Living Room Updates

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As much as we’ve gotten done since we moved into this house a little over a year ago, I still have stacks of pictures yet to be hung and bare walls.  It can sometimes take a while to figure what finishing touches each room needs.  I finally took a bit of time this week to tweak the walls in the living room.

I already hung my Manet copy on the wall to the right of the large window and I liked how the touch of black tied into the curtain rods…

To balance that out, I hung a vintage clock and a pair of family silhouettes on the left side…

Jeff held up the silhouettes, so I could get an idea of how they worked before I put the nails in the wall.  While he was holding them in place he asked, “Who are these people?”

“That’s your dad and your uncle.”

Again, I like the touches of black and how the wood of the clock ties into the dark wood frames on the chairs.

I also hung the sepia-toned family photos back in the stairway and mixed up the frames a bit more than the last time to give the arrangement an eclectic feel.

Now, I’m just waiting for our stairs to be finished, but that won’t happen until January…

…aaaand I’ll probably have to remove all of the pictures I just hung in the stairwell when that happens.

Working on a house can sometimes feel like taking two steps forward, one step back.

Living Room Updates

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61 Comments on “Living Room Updates”

    1. It all looks so fabulous!!!! So I am dying to know about your ivy plant. I know that’s random, but I cannot seem to get into the right groove with mine. How often do you water it?

  1. I gave just found your websites, etc. love your work and methodology as well as attitude! Beautiful home

  2. Just a suggestion when you’re ready to do your stairs. Before cellphones I numbered each picture on the back and wrote the coordinating number on the wall. That way I was able to hang each picture in the same spot and not scratch my head as to what went where! Now all you have to do is take a picture. Sometimes technology is fabulous! Have a marvelous weekend.

  3. Try using chalk to number the back of the pictures and their spots on the wall, for ease in rehanging. Of course, back it up with a photo. ☺️
    Isn’t it exciting to think that you can hang your own artwork in your new home?

    1. So smart! Yes, I love that I can paint pieces specifically for my house. Well, at least I can try! 🙂

  4. Love the additions which, like you said, grounds the other lighter colors. Made me chuckle with your comment of the conversation as you hung the silhouettes!

  5. I love the new wall adornments. Do you plan to put a piece of furniture under your Manet copy? I loved how it looked above the “typewriter” painted drawers. It’s so funny how the room looked great before then you add something and it looks even better and like it’s always been there!

    1. I have considered adding a piece there, but it’s sort of an awkward spot. I have a dry sink that belonged to my Opa (it’s in the garage waiting for a new top) that might work there.

  6. We moved 2 years ago and I’m still working on hanging my own art in the house. You have to live in a place for a long while before you know exactly how something should be placed, because it depends on lighting, sight lines, views, etc. I’ve got boxes and boxes of art just waiting!

  7. Your living room is beautiful. Do you have any tips for keeping or discarding home decor from a previous house? We moved about a year ago from a house we lived in for 15 years. I did a major purge and only kept what I really liked. I’m finding that my collections and art aren’t quite working with this new house, but I don’t want to keep my saved things in boxes.

    1. Yes, I’m dealing with that, too! I sold a bunch of stuff, but I’m learning there are pieces I loved for my last home that don’t work in this one. I have been taking them to a thrift store or storing them for a tag sale.

    1. Oh, I am with you! I would’ve replaced that already, but Jeff and the boys are insistent about keeping it. If you saw them wrestling on it, you would understand. 🙂

    1. I find this interesting because I actually have a lot more color in this house than my last one! Especially with the green cabinets and mural. Definitely to each his/her own, though!

  8. Love your home!!!! Your couch looks so inviting with the cushions & pillows! It says come ” come sit on me and rest!”

  9. A little tip. When you remove the pictures from the stair wall, take a small piece of masking tape and write “1” on it then put a piece of tape on the corresponding picture with the same number on it and so on till all the nails have apiece of tape with a number corresponding to the art work/pictures! When it comes time to rehang – easy peasy! I used to use this method in customers homes when I was an interior designer. I have not seen this suggestion online before. One more comment, and I hope I do not offend anyone, Pull your chairs/sofas out from the wall about 5=6 inches (like the blue check chair showing in pictures number 1). It Iooks much better than being up against the wall and it photographs better with a shadow behind it. I hope it was OK to make these suggestions! I have followed you for many years, since Gettysburg and I kinda feel like we are old friends. I am glad you are happy and settled in your new home.

    1. No, great comments! I’ve done the numbering trick with cabinets, but not with pictures, so that’s smart. As far as the chair…yes, it would photograph better pulled out from the wall. In real life, I can’t do that, because it would block the traffic path around the table.

    1. Actually, the fabric on this one has been very forgiving, even with two boys and a black dog. I run a vacuum over it regularly and we usually don’t eat or drink on it. (It’s not a rule, but we just usually eat at the table or on the couch downstairs if we’re doing a movie night.)

  10. It makes my heart skip a beat to see my pillows in such a beautiful space. You are so very talented and inspiring!

  11. Lovely job but just about everyone seems to concur that curtains should be elevated to bring height to the room!

  12. Love your husband’s question and your answer! Men sometimes! And it all looks beautiful. I think the bits of black and dark wood help the entire space.

