latest antique haul in Cannon Falls & Red Wing

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A couple of weeks ago, I gave in to the itch to get out of the house strictly for fun and, while the floors were being refinished, I went to a few antique stores with my friend, Cheri.  We drove separate cars, wore masks, and doused ourselves in hand sanitizer, and took every precaution we could short of staying home.  I didn’t find any of the larger items on my list for all of the room projects that are in the works, but I did end up with a pretty nice antique haul.

antique haul miss mustard seed

I bought the glass jelly jars for $12.  They are so sweet and the perfect size for a little fruit salad or for whisking up a single egg.

antique glass jelly jars miss mustard seed

I found a roll of heavy cotton twine that I thought would be fun to crochet with.  It’s a good weight for dishcloths…

antique cotton twine spool miss mustard seed

This is such a fun find…

antique window washing brush bestyet miss mustard seed

It’s an antique window-washing brush!  You clean with the brush on one side and use the squeegee on the other side to dry.  It was $6 and I just couldn’t pass up such a fun find although it’s not particularly practical any longer.

I also bought an antique horsehair brush with a pretty turned wooden handle…

antique horse hair paint brush miss mustard seed

I found this antique leather (alligator?) purse in a pile of unpriced purses on the floor of one booth.  I thought it had the sweetest shape and clasp, so I asked about the price.  It was $20, so I added it to my pile of things to purchase.

vintage alligator purse miss mustard seed

It is in great condition, yet it still has that warmth and softness that comes with being well used.

vintage alligator purse miss mustard seed

The interior has pockets and pouches and even a little vintage mirror…

vintage alligator purse miss mustard seed

The mirror itself was so sweet!  It’s a little smokey and has perfectly smooth and rounded edges.

vintage alligator purse mirror miss mustard seed

And, I think my favorite find of the entire antique haul was this laundry line basket…

antique laundry line basket clothespins miss mustard seed

I saw it right when we walked in the store, but it was priced at $75.  I felt the pull, but it seemed like a lot for a little basket.  I passed it on by.  When we were checking out, Cheri pointed it out to me and we both sighed about the price.  I then decided it was worth asking if they could do any better on the price.  The gentleman lowered it to $60.  It was still a splurge, but my gut told me this was a special piece and I bought it.

I promised Cheri that she has first dibs if I ever part with it.

antique laundry line basket clothespins miss mustard seed

The metal handle is made to hook over a clothesline to hold clothespins!  Isn’t that so cool?  And this one is in great condition…

antique laundry line basket clothespins miss mustard seed

And, lastly, I picked up a few books to use around the house.  I particularly like buying books I might read or reference, like poetry books, classic literature, etc.  These are from a set of the Works of Charles Dickens.

decorating with antique books ironstone miss mustard seed

They just add a little height and variation to arrangements.  I like to move them around to change things up.  All of the books I bought were between $2-5/each.

antique white ironstone original oil painting cow miss mustard seed

I bought this pair of binoculars, too.  I originally picked them up because of the pretty leather case and the low price ($12)…

…but the binoculars work great, too!  They remind me of my Opa, who always took binoculars on trips to the beach and when we traveled.  We’d take turns looking at pelicans flying low over the surf or a pod of dolphins breaking the water’s surface.

It is so nice to have an antique haul to share with you again!  I really miss antiquing in the east, but there are some good places around my new home as well.  There just isn’t the abundance of ironstone I became accustomed to!  Although, I did find a couple of ironstone platters and a pitcher for a good price on this trip as well.

While my parents are here, my mom and I are planning to venture out to hit an antique mall or two that I’ve never been to in the hopes of finding a couple of key pieces I’ve been looking for.  Until then, we are plowing through my project list!  Have you been out antiquing lately?  Any good finds?

latest antique haul in Cannon Falls & Red Wing

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61 Comments on “latest antique haul in Cannon Falls & Red Wing”

  1. Love that little basket Marian! Yes, antiquing in the East is the best and being in VA I am very lucky we have so many treasure troves but I must admit my greatest finds were always in PA. It seems I always found what I was looking for in shops and fairs there and I know you miss that. However, its always fun exploring new areas and places. Hope you and your Mom have a great time!

  2. P.S. I forgot to include that I did find a beautiful faux bamboo mirror recently. I have been on the hunt for one for several years since I love a touch of chinoserie in my decor. A lady who runs a booth at a antique mall in my city had one listed on Craigslist and I happened to snag it quickly!

    1. The round brush IS a barber’s brush. I have one just like it that my dad (a barber) used during the mid-1900s to brush hair off the faces and necks of customers.

