soda crate + dress form display

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When it comes to creative display ideas, I try to “keep my head down” or “keep my blinders on” to some extent, so that my ideas aren’t too heavily influenced by trends or other creatives. But, sometimes I feel a little stuck in a rut and I need to cruise for some fresh inspiration. It’s definitely a fine tightrope to walk!

As I was getting ready for Lucketts, though, I needed some fresh inspiration and I came across one that was so cute, I decided to replicate it. The idea is from one of my milk paint retailers, Kathe of Warm & Weathered.

She created a display for a dress form out of an antique soda crate. It looks sort of like the holder worn by the guy selling peanuts at a ballgame. Are you tracking with me?


I hunted down an antique soda crate that worked with my brand…blue and white, of course! Soda crates are pretty readily available, so I found one easily. Oh, it does have to have handle holes, though, so the “strap” can be attached to it.


I used some heavy jute upholstery webbing from my upholstery supply stash for the strap…


And I used an upholstery needle and some jute twine to stitch the strap on the the soda crate.


Thread the webbing through the handle on the soda crate, folding it over on itself.


Thread the jute twine onto the upholstery needle and use that to stitch the webbing where it meets…


Knot it at the end first and then use a running stitch and knot it on the other end.


Cut off the excess twine. Repeat on the other handle, making sure the strap is at a good length.


It’s then ready to hang off the dress form! It took about 15 minutes to make and it’s such a cute display.


My antique dress form is an old gal who could only handle lightweight things, like lavender or MMSMP aprons, so keep that in mind when you’re planning out the display. It’s probably not a good idea to load it up with books, unless it’s a sturdy dress form.

mms-6723 mms-6734

I didn’t get a good picture of it, but we used it at Lucketts to display the aprons. You can see it off the side of this picture…


Doesn’t that dress form look like she’s leaning forward and saying “Oo, my back…” Ha!

This would also be a fun way to serve up snacks at a party…fill the tray with little brown paper bags filled with popcorn or something. Anyway, it’s just a fun little display idea that I thought I would share!

soda crate + dress form display

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