putting the dining room back together | craigslist cabinet update

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It’s been a busy week and somewhat of a mixed bag, so I felt like I needed to push into a to-do list today.  Productivity always acts like a pick-me-up.  So, I cleaned and did laundry, worked on the shelves for the craigslist cabinet in the office, did some painting in the studio, worked on e-mail, etc.  I even shampooed the traffic path on the carpet in the living room.  I was on a roll.

And, I finally took some time to put the dining room back together again…

It was nice to get all of that ironstone and transferware back on the shelves in the primitive hutch.

And now, I can give some thought to how I want to finish off this room.

I’m considering built-ins for the wall with the hutch on it now or perhaps even painting a tonal mural!  I’m just going to linger in the doorway now and then, until it comes to me.

Until then, I have plenty to keep me occupied!

I applied Hemp Oil to the outside of the craigslist cabinet and, as I mentioned earlier, started working on the shelves.  They were painted a bright orange!  I decided I wanted them wood to contrast the (soon-to-be) painted interior, so I started to strip a few of them this morning and that idea was a no-go.  Some of the shelves were original, some weren’t.  Some had layers of paint under the orange and others didn’t.  It was just a mess and it wasn’t going to be worth the effort, since the shelves weren’t matching or all original.

So, they are just going to get painted in MMSMP Farmhouse White, just like the interior.  Since the shelves are bright orange and a bit of a mess, I decided to prime them first, so I did the priming today.  I hope to start painting over the weekend or early next week.

I am just loving my “new” office and I can’t wait to get everything finished…

putting the dining room back together | craigslist cabinet update

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27 Comments on “putting the dining room back together | craigslist cabinet update”

  1. Your blue antique hutch is my favorite item in your home. And now that it’s filled with ironstone, it’s beautiful – I love the way your mixed the white pieces with some blue pieces. The new cabinet looks so nice with the hemp oil, can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.

  2. Love the craigslist find…always a thrill to score a nice piece. Have you given any thought to glass shelves for it. I inherited my great grandmothers china cabinet…NOT my style at all but it is an heirloom. I updated a tad just by putting glass shelves. Called a local glass company and had thick glass custom cut…not a huge expense but made a huge difference in the piece. I was able to add a LED bar light in the top and it really brightened up the piece…just a thought!

    1. That’s a great idea! I have a Craigslist hutch with glass shelves and I’ve been so impressed by how much weight (my Fiesta collection) they hold!

  3. If it were me, I’d do built-ins for the dining room, but that’s only because I can’t paint murals. So, I REALLY hope you choose a mural. It would be so pretty and unique. And I didn’t comment for your 80-100 Meadows post, but I was absolutely astounded by the examples of how your painting skills have improved.

  4. Some of your tranferware pieces are DELUXE, even in their worn condition, those pitchers and tea/coffee pots in particular! I have not seen those types ever, and I live in the “land of transferware” up here in Canada.

  5. I remember the pretty built in ideas you showed us before, and I love the idea of a wall full of ironstone cubbies! I’m sure whatever you choose will be beautiful as ususal.

  6. Whatever you decide to do it will be beautiful! Why don’t you try to do both, built in on the side and bottom and an area left open in the middle for the mural, and a corner hutch on the opposite wall, or just a built in in that corner. Love watching the changes you are making.

  7. I love to see all your projects and how they come together. You seem so patient with everything. I am trying so hard to practice that. I’ve just started painting all of our white trim in the house and I have been putting it off all winter. I do have a job, job, so I have a hard time working on things sometimes after I get off work. I finally decided to just start…..do one room at a time,,,,one wall at a time,,,let it dry good, move everything back and start on the next wall, cabinet, etc…….When I begin to get discouraged, I just ask myself at night after I finally get to sit down, now what would Miss Mustard Seed do,,,,,, Thanks for all the tips and letting us into your home.

  8. I have a collection of ironstone as well. I love a little brown aging. But, I had a blue and white transfer ware piece that was really brown. I soaked in beautician grade peroxide and it came out so beautiful. Just thought you might like to know. mL

  9. I have a secretary that came from a shutter mill owner’s house. Originally had glass doors and I noticed that it has the same “saw tooth” ridges in the back as mine. So it might be older than you think. Also I like the idea of the candles in the cups. Your daily message is something that I
    look forward to every day, so thank you.

  10. You dining room looks nice i love the old blue cabinet. Sorry about the shelves from the those shelves but it will probably all work out well and the cabinet is glowing.

  11. If you were putting the mural-vs.-builtins to a vote, which I realize you are not, I would vote for a mural, mainly because I would enjoy watching how you approach the problem. I did a search for primitive American wall murals and found some cool ones.

  12. Wondering if you could paint the face of your shelves in a deeper darker color to contrast to the shelf and to the back of the cabinet? Maybe the entire shelf a deeper color to contrast to the back “wall”. My little tiny suggestion!

  13. The blue cabinet is my favorite. I remember when you scored that find and I knew I had to have one so I did. I even shipped it to my island in Wa. From NY and painted it with MMS paint (eulilies sky) pardon the spelling! My favorite piece in my house!

  14. Marian, I think the entire house looks beautiful! I look forward to your blog every day. The things that matter most to me, home and family, (and faith) are what I see in your blog. Also, you have some color !!!! While I love the farmhouse look, the all neutral trend is suffocating to me and your pops of color (especially blue and green) make me happy!

  15. Hi, just my 2 cents but I think you need a lower cabinet were the blue one is. If you look you have have 3 heavy pieces right together. Chandelier, table, blue cabinet. Love it all just think heavy.

    1. I agree! It’s all lovely but the scale seems just a little off to me. I know whatever you do will be gorgeous but I think the room would look larger with a long lower piece where you have the blue cabinet.

  16. I am a school librarian and have an old card catalog that keeps getting shuffled from storage to storage. Every now and again I’ll find it, but it’s always in the back of my mind….especially when I see things you find and refurbish. This last week, I was grabbing some tables to use at my book fair and spied it again. After reading your craiglist confession, I pulled the trigger and Emailed my principal to see if I might have it or perhaps purchase it from the school. It’s not the right color for what I’d like to do, but the fun part will be discovering just exactly what can be done to bring that old thing back to life and put it back to work. Thank you so much for your inspirations! I’ve mentioned before, but I’ll say it again…often time reading your updates is the ONLY pleasure reading I have time for….so I’ll continue to work tirelessly to inspire my young students to read and take in the satisfaction (and inspiration!) I get from reading about your hard work.

  17. Do you follow M.O. Endres on instagram? She has the most lovely mural in her home! I think it would be a source of inspiration. She makes such a lovely home, just like you!

  18. I second the person that said her favorite piece was your blue cabinet! With the transferware on the shelves with the ironstone, it is perfection.

  19. Hello! I LOVE your milk paint! I have a question. What are your favorite search words to use when you are browsing through Craigslist? Thank you for letting me pick your brain!

  20. I love that hutch! I have a similar one in my dining room that belonged to my mom that she painted in the 80’s with some sort of red milk paint. My husband, a man who has so much talent, actually made the hutch out of pine. It’s a shame, but I use mine as a pantry because I have minimal cabinet space. Anyway, with all your beautiful ironstone and transferware, I was curious as to what kind of everyday dishes and glassware you use. I just can’t wait until you share your next project with us!

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