Lucketts Holiday Open House 2012

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Not only is tomorrow the first day of the famous Lucketts Holiday Open House, but it’s also my very first book signing.  I feel sort of nervous about it…well, really nervous about it.  I don’t know what to expect.  I do know that I’m just going to enjoy the ride.  I also know that I am going to be sitting at this table in a beautifully-decorated tent tomorrow at 10:00 am.


I couldn’t have imagined a prettier place.  I love the painted shelf behind and the blue-striped grain sack runner.  Perfect for me.


Yes, I am in a tent in northern Virginia in November, so I will be dressing WARM!  I was going to try to look really cute but I think a sweatshirt will be required.  Oh well, that’s me anyway and I’m going to be sitting behind that table tomorrow because I’ve just been me through this amazing journey.  My husband won’t be able to join me until the afternoon, so I will be flying solo.  If you come tomorrow morning, don’t be surprised if I ask you to snap some pictures for me!

I was able to tour the Design House today…oh my goodness, people!  I wished someone was with me, because I constantly had the urge to squeeze an arm and point something out or gasp or squeal.  It’s truly amazing.  Here are some of my favorite parts…









Of course, they have colorful rooms as well, but I was drawn to the more neutral rooms.

I’ll share more tomorrow and let you know how the very first book signing goes.  I hope to see some of you there!

PS – I’m sorry I wasn’t able to host Furniture Feature Friday tonight.  I was at Lucketts all day getting my space fluffed and stocked.  We’ll meet again next week.

Lucketts Holiday Open House 2012

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