    2. Yes Donna, that is what that brush is! 🙂 They would brush off the patrons shoulders and neck with it to get rid of the cut hairs that landed on their clothing.

  3. I have a big spool of cotton twine and we’ve mostly been using it for tying up the odd bits here and there. Then I realized it would be the perfect material to make a simple macrame plant hanger. After a few youtube videos, I knotted three to hang plants in the bay window in my kitchen. Brings me back to the 70s!

    I have picked up copper, some European porcelain, and linens recently on my thrift store hauls. I have noticed that because of reduced covid hours here in Ohio, many stores are raising their prices to cover the lost revenue. Some antique stores haven’t reopened at all yet or their hours are unpredictable.

  4. I really wish you would do a post on ironstone. What is ironstone? How do I know if I’m buying real ironstone? How to date it? What to expect to pay for it? I absolutely love your collection!

    1. Lisa, if you scroll up to Marian’s search box, type in Ironstone 101 and her post should answer your questions. If you just type in Ironstone there will be page and pages of entries that are a treasure trove of information but Ironstone 101 covers essential basics.

    1. Antiquing is one of my favorite things to do. I love going to a new shop that I haven’t been to before. Recently I’ve been to Estate Sales and I’ve found some good items that I’ve added to my inventory to sell. I love antiquing vicariously through you and seeing your purchases. You do manage to find some wonderful things. I love the old brush with the turned handle. That handbag was a real find!

    2. Yes, I will! I have a couple of patterns to share, but I got busy with gardening and house projects. I’ve learned that the winter is my crocheting and cooking time and the spring/summer is garden and home projects!

  5. I love everything you purchased. I am in Virginia and if you have time to answer, any particular antiques you liked the best over here? Very close to the West VA line, Maryland and Pennsylvania. I love thrift shopping but they rarely have any ironstone or blue transferware or antiques.

    1. Robin,
      I live in central VA and have made lots of trips to PA where there seems to a better supply of Ironstone. One place I always loved was Antiques Market place right outside of Harrisburg PA. Many booth owners sold Ironstone. Also there was several antique malls and shops in the Hanover, PA area that I found lots of Ironstone. In Virginia, try Lucketts shops. Marian did a post a few years back listing all her favorite antique haunts and shops in PA/VA/MD since she was no longer living in the area. Maybe you can dig it up.

  6. I love all your finds. The purse is really cute and love the box type bottom. The twine is great. I have some of that too and did make some wash cloths. Very nice finds.

  7. I found a mid century modern pyrex bowl for my daughter. It has the blue pattern around the top, Apparently that is a classic pattern. Trivia! The Shakers invented the old timey clothes pin as in your basket.

  8. I just bought what appears to be a child’s teapot, sugar and creamer set in solid white for $5 at a local peddlers mall. It’s made in France and is so cute! I recently sold some ironstone to a woman who asked me if I’d heard of you. I excitedly said, “Yes, of course!” She said you’re the reason she collects ironstone. We chatted for a few minutes and decided we’d become “ironstone friends.” You’ve influenced so many women in such a positive way! Thank you!

  9. Marion….please make an antiquing trip to Northfield! Four great antique shops plus several gift shops worth a look too! We’d love to have you!

  10. Biggest find recently was an old chifferobe for $25. I’ve painted it French farmhouse white with a Caribbean blue interior and it’s awaiting a new owner in my flea market booth in Montgomery, Alabama. I also found a slightly “dressed up” bench with cane insert for $35. Painted it white, too, and am now making a dusty charcoal striped cotton feed sack pad for the top, with creamy twill tape ties to anchor at the corners. Keep up the good work, Miss Mustard Seed, we’re all cheering you on!

  11. Just today I bought a set if vintage wood dollhouse furniture. A little grubby and well loved. It’s all good!

  12. My finds this week was a small garden bench with 2 shelves and fluted edge terra-cotta pot, all for $30.00. The gal gave me a-small crock like vase that Hat had a crack in in but still looks great. You am put in a couple of silk flowers. It has an old world vibe.

  13. Oh my gosh. You reminded me my Mum has a set of the exact same binoculars and case stashed away in a cupboard somewhere. I must go looking. I often go to a local antique centre and say “my Mum’s got that”. Some very beautiful things indeed.

  14. Love to see your antique purchases! In your display of ironstone, the cow/calf painting is beautiful…is it one that you painted or was it purchased? It is great! We have cows and calves and the painting really hits home. The whole cabinet display it wonderful. Thank you.

