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how to gold leaf a frame


 When I was out shopping for the upcoming Lucketts Spring Market last week, I was looking for artwork for my living room as well.  I was really hoping for a pair of charming paintings, but I didn't have any luck.  I did find two vintage Currier & Ives prints, though.  They were sweet farmhouse scenes and I thought they would work well with a new frame and mat.  The frames they were in looked a  (read more …)

installing a stair runner


I shared several weeks ago that I wanted to add a carpet runner to our steps.  We have 1940's stairs that are shallow, by today's standards, and entirely wood.  That combination has led to more than one topple down the steps by pretty much everyone in our family.  Adding a runner wouldn't help with how shallow the steps are, but it will at least cushion any future falls.  It also makes the pokey  (read more …)

reinforcing a chair back


If you've been following along the past few weeks, you know I've been doing a lot of upholstery.  Upholstering is a skill I learned out of necessity.  I had a slate blue & mauve overstuffed freebie chair that wasn't working with the fabrics I wanted to use, so I sort of reupholstered it.  I was too afraid to really pull the chair apart, so I did a totally made-up half-slipcover-half-upholstery  (read more …)

how to custom mat a photo | video tutorial


I've shared before that I grew up an Army brat.  Some kids really hate the instability of moving around, but I thrived on change and, despite crying when they were ripping up flower beds to work on WWII era pipes, I loved living on a military base.  We could walk everywhere and had so much freedom as kids.  There were also tons of programs to get involved in.  I did theatre, baton twirling, tap  (read more …)

reupholstering a French chair | part 6 | applying the trim


We are finally at our final installment of this video tutorial series on reupholstering a French style chair.  It's time to frame out those upholstered panels and cover the staples with some gimp trim. In case you missed the first five parts, or need to reference them, here are the links... Part 1 – stripping the chair Part 2 – painting the frames Part 3 – distressing & waxing the  (read more …)

reupholstering a French chair | part 5 | upholstering the chair


We are finally here...get your staple guns out and let's start upholstering!!  I know it's hard to believe that it takes four parts to get to the point when you can actually upholster, but that's often how DIY projects are - you have to do several steps to get to the fun part (or at least the part when it starts looking like an improvement and not an epic fail.) This episode is the longest,  (read more …)

reupholstering the French chair | part 4 | selecting & cutting the fabric


Part four of the video tutorial series on reupholstering the French chairs is here.  If you missed parts 1-3, you can find them here... Part 1 - stripping the chair Part 2 - painting the frames Part 3 - distressing & waxing the frames Now that the frames are ready, it's time to work with the fabric.  As I mentioned in the first video, we set aside the fabric we removed from the chair in  (read more …)

reupholstery series | part 1 | stripping the upholstery


Welcome to my new series on reupholstering a French-style chair!  I've been meaning to do one of these for a long while, but a lot goes into making a video and I was a little intimidated by the process.  Now that I've learned more about sound, editing, lighting, etc., I'm ready to go!  (Well, I still have more to learn, but I've definitely graduated from the poor lighting, kids screaming in the  (read more …)