’twas the night before Lucketts

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Well, here it is…Lucketts Eve.  I am about as nervous and excited as a kid before Christmas.  I’ve been preparing and shopping for weeks and I’m now just over 12 hours away from the event.  Whew.

We dropped our stuff off at Lucketts yesterday, but it’s just stacked under a tent, not arranged in any particular fashion.  I know it’s going to be a frenzie to get it all set up tomorrow, so we’re leaving at 6:00 am.  (Ugh.)  I am in the same exact place I was last year, so those who came last year will know where to find me.  If you’re coming for the first time, I’m on the gravel and hopefully you’ll recognize some of my stuff.  (I’m in the two white tents on the end.)


It was hard to not get distracted by all of the Lucketts goodness everywhere…




I will be accepting cash and checks at my booth and if you have to use a credit card, you can pay in the Lucketts Store.  The lines are usually pretty long, though, so I would suggest bringing cash.   We’ll also have a “checkout” table this year and tags that are easy to pull, so you can claim your piece the second you know you want it.  I’ll also have FOUR helpers!  My husband Jeff (Mr. Mustard Seed), my mom (Mama Mustard Seed), my dad (Colonel Mustard Seed…seriously…he’s a retired Colonel), and Charlene (Mini Mustard Seed.)  I know…this mustard seed thing is out of hand and a little dorky.  I’m aware.

So today, I did some last minute shopping, packed up the loose lavender…



….Mini made some tissue pom-poms out of vintage dress patterns (I want to hang them from the ceiling of the canopies)…



…I tagged and packed some beautiful runners and tea towels made by Ann of Sutton Place



…I tagged the pillows my mom and I made yesterday…



…I made some tags to label my t-shirts…


…and some cute “sold” tags…



…I made some topiaries and some burlap ribbon trimmed chalkboards…



…and I packed up the van.



I think I’m all ready to go.  It’s going to be an early morning and long day tomorrow, so I’m hoping to get to bed very early tonight.

My mom and Jeff (my husband) will post updates on my Facebook page throughout the day and we’ll take LOTS of pictures!  I can’t wait to share the day with all of those who can’t be there. Breida with a B, who is a great writer, will also be attending the antique market and plans to blog/tweet/social media it up tomorrow, so you can check her out for a broader perspective of the event.

If you’re attending, vending, or just want to send well wishes, tweet with hashtag #lucketts throughout the weekend.

Oh, and Ali is the winner of the “I’m coming a stinkin’ long way to come to Lucketts” giveaway!  She’s coming all the way from California (2656.6 miles)!

’twas the night before Lucketts

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