steal-worthy office organization

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If you missed it earlier this week, I finally finished Megan’s office and revealed all of the details.  You can see the full post and series HERE.


As I shared in the post, Kriste and I worked together to develop an overall floor plan and feel for the space.  We worked on the specific pieces of furniture, the Craig’s List wardrobe, the revamped desk chair, slipcovered arm chair, etc.  I shopped and selected accessories for the room, like the rug and antiques.

When it came to really pulling it all together and making it personal and functional, that was all Megan.  Other than nudging something in one direction or fluffing a skirt, we left things as she put them.   And I think she made some very clever choices that were both pretty and functional.

Here are some ideas that are steal-worthy from her space…

a magnetic pin-board

Kriste and I actually borrowed this idea from Barb of Knack.


I think it looks a lot cooler than cork board.

I was originally planning to put one large sheet of metal into one frame, but I found this chippy old window frame that was only $3.00 and thought it would add a perfect farmhouse feel to this idea that is a bit more industrial.


Kriste cleaned up the window frame and finished it with Hemp Oil.  My dad had some pieces of galvanized metal cut to the dimensions of each pane opening…


And I tacked each piece of metal in with small nails to secure them in place.


I love how it almost looks like a frosted window.


DIY clothespin magnets

I thought this idea was so simple…functional and looks great.  Megan hot glued mini wooden clothespins to magnets…


Obviously, these won’t hold a ton of weight, but they’re great for little notes and pictures.

brown paper-wrapped archive boxes

This is a smart and inexpensive way to reuse any kind of lidded box.  I think the tag-holder detail on the front is what really makes it special.


the details matter

Just because things are utilitarian doesn’t mean they need to be boring.  I love how this vintage trash can doesn’t just serve a function need, but makes a design statement.


contain the clutter

I bought a few vintage pieces with lids that Megan could use for storage…an enamel refrigerator box and a metal cake tin.  She expanded on that idea of used a vintage crate, some woven baskets, and paper magazine holders.  Again, the pretty and the practical are in perfect harmony.


know how you organize & work with it

Megan and I talked about how she lives in and uses her space.  She needs a simple organizational system that isn’t too much to keep up with.  We settled on having two large baskets, one for each of her boys, so she has a place to drop art and school papers she thinks she might want to keep.  A couple times each year, she can go through the baskets, weeding out things that aren’t keepers, and move the rest into plastic bins for long-term storage.  It’s a simple, low maintenance system that keeps piles from getting too large.

 (That’s the theory, anyway.)


Offices, or work spaces in general, have a natural tendency to get messy. Ideas like these can at least help delay the inevitable!

steal-worthy office organization

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13 Comments on “steal-worthy office organization”

  1. The baskets reminded me of a brilliant app my sister uses for her kids school work. Its called Artkive… you take pictures of their school work, and artkive will store them for you and then you can print a book at the end of the year. Not really design related except it helps cut down on the clutter and still save all those precious memories. I adore Megan’s office, and I’m really enjoying the renewed sense of joy in your posts! thank you for continuing to share with us!

  2. The window frame as a magnet board is awesome! I need to find one of those adorable lidded trash bins too…

  3. Love everything you do, Miss Mustard Seed! Great make-over. I have a window pane just like that sitting out in the garage. Can’t wait to copy your idea!!! thank you!

  4. Great idea to put the metal sheets in the window frame. We did something similar with a large, antique mirror frame. Sprayed the sheet metal with chalkboard paint so we can use it as a chalkboard and magnetic board. I put small round magnets on a little metal box to attach it to the chalkboard to hold chalk and a little eraser.

  5. I have a window shutter in my garage that came from my parents’ house. I wanted to do a chalkboard but now am thinking of that metal magnet idea. One thing I wondered about was the paint on the shutter, which I think might have lead in it. This piece has paint flakes all over it. Do you ever worry about that when you work with old architectural pieces?

  6. Beautiful! Love the chalkboard wall with trees and the green cabinet. Thanks to this post, I can now get started on that old window with the broken pane.

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