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creating a chippy finish

One of the reasons I love milk paint is because it can chip and flake in a way that makes a freshly painted finish look authentically old.  This chipping can be a bit random, though. I've tested out a lot of different products and techniques to consistently force chipping to happen and, while I've achieved some great finishes, the consistent, authentic-looking chipping has been illusive. Until  (read more …)

tufting a sofa | fabric covered buttons

I totally understand that tufting is intimidating.  It's tedious and it can look really bad if it's not done well.  And, if you're tufting from scratch, it involves math. Geometry at that. So, if you've shied away from tufting, that's okay.  You are in the company of many, many other good people who would just rather buy a piece of furniture than deal with tufting. I generally don't buy tufted  (read more …)

milk paint 101 | first coat & the ugly stage

Sorry that it's been over a month since I last posted in the milk paint 101 series!  I like blog series, because they help me focus my writing efforts, but I am still Marian and I still get distracted. So, let's continue. But first, here are links to the first three parts of this series, in case you missed them... part 1 | what is milk paint? part 2 | how to mix milk paint part 3  (read more …)

textile sale & how to make a slipcover | part 5

As I've shared, I've been in a major cleaning and purging mood.  It's been happening at home and at the studio.  The more I get rid of, the better it feels and I want to get rid of more, so I'm running with it.  Before we took a break for Christmas, Kriste and I cleaned out the fabric stash at the studio and I'm selling or pitching over half of the fabric I've been hanging onto. We're  (read more …)

milk painted ornaments

I spent most of my day wrapping presents and working on some cleaning to get ready to host Christmas.  I'm sure many of you were doing the same. I have also been insanely motivated to purge and organize.  I'm not sure what has kicked into me, but I have been in a mood.  A get-rid-of-80%-of-everything-and-organize-the-rest kind of mood.  Usually this mood hits me in January, but it is, very  (read more …)

kim’s coastal bedroom | the bedskirt & built-ins

I know lots of you are eagerly awaiting the reveal of my mom's room makeover.  Trust me...she is, too!  My design services are free, but they aren't fast! We have been making some progress, though.  I mentioned before that I made a bedskirt, but I didn't have a chance to get a picture of it, until this weekend.  (...when we watched the Redskins beat the Bears.  Just throwing that out  (read more …)

slipcover series part 4 & reveal

Well, I finally finished the slipcover for my mom's room makeover!  Slipcovers aren't my favorite and catching every step on film slows my progress to a crawl, so it's taken me much longer than usual to get this thing finished.  I gave myself a pep-talk and threw some air-punches in the studio and I made it happen. If you're overwhelmed by your slipcover project, just take it one step at a time  (read more …)

slipcover series | part 3

Welcome to part three in this updated version of my slipcover series. In part one, I covered how to make custom piping and in part two, I show how I cut my fabric pieces to get ready for pinning and sewing. And now we're going to start pinning and sewing.  This is where people start getting nervous, but we're going to take it section-by-section and you'll be surprised how it all comes together  (read more …)