Stonington Gray

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Happy New Year, everyone!  I have been hibernating and taking time off from posting on the blog (as you may have noticed.)  I spent time with my family, did some general loafing around, and lots of painting, which I’ll get to in a moment. After not writing for over a week, I feel like there is so much to write … Read More

bed crown take two?

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Years ago, back when my blog was just a wee little thing, I made a bed crown for our master bedroom.  I wanted to make our cheap mattress on a metal frame look more important and high-end.  And, it doubled as camouflage for a doorway that made arranging furniture in the room awkward. And here it was… This is sort … Read More

master bedroom | fabric, color & furniture

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We knew, even before we moved, that we might be switching some things around when it came to the bed/sleeping situation in our house.  We wanted to get through the move and some projects that were a priority before we made any decisions on it, though. Now that we have some of those priorities behind us, like paint and climate … Read More

master bedroom tour

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It occurred me to, as I was angst-ing over spending my entire Thanksgiving trying to get this room holiday-blog-ready, that I haven’t even shown our master bedroom in this new house.  I started doing a room-by-room home tour when we moved in and I got busy with other things and never finished. It also occurred to me, as I was … Read More