oak buffet reveal & new matte Tough Coat

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Unless you follow me on Instagram, you last saw this piece with the top stripped and one coat of paint.  It’s in the “ugly stage” – the stage when you want to drop it on the curb and let someone else look at it.  But, that would be a mistake.

It may not look like it at this point, but this buffet is almost there.


The graining on the top was so beautiful and I didn’t want to hide it with paint or stain, so I just stripped it down (see the in-the-works post for details on that) and applied two coats of Hemp Oil to bring out the natural beauty.


As it was drying, I could tell the piece was crazing and cracking, but I didn’t know the extent until I ran a sanding sponge over the surface and the paint just flaked off!  My mom, who does not like the chippy look, cringed when she saw it.

I could read it all over her face.  “I know, I know!”

As I said yesterday, some people will love it, some will hate it.  There isn’t going to be a lot of middle ground on this piece.


Because it was so chippy, it was a perfect opportunity to test our reformulated Tough Coat.  We released the Tough Coat, our water based polyurethane a couple of years ago, but it had a finish that was somewhere between an eggshell and a satin.  This new, reformulated version is totally matte, which is much better suited to milk paint.


The matte finish is really beautiful and it brushed on like a dream.  It went on smooth and leveled out.  If you read my posts about top coats, you know that I’m a real lover of oils and waxes, but this new Tough Coat is really winning me over!

I took a picture at an angle, in the light, so you could see the sheen (or lack of) on it and how smooth the finish is…


And here is the reveal…



This buffet is a great example of milk paint doing what only milk paint does.  I didn’t do anything to this piece other than paint it and this is what it wanted to do.  I was speaking to it very nicely as I was distressing, so that may have been a factor.

The warm wood top plays so well against the chipping and it is rocking the Hemp Oil finish.


It is dramatic, but I love the chipping pattern on this.



The glass knobs were already on the piece, but one was missing.  I had one in my stash that was about a 95% match, so I decided to use it.  The one on the left-hand door is the mis-matched knob…


I had such a fun time styling this buffet…


Kriste stopped on the way in to get some flowers for the shoot and she did a little grocery shopping as well.  She let me borrow her limes for the shoot.




I bought the cloche last week and, on a separate trip, this chippy/rusty metal lid to an old milk can.  They were a perfect fit together.  Totally not intentional, but it was just meant to be.

Come on…a milk can lid with a cloche?!  They’ll be all the rage.


The painting is by Cindy Austin.  She is actually working on making prints of this original painting and I’ll let you know when those are available.  A lot of people have asked me about the painting, named “the ladies who lunch” by one of my readers!


There is so much going on in the studio that it’s hard to even focus, but Kriste is reigning me in and keeping me straight!

Lots more to come…

oak buffet reveal & new matte Tough Coat

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