  15. We have binocs almost just like those that were my grandfather’s.

    My mom had a neat clothesline basket – wonder what ever happened to it – what a gem, glad you saved $15 by asking. Always ask- worst thing they can say is no, or take your name and number in case they changed their mind’s down the road. (That old adage “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.”

    Nice treasures – you have an eye like no other, and that is the truth of it plain and simple.

  16. Oh wow! We have had that pair of binoculars in the same case (even have the neck strap missing like yours 😆) for many years. We gave them to our very careful 5 year old granddaughter last year because she was enjoying them so much. And yes, they really are good quality ones! Fun to collect things that remind you of special times with family 😍

    1. Aw, how sweet! And yes, they are a quality pair! I was surprised the glass was still in such nice shape.

  17. Just visited Lucketts recently which I know you have visited many times. Always great finds there and lots of ironstone every time I visit. Used to love Shelleys
    In Gettysburg, Pa but sadly the owners have passed away. Always great stuff there also.

    1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that they passed away! They were a sweet couple and I used to shop from them often.

  18. I love it all! That little basket was worth the splurge. Last week, I found an ironstone punch bowl. Made me happy.

  19. I love living in northern California but the antiquing is pathetic compared to what you find. I have not ventured out but the itch is so bad I just might risk it soon. Gotta find a couple more tiny black trivets to finish the border near the ceiling of my mudroom (not to mention a ton of other stuff I don’t even know I need). The brush and the basket were my favorites.

  20. Hi,
    Nice haul! I wonder what you are going to do with the antique thread/yarn bobbins. I have a stash from many moons ago and am looking for new inspiration to haul them out again.
    Also, when I was cleaning out my 104 year old aunt’s home, I found a HUMAN HAIR brush!!! Not a brush to style your hair, but a brush MADE FROM human hair! Yes, it came home with me. I just love old and useful things, and some old and weird things too. They add character. Happy shopping out there.

  21. I just bought a huge antique drugstore cabinet with upper glass doors & shelves and drawers down below the same day I sent you an email asking “How do you know?” Oddly enough, it just worked out so easily and with all the feels. LOL I inquired on FB Marketplace about a cabinet that looked really big, but the bottom section would work. An 85 year old absolutely delightful woman was downsizing to go to an assisted living facility and had to get rid of it. She had just heavily reduced the price. She and her husband bought it from a drugstore than had gone out of business in the 70s and used it for their Christian book store that they had for many years. Once they retired, they kept the cabinet. We are bringing it home Saturday. I am SO excited! It will camp out in the garage until my recent college graduate gets a job and moves to his own place. I don’t want him to go (sigh), but inevitably he will. Once he does, his room will become a studio for me. It is interesting to buy such a big and personal piece. There is anxiety and excitement at knowing that it will become a presence and part of my daily life. I am grateful to be a steward of it for a little while. 🙂

  22. I love the basket very much. My Dad had the exact set of binoculars in the exact case. Made me sad when I saw it. I’ll have to find out who in the family has them. Antique shops, just llike fabric stores in St. Louis have dwindled and the pickings are pretty slim. I used to go all the time; now not so much. 🙁

  23. Love the peg basket & the horsehair brush handle is gorgeous.

    If you think you have a lack of antiques in your area though try living in rural Australia. 🙂 In a country basically the size of the USA, but with only 25 million people, I find the distance between antique stores in rural areas is usually hours, plus with just over 200 years of any sort of civilisation that produced the antiques of today to draw from, there is a lot less to go around. Mostly english antiques or locally made.

    Finding all white ironstone here, even online isn’t common, but I did manage to find a very feminine shaped tureen (no lid) a few months back, it has a simple raised ribbon pattern around the edge & lovely curly handles, so I was really happy to find it. One of my favourite things though is the wooden sewing machine drawers that came out of the old Singer sewing machine tables from around 1900 & wooden shoe lasts, I found a bargain lot of childrens shoe lasts this year – the patina from use & age is lovely. 🙂

    One time I found an antique oak sideboard online but 3 hours from me that I fell head over heels in love with (oak is rare in Australia). But the seller was a thrift store that did not hold items more than a day & I wasn’t able to get there for 2 days – aargh the anguish! 😲😖 I documented the whole story on what I did to secure this piece on my blog as it was probably the most complex & crazy antiquing adventure I have had & against all odds I managed to get it – I think it was meant to be! I still feel the thrill of victory now just telling you all about it. 🥳LOL

  24. The ironstone craze has not hit our area in the upper peninsula of Michigan and it is a good thing, since there isn’t much to be found. I see it all the time on blogs and in magazines, but we don’t come across it much. It is strange how trends differ from one area to another. Few people ever even ask for it here ( I have a shop), all I ever run across are garden variety cream pitchers, pitcher and bowl sets and nothing very unusual or really old old. I haven’t ventured far from home so I have not been antiquing much. Summer is usually when I wake in a flea market or two, but this summer we haven’t gone anywhere. Another disappointment here is Facebook Market Place, the great antiques I see in others’ posts are MIA here. I enjoyed your haul!

