make it longer for a queen set. Also have a piece of red work that l didn’t know what to do with. Never thought of wrapping it on a pillow form……….neat!

      I’m trying to get my loom set up as we have an extra room now. Time rushes by much too fast!

    14. Elaine

      I totally agree with you that when we are challenged with limited time, money, and resources, it brings out our creativity like nothing else can. I remember how often I would look at pictures in magazines and be so inspired that I would tackle something I had never tried before. With that I gained and developed new skills. Love the new look of the guest room. You just keep inspiring!

    15. Traci Madison

      Love the mustard yellow… Where did you get the rug? 🙂

    16. armymum

      How cute is that pillow!!!!! I have some of my grandmothers old tea towels and cloth placemats… what a wonderful way that would be to use/display them!!!!

    17. Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

      Maybe some people think you’ve gone wild with the color but I LOVE it!! Adds something unexpected in your usual palette which I bet is quite refreshing!

    18. isabel

      Hi I’m wondering where you bought the side-table lamps. They’re AMAZING

    19. Shannon

      Beautiful! Where did you find the orange bedding?

    20. Lymari Navarro

      I love your bedding. Where did you buy the gold quilt?


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