Dresser Makeover & New Signs

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Oh, I have so much to share, I’m about to burst!!  We had the glitter letter workshop today, I have an exciting event with The Graphics Fairy coming up, I have been using every spare minute to make Christmas ornaments and decor to sell, and I scored some awesome furniture on Thursday.  I’ll share it all soon, but tonight, I’m … Read More

The Making of a Sign

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I am finally coming good on my promise to reveal some of my sign-making secrets.  Before you get intimidated and think, “I can’t paint.  I can’t draw.  My lettering always ends up looking all funky and like a second grader made it.”  Let me assure you that anyone can make these signs.  Start off by finding something to paint.  I … Read More

Oyster Sign

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I don’t think I’ve ever had an oyster, but the thought of one in my mouth just doesn’t do it for me.  I may not like oysters, but that didn’t stop me from thinking “fresh oysters” would look cool on a sign.  I loved this old piece of barn wood with the original red paint on it.  It’s probably over … Read More

Boucherie Sign & Some Glam

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I finished several more signs yesterday and I am really excited about the way this one turned out.    This sign was hand painted on a door that was cut in half.  The wonderfully crackled paint was already on the door.  I simply sanded it, scrubbed it, and then sealed with a polycrylic to prevent it from chipping further.     I think this might be … Read More

A Lamp & a Livery Sign

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I am truly on a creative high at the moment.  I am suddenly bombarded with inspiration for things that have been sitting around, neglected in my basement or office for months.  Today, I paired a yard sale feed sack with a thrift store lamp, paint, a “scratch-and-dent” shade from Target, and a scrap from a cheap white Wal-Mart sheet to … Read More

An Oar and Another Sign

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I’m still cranking things out for Lucketts over here.  I just got my new tags made to start pricing everything (yay!) and I shopped today for some “fillers” (greenery, eggs, fruit, etc) to make my stuff look even prettier.  I’m seriously getting giddy at how everything is coming together in my head.  Man, I haven’t even shown you any of … Read More

I don’t know if I can…

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…let this one go.  I’ve been working almost non-stop to get ready for the Lucketts Fair and today I had a rare thing…hours during the day to get uninterrupted work done.  My mom offered to pay for me to hire a babysitter, so I could get work done.  Thank the Lord for mothers, more specifically, my mother.  So, I took … Read More

Cupcakes & Craig’s List

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First of all, I am a guest contributor over at The Design Confidential today, so be sure to check it out! I know it’s cruel, but I couldn’t help sharing this picture. I have taken a lot of flack from the teenagers who hang out at our home ( my hubby is a youth pastor) for having a “Fresh Cupcake” sign … Read More