  25. I Like to keep a basic set of oil paints & brushes in an old leather purse, always ready to grab n go
    and I have one for watercolor too,

  26. Oh, that purse. I’m in love. The clothesline basket. Never have I seen one. I have my moms 1950s cloth one complete with the pins. I just can’t bear to use them. I use my clothesline regularly but with new pins. I will be keeping my eyes out for one like yours!

  27. Love the post only wish you hadn’t started it with all that meaningless Pandemonium stuff.

    1. Funny, but I don’t find the “Pandemonium stuff” meaningless. I’m assuming you are referring to taking safety precautions during this pandemic and, if so, I hope you are taking similar precautions. I hope everyone is because I’d like to see us eventually get back to some sort of normalcy… and the only way to achieve that goal prior to a vaccine is if everyone does the “Pandemonium stuff”. Peace and love to you and all those you love.

  28. Headed to Zionsville Antique Mall in PA on Saturday for their Summer Slam. It’s one of my favorite places. Love seeing what you buy on your shopping trips!

  29. I have the exact leather case and binoculars. They were my Grandpa’s. I remember that he used them all the time. I am happy to have them.

  30. I really enjoy your ‘antique haul’ posts, and it’s always fun to see what you pay for your goodies. I think absolutely everyone loves bargains. 🙂

  31. You got some lovely things on this trip! Washington state definitely does not have the same kind of things you find. I do have some very similar jelly jars. Mine came with the lids, and I got them to use to organize things like paperclips and rubber bands–much more fun than a plastic bin
    . I haven’t been out poking around any antique shops lately, but am planning a visit to a new one that just recently opened very close to me. The owner actually started with Facebook Live tour/sales since she couldn’t open up as planned! Talk about getting creative to get your business going.

  32. Nice haul! I bought a one seater church bench/chair and a two seater church bench. While at the consignment shop, I also bought a hand cut dough bowl that’s about three feet long. It’ll look great on my hand crafted cherry live edge dining room table. The seating on one side is an old church pew, on the other side the two seater church bench and at one end the one seater church bench/chair with a Mission chair at the other end.

  33. Marian I would love if you shared the pattern for the bobble stitch dishcloth. I admire it each time I see the picture of it.

  34. Love your finds in Minnesota, miss you shopping in PA. I still find ironstone and still sell it at Rebels Roost in Gettysburg. Sales have been slow since reopening. Glad to hear your parents came to visit. Happy Antiquing!!

  35. All your “finds” are special. Would you share a list of your favorite shops and antique stores in the area?

  36. Love all your finds.Innever seem to find. anything,but my daughter and my granddaughter find really great things
    What I would like to find are the bars of soap you have in the jars in your bathroom!could you share where to find them?

  37. Growing up my parents had that same set of binoculars. They were wonderful, and I could always focus on things with them. The newer, high tech things that my husband has just don’t work for me, I can never see clearly through them. These are so good!

    1. Love all your posts! They have inspired me to look for ironstone. I’m originally from Kentucky but move to Indiana. After seeing your posts, I realized I had two lovely ironstone pitchers that were my grandmothers. I have found so many nice pieces since being in Indiana and most have been from Goodwill stores . Goodwill stores are the bomb around here! This week I purchased a Red Cliff pitcher, gravy boat, and two serving dishes in perfect condition on Marketplace. I love your style and enjoy reading your posts!

  38. First time at your blog, cannot wait to explore it further.

    I love the clothespin basket! My sister-in-law made me a clothespin basket like it and I use it whenever I hang out my clothes.

    I would love to find some good antique stores. We have a couple in Duluth so you should head north sometime.

  39. I’m in the middle of redoing my master bath too. I’ve been eyeing the Pinterest boards that show chandeliers above the bath until I learned that it’s not up to code unless the fixture is 8 feet above the top of the bathtub :/ My ceiling is only 10′ high so it’s a no go for me. I love the look though.

  40. I went antiquing with a friend and found a majolica pitcher in almost perfect condition, but I decided not to buy it. Seven weeks later, we went back and it was still there. This time I relented, and bought it. When I added it to my collection, I found out I already owned one in the same design. Oh well, the colors on the new one are actually more vibrant.

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