dear reader | what are you afraid of?

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When I posted my first “dear reader” post, I asked for suggestions of what you, my readers, would like me to write specifically to you. I received this suggestion from Krista and I really loved it, so this is what I’m writing about today… “I do have a suggestion for the “Dear Reader” series, “What are you afraid of?”  What I … Read More

royal scout giveaway

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Once the milk paint line started taking off, my business became more about no’s than yeses.  I said no to blog tours, giveaways, almost all sponsored posts, antique fairs and special events I was invited to.  I was saying no to pretty much everything and I think that’s what I needed at that time.  I needed to simplify and focus. … Read More

Basil Pecorino Corn Recipe

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I shared this picture of one of our Plated dinners a couple of weeks ago on Instagram and a few people asked for more details on the corn side dish.  This Basil Pecorino Corn was so delicious and easy, that I decided to make it again with the summer’s last corn and share the recipe.   Hello dinner… #platedpic #dinner @plated … Read More

10 minute ideas | cherry chocolate ice cream

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It’s time for another 10 minute idea!  My previous 10 minute ideas were teacup topiaries and making an “antique” bread board. This month, the challenge was to share a 10 minute no-bake dessert. I immediately knew what I was going to share, because it’s my very favorite summer treat… …homemade cherry chocolate ice cream. I love cherries and look forward … Read More

business, blogging & balance

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In a recent comment, Cami made a request. “I for one, would love to hear you talk about balancing a blogging career with kids and family.  I’m just getting mine rolling and I feel so overwhelmed at times.  You’ve been going at this longer and I would love to hear your ups and downs and ways to manage it all.  Balance.  The great juggling … Read More

thank you for your honesty

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On the way down to Atlanta and back last week, Kriste and I listened to the first two audio books in the Divergent series.  I’ve become a real fan of listening to “books on tape”, as I call them (and Jeff makes fun of me for it), when riding in the car for long periods of time.  It makes the … Read More