how to paint a granite fireplace surround

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One of the downsides to buying a house that is new-ish and in nice condition is that it’s hard to rip out and replace things that are perfectly nice.  In the other homes we’ve owned, I’ve been able to take the approach of “we can’t make it any worse, so let’s just go for it!”  In this house, we can … Read More

makeover in a month | slipcovered desk chair

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If you missed part one of the Makeover in a Month series, where we installed and painted paneling, you can catch up HERE.  In this post, I’m continuing my office makeover by sharing my slipcovered desk chair. If you’re observant, you may have noticed that a few desk chairs have come and gone from my workspaces over the years.  I … Read More

makeover in a month | installing paneling in the office

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know we were installing paneling in my office last week!  In case you haven’t caught on, we’re making a big push on home projects this summer.  There are a few things that have led to this project push – my shoulder is finally project-ready (it’s been doing so well), we’ve saved up for … Read More

antique-style mirrors for the master bedroom

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It only took a couple of years, but I finally found a pair of antique-style mirrors that I love for the master bedroom!  I envisioned mirrors there since we got our king-sized bed, but I was really hoping to find a matching (or somewhat matching) pair of antique mirrors.  I’ve hunted all over the place…at antique stores, markets, online, and … Read More

master bathroom makeover | picks & finishes

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If you’ve been following my Instagram stories, you’ve seen the beginning of our master bathroom makeover!  The demo, electrical, and plumbing work are done, so we are well underway. I would say that our bathroom is a pretty good example of a suburban master suite that is about 10-15 years old.  It’s big with a good layout, but it has … Read More

slipcover chaise reveal | tutorial & sources

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Back in March, I took some unhurried decorative play in the master bedroom.  I just felt stuck in this room.  The bones were there, but I was having trouble finishing it off.  I couldn’t make up my mind on the smaller pieces of furniture, what to hang on the wall, or how to make it a polished, finished space.  During … Read More

the first scratch in the hardwood floors

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I think one of the reasons that I like old things is that they are already worn.  They wear scratches, dents, dings, chips, cracks, and crazing, and any new damage that is done to them will likely go unnoticed.  They are already imperfect and there is no pressure to keep them pristine.  Well, newly installed and freshly refinished hardwood floors … Read More