fear is not the boss

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Confession time… The last 2-3 years have been a bit of a struggle for me.  Maybe more than a bit, if I’m completely honest. Before you roll your eyes and wonder what on earth I could be struggling with, hear me out.  (And stick with me, because there is a happy ending.) The struggle has been an internal one and … Read More

Creative Retreat Planning

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I’ve been saying for months that I need to press the pause button, so I have some uninterrupted, concentrated time to think and recharge.  My thought is this would be a day at home and everyone in the house will pretend I’m not there.  Yeah, I know that was wishful thinking! My kids can pretend to be ninjas and spacemen … Read More

the business brain & the human heart

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Before I get into the thick of it, I have to say that you all overwhelm me so often!  The first installment of the Lucketts Leftover Sale went live today and pieces were selling before I could even get everything live on the site.  So, I’m “listening” to what you’re “saying” and I need to have more things for sale online … Read More

CEO lessons & january goals

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Sunday night, I was conflicted.  We had just flown in from our trip to the Vintage Whites Market.  I had been “working” all weekend and I really wanted (and needed) to just spend Monday at home…cleaning, hitting the grocery store, unpacking, etc.  You know the drill.  I own my own business, so I can do that, right? Yes, I could. … Read More

dear reader | what are you afraid of?

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When I posted my first “dear reader” post, I asked for suggestions of what you, my readers, would like me to write specifically to you. I received this suggestion from Krista and I really loved it, so this is what I’m writing about today… “I do have a suggestion for the “Dear Reader” series, “What are you afraid of?”  What I … Read More

business, blogging & balance

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In a recent comment, Cami made a request. “I for one, would love to hear you talk about balancing a blogging career with kids and family.  I’m just getting mine rolling and I feel so overwhelmed at times.  You’ve been going at this longer and I would love to hear your ups and downs and ways to manage it all.  Balance.  The great juggling … Read More