Miss Mustardseed’s Christmas Haul

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I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! Mine was great! Although, I will say, it’s not as fun as experiencing Christmas as a kid, but it was fun to get to see my toddlers respond to all of the festivities. My family got me some great gifts, so I thought I would share some of my favorites with you. $150.00 … Read More

A New Arrangement and an Early Christmas Gift

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First of all, a Merry Christmas Eve to all of you! This year is the first that I am more excited about seeing Christmas through my kid’s eyes and and less concerned about what tags have my name on them. My oldest son is almost three and he is all about Christmas. Tomorrow is going to be full of noisy … Read More

A Little Christmas

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I’m realizing that Christmas is creeping up and I had better get the last pictures of my Christmas decor and projects posted before they will have to wait until next year. The woman who owns the shop that sells my stuff gave me these ornaments. They were for sale in her shop and I loved them so much, she let … Read More

Decorating a Tree Without “Ornaments”

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When I pulled my Christmas decor out of storage a couple of weeks ago, I found this sad looking table top tree. I purchased it a few years ago on sale at Tuesday morning to use in our 1000 square foot condo that was too small for a full size tree. I wanted to decorate it in a fun way … Read More

“Joy” Banner Tutorial

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Here’s my tutorial on how to make this cute and easy “Joy” banner for the holidays. It was the kind of project I made up as I went along and I really like how it turned out. (Don’t you love it when that happens?) 1.) First, you need some chipboard letters to spell out whatever word you want on the … Read More

Decking the Halls

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Most years my Christmas decor goes up in an afternoon, but this year (with two toddlers, travel, a business, and did I mention I’m directing, acting, and singing in our church Christmas play…?) it’s taking me a while to get it all out. And it’s not done, yet! I just wanted to share some of what I’ve done. This gorgeous … Read More