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milk paint 101 | surface prep

Now, you know what milk paint is (part 1), you've mixed it for your project (part 2), and now it's time to get your piece ready to paint.  This is the part that many people are confused about and where many projects go off the rails.  I'll be honest in saying that I have contributed to that confusion, I'm sure.  In this day and age where no sanding, priming or prep is the trend, there is an  (read more …)

how to sew custom piping | slipcover series part 1

I finally did it.  I've been promising to do it for years and I have, at long last, made good. Years ago, I made a six part video slipcover series on how to make a slipcover.  I tried to write posts about it and I always fumbled over the wording and the posts were confusing and long.  Imagine paragraph after paragraph of "with right-sides together, insert piping between pieces of fabric and pin  (read more …)

fixing a dishwasher, home hacks & a $200 Lowe’s giveaway

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sugru.  It is a pretty amazing product that I thought my readers would like to know about.  All words and opinions are my own. I'm sure many of you can relate...  something breaks and you have no idea how to fix it.  You can't glue, screw, nail, tape or tie it.  It's just broken and that's that.  I've had that happen to toys, tools and, most annoyingly, my  (read more …)

milk paint 101 | mixing milk paint

In part one of this series, we talked about what milk paint is.   Now, we're going to get into mixing, which I think is the most intimidating part for most people. First of all, we're not use to mixing paint, right?  It usually comes in a bottle or can and it's already a liquid.  Just dip in your brush and go.  I must admit that the convenience of that is nice. The reason milk paint doesn't come  (read more …)

milk paint 101 | what is milk paint?

I've written a lot of posts about milk paint.  In fact, we have an entire blog just dedicated to all things MMS Milk Paint.  I could talk about it a lot more than I do, but I never want my readers to feel like this blog is a milk paint commercial.  But when I asked you what you wanted from my blog, I was surprised to learn that many of you wanted to hear more about milk paint. I mention it a lot,  (read more …)

book page dresser tutorial

Remember the dresser that was being a total jerk? Well, he has improved upon acquaintance.  He's a bit of a Mr. Darcy and I dare say that he is now dashing and (almost) ready to sweep someone off their feet.  I have a bit more finishing work to do on the painted portion and the Mod Podge is barely dry, but you get the idea...   Here's a simple video tutorial on how I did it... The  (read more …)

Milk Paint on walls & Kriste bought a house

So, Kriste bought a house!!  Our little girl is growing up so fast. She and her husband, David, closed on a sweet 1920's craftsman bungalow just over a week ago.  Not a bad first house at all!  It has lots of charm and lots of potential as well.  (It even has a studio space for Kriste!) And this girl has been dreaming about that potential.  Here are a couple of detailed sketches she made for  (read more …)

zinc-top table gets a second chance

I brought this amazing zinc-topped table a few weeks ago to sell at the Market on Chapel Hill.  I didn't have time to fix it up the way I wanted to, though, so I was sort of glad when it didn't sell.  It was great as is, but needed a little TLC. And when it comes to furniture, TLC is something I can (and often do) do. Here's how the piece looked when I brought it to the market... (If you get  (read more …)