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tough coat 101 video

Miss Mustard Seed-1345

We introduced the Tough Coat a few months ago as  part of the MMS Milk Paint line.  It was a product that was many months in the making. You see, I'm a pretty tough sell when it comes to adding new products to the line.  I have to really love them, use them and being okay with them sporting my name.  I never planned on carrying a water based poly product, because my preference is for oils and  (read more …)

ottoman slipcover tutorial

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My blog was eerily quiet for a couple of days until I realized there was an error with the comments plugin!  Well, it's back up a running, so you can talk to me again. Before the Chapel Market, I made a slipcover for an ottoman I found at a second-hand shop and promised a tutorial.  The pictures were soon buried and I forgot all about it!  I was digging through the depths of my Lightroom library  (read more …)

cinnamon ornaments

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I've been wanting to make cinnamon ornaments for our tree for a couple of weeks and there just never seemed to be a good time to take over the kitchen counters with the endeavor.  We had a dusting of snow this morning and I had a relatively open day, so I decided to dive on in. There are a lot of different variations on this recipe, but this is the one I settled on... Start with two cups of  (read more …)

how to make yarn pom-poms

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I've been using a lot of handmade wool poms in my Christmas decorating and I didn't even think about making a tutorial for them.  A tutorial was requested, though, so I thought I would oblige. I made these when I was a kid, to use on hats, hair ties, socks, slippers, etc.  I think most of the ones I made ended up as toys for our two siamese cats.  (A little wallet I crocheted out of wool yarn  (read more …)

glittered house & deer

Miss Mustard Seed-3186

Now that the floor sanding is behind us, I cannot wait to start decorating the house for Christmas.  I walked past live wreaths, garland, trim and tabletop trees at the store this week and was just longing to put one in my cart, but I'm waiting until Thanksgiving passes.  I don't want my live greens to be dried to a crisp by the time Christmas morning rolls around!  I've been satisfying the  (read more …)

tips on sanding floors

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This is my second time refinishing floors and I learned a lot through my errors the first go-around.   Since scooting around on diaper boxes to wipe up excess stain (you can read about those antics HERE), I have learned a lot about finishing wood and have done a lot of reading on sanding and finishing floors specifically.  There are so many ways to approach it...everything from sanding an entire  (read more …)

upholstered Christmas banner tutorial

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A few weeks ago, I was browsing Christmas decor and tripped across this sweet "Happy Christmas" banner at Terrain.  The vintage-looking stuffed velvet letters appealed to me, but I wasn't a fan of the color or the unevenness of the letters. I liked the idea of making one, but I had to think through how to make it.  The inspiration banner looks like each letter was sewn and stuffed.  That  (read more …)

block printed wrapping paper & snowball garland

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I walked into the studio ready to work on Christmas things this morning.  I told Kriste at one point that I wished I could work on five different things at once.  There was a bee in my bonnet.  I had a lot on the wish list to get done, but I knew it was way too much for one day, so we  got started and just worked until we needed to stop.  We started making a grain sack tree skirt, did  (read more …)