Christmas decorating | family room

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I am not detail oriented when it comes to picking out a Christmas tree.  I figure one is just about as good as the next, so I don’t angst over it.  I had the guy at the tree farm hold out one and it was clear that the bottom was a bit mangled, so I asked if he could show … Read More

a girl can change her mind (and often does)

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Soooo…the curtain saga continues.  I’ve confessed that rugs are my nemesis, but now that I’ve switched to sisal and jute blends, I’ve made peace with rugs.  It seems like curtains might be my new nemesis.  I think the struggle I have with curtains is that it’s not a design choice that’s easily (or inexpensively) changed.  In a room with one … Read More

pillows for the family room

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I made a few pillows for my family room yesterday and made a few more today.  It felt so good to work on the details of a room and towards the goal of finishing.  I tend to get a room finished enough and then move onto other things, never circling back to finish.  Then months later, maybe even years, I’ll … Read More

jelly cupboard, organizing & family room fabric

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I have been on a streak with finding amazing empire pieces.  I currently have five in my stash!  Now, these aren’t usually this easy for me to come by, but I’ve just been catching Craig’s List and my favorite furniture haunts at just the right time.  It’s also helped to have my dad, who should win some sort of Craig’s … Read More

the right lamp shade

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A few months ago, I bought this pretty alabaster lamp at an antique store.  I loved the shape of it… It came with a shade, but I didn’t think it fit the lamp very well.  I ended up hanging onto it without a shade in the basement for a while and finally moved it up to my desk when I … Read More

Showing off the wainscoting…

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I showed off my new family room wainscoting a few days ago, but the hutch in the corner was bugging me a little.  Even as we were moving the furniture back, I said to Jeff, “I think this hutch looks too squished into that corner and it hides all of the wainscoting.” “Oh no.  I think it looks fine.”  I … Read More

Family Room Wainscoting

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I spent all day in bed yesterday…down and out with a virus or something.  I was still dragging this morning, but was feeling well enough this afternoon to get my photo shoots done.  Unfortunately, a photo shoot is much more involved than just snapping a few pictures.  I had to finish some details in the room, clean and then style. … Read More