Still playing & more for sale…

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I’m still “playing” in the living room…trying different things until I feel I’ve hit the nail on the head.  I liked the door with the painting on it, but it didn’t feel 100% right, so I thought I would try something else. I pulled the mirror out of my bedroom… …to try it between the windows. There was a time … Read More

Living Room Rearranged

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When I start rearranging furniture, it’s like playing dominoes.  I move one thing and then everything else has to move.  As I mentioned yesterday, I’m approaching my house in an entirely new way.  I’m trying to be intentional about every piece.  Is it functional?  Is it beautiful?  Do I really love it?  Is it perfect for the space or am … Read More

What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

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New year’s eve has never been a big deal to us.  One year I did go to a party with my Opa.  My Oma had just passed away that year and he didn’t feel it was appropriate to bring a date and he didn’t want to go alone, so he asked his granddaughter.  I drove up with him from Florida, … Read More

The Cost of My Living Room

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I’m sure some wallets are empty and some credit cards are smoking in the wake of Christmas, so I am going to share with you how I put together a thrifty, yet elegant living room.  I’ve always loved the finer things.  I don’t like things that look cheap.  I also have never been super rich (monetarily speaking) and I’m a thrifty … Read More

Living Room

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I always get such a great response when I post about a slipcover and I promise I will break it down in a tutorial for you.  Honestly, I took pictures while making one a while ago, but they were taken at night before I used my Speedlight and they stink.  I have several pieces in the “hopper”, so I’ll get … Read More