"spackle dries in three minutes…"

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Jeff and I got more of the family room wainscoting done last week and I got things cleaned up and “done” along that wall yesterday.  Here’s how it’s looking… This is where we were in December…one curtain panel (the other was on the way), the French daybed wasn’t upholstered, etc… And here’s where we are today… With the wainscoting done, … Read More

Family Room "Foyer"

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Now that we’re getting the trim done in the family room, I feel motivated to finish off the room a bit more.  We’ve had blank walls and temporary pieces of furniture in there for a while.  As soon as the paint was dry, I moved a cane chair against the wall and a flat willow basket for shoes.  I also … Read More

Family Room Wainscoting

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The family room is the first room I stepped into in our house and I’m sure that was planned by the realtor.  I was charmed by the 1940’s part of the house – the glass knobs, original creaky floors and plaster walls, but it was the modern addition containing the family room, kitchen and master suite, that sold us on … Read More


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Lest you think my primary job has been scooting furniture around my house, things have been moving a bit more than usual.  I moved furniture around when I did the family room reset.  Then I rearranged again to accommodate our Christmas tree and again when we gave our sofa away and the new one didn’t come and again when we … Read More


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With all of the slipcover and upholstery posts I’ve been sharing lately, I’ve received a lot of questions about the sewing machines I use.  I have two.  One is  $150 Kenmore machine that I’ve been using for about six years.  I have used and abused that poor little machine and it has done an amazing job and is still going. … Read More

family room gallery

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 Before I show you the chair and the rugs, I had to share a sweet gift I received in the mail yesterday.  It’s an ironstone thimble! Look at the little mark inside.  And it was wrapped with a paper tape measure bow.  I swear, I have some of the best readers.  Thank you, Susan. Now, on to the slipcovered chair. … Read More