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block printed wrapping paper & snowball garland

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I walked into the studio ready to work on Christmas things this morning.  I told Kriste at one point that I wished I could work on five different things at once.  There was a bee in my bonnet.  I had a lot on the wish list to get done, but I knew it was way too much for one day, so we  got started and just worked until we needed to stop.  We started making a grain sack tree skirt, did  (read more …)

time-saving tips for painting a room

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I shared the other day that I painted three ceilings and one room in just a few hours...while the boys were at my jammies.  Truth be told, I could've painted the living room and the hallway, too, but I was getting a little sick of looking at a roller!  So, several readers asked how I get things done so fast and I thought I would share my tricks. These tips will help you get a room  (read more …)

improve your photography…

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I've been planning on writing this post for a while and I kept forgetting about it in favor of sharing a furniture makeover or some progress we're making in the studio, but I was reminded of it as I was shooting pictures of a home for Cottages & Bungalows last Thursday.  I've had "real camera crews" come shoot rooms in my house before, so I felt a little unimpressive showing up at  (read more …)

the jelly cupboard | distressing & antiquing

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As a recap, this is how the jelly cupboard started... It looks like wood grain, but it was actually painted brown. I painted it in MMS Milk Paint Artissimo without the bonding agent added.  The previous coat of brown paint wasn't glossy, so I expected the milk paint to adhere pretty well.  It chipped in just a few places, which was perfect. The jelly cupboard had amazing texture on the  (read more …)

process of styling | part two

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If you missed the first post on my styling process, you can find it HERE.   In this post, I'll talk through how we styled this hand painted piece as a buffet as well as sharing my camera settings. This is where I started with the styling... I'm shooting in my studio and I am working with a white wall as a backdrop.  I like shooting against white, but it feels a little stark without anything on  (read more …)

process of styling

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I've been asked to share my thought process for styling a photo shoot, specifically with a piece of furniture, and this post is in response to those requests.  I think styling is something that is hard to teach, because it is an art in itself and is based so much on personal taste.  As I walk you through my thought process on styling this piece, you might like one of my "rejects" better than the  (read more …)

empire buffet project | white waxing

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I spent some more time today on the empire buffet.  If you missed what this piece looked like before and how it got to this stage, check out PART ONE. So, we last left the piece with the top stripped off the finish and the body painted in one coat of Shutter Gray MMS Milk Paint with the bonding agent added in.  Since milk paint is thinner than most modern paints, the coverage can be streaky in  (read more …)

adding casters to the counter

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A couple of weeks ago, I found this amazing antique counter on Craig's List.  My mom and I cleaned it and then I sealed the paint to prevent further chipping. I want everything in the studio to be very easy to move, so we have a lot of flexibility with the set up and I can scoot things around by myself without shredding the floors.  So, my dad came to the studio yesterday to put casters on the  (read more …)