  13. Marian, I love the blue checked fabric that you’ve used on the chair by the stairs. I the fabric a one-of-a-kind vintage find or is it available for sale somewhere? If so, I’d love to know how to find it!

  14. Marion, just found your blog and website. So excited and love your style. I happen to have the same chair that has the blue checker pattern. Did you reupholster the chair yourself ? If so is there a video on how to do it? Thanks…

  15. I love absolutely everything else you have done; but couldn’t you tie the green into this room from the dining room and kitchen a little bit, which would also give it just a little more color?

  16. Well, it seems that everyone is putting in their 2 cents worth, so here’s mine … I love your Manet painting, curtains, painted bookshelves etc. But I think that Eulalie is the star though! She looks exhausted, as though she’s just plonked herself down and has no intention of getting up again … ever!
    You are doing a wonderful job in this room and it is still evolving – which is just how it should be. It’s not just a show piece, but is a well-used family space, so it has to function well for everyone in your household (unlike your gorgeous studio which is your personal space). I know you are deliberating about what to do with that fireplace granite. Do you think that lovely little faded blue and white Delft-like tiles could go on top of what you have there already?

  17. perfect spot for Mlle de Manet — she can keep an eye on what’s going on in your living room. When Christmas rolls around, I bet you’ll be happy the photos are hung up the stairway — they’;; look so festive with a sprig of greenery tucked behind them!

  18. Love what you have done to your home in such a short time!! have we ever seen your downstairs, as I think when you moved in, it is a finished basement, if I am not mistaken. we would love to see it!

  19. When we moved into this home four years ago I ended up with so much artwork “left over” mostly because this house is a little more open. I let some of it go but still have a lot. At my dear husband’s suggestion it is now proudly on display in our three car garage. He had just finished drywalling and painting it. It’s like our own private art gallery. Eventually I’ll pare it down even more as I decide what I can let go.

  20. I loved your oil painting when I saw it the first time! I am even more in love seeing it a second time. I would love to own a “Marian Parsons” oil portrait! I saw that possible to make that happen? I have read your blog everyday for many years. I have ordered scraps of grain sacks to use for xmas decorations and I took your class and workshop on Milk Paint in Wisconsin several years ago. Since I use your story about successful women with my students and other business women, I have to have an original!

  21. Lovely room! I noticed the dog bed too and am wondering if you have a pattern or tutorial for that? I have a Springer Spaniel named Bonnie who need a fluffy bed!

  22. Thanks for your reply Marian. I would be so excited to see if your Opa’s dry sink would work under your Manet copy (which is so gorgeous btw). Also, I think that your tolerance of the wall to wall carpet for Jeff and the boys, demonstrates what a loving family home you’ve created.

  23. You gave me inspiration about the siluettes. I have one of me done 49 years ago at a country fair in Stonington, Ct. Turns out that the artist Natalie is like the
    grandma moses of modern siluettes. Sorry I can’t spell that! Anyway it is goingto be hung in our living room this weekend. I understand that every room needs some black in it to anchor it. Love everything that you have done.
    I to would love to have the pattern for the dog bed………….
    I have used those command hooks that look like Velcro many times to hang
    light weight art work.

  24. Love love everything you do ! Could you please tell me what or how you’ve hung your lids on the wall?? I’m trying to copy you with silver lids I’ve found! I follow you daily, also probably torn pages out of every magazine to keep for inspirations! !

  25. Are your clocks in working order? Do you know anout their care and feeding, or do you have a local expert? (Tha room looks beauteous!)

    1. Yes, both of my clocks are in working order. No, I don’t know about “feeding” clocks! I’ll have to look that up. The vintage French clock was restored by an expert, probably about 30 years ago. My father in law is a clock enthusiast, so he has helped me with setting the pendulums, etc.

  26. Hi Marion. I love your blog and that you share so generously how you do things. I have frehch style chairs like yours with the big checks near your staircase. Mine have gone flat in the middle. They are filled with feathers and foam. Do you have a video on how to refill these please? I would be most grateful AND it would save on having them sent out to the upholsterer. Services like this here is Oz are very, very expensive not like in the States. Many thanks

  27. Great additions to your walls…I wish your ironstone didn’t blend into the background of your built in…it is such a lovely collection and the color on the kitchen built in made those pieces “pop” but I know sometimes we only see a certain view of the room so I am sure you have your reasons.

  28. Marian, your generosity with sharing your home is as lovely as the beautiful rooms you create. (And following your art journey and business ventures has been so very inspiring.) Thank you for all of it!

  29. Marian, I don’t usually comment, but I just have to say, you are one talented individual! Your home is absolutely gorgeous. I selfishly wish I had access to you to help decorate my home! Thanks for the inspiration!

  30. Marian, The room is beautiful. I love your hardwood floors, do you know what brand and color they are? We are looking to redo our floors and I just love them!

  31. Did you make the big fluffy pillows on your couch also. Same material as the dog bed. They look great and comfy. Did you do a tutorial on them?

  32. Your space and decor is beautiful! I especially like how everything ties in together with the help of the wall colors I think. Can you share what they are? Thanks

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