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reupholstering a French chair | part 5 | upholstering the chair


We are finally here...get your staple guns out and let's start upholstering!!  I know it's hard to believe that it takes four parts to get to the point when you can actually upholster, but that's often how DIY projects are - you have to do several steps to get to the fun part (or at least the part when it starts looking like an improvement and not an epic fail.) This episode is the longest,  (read more …)

reupholstering the French chair | part 4 | selecting & cutting the fabric


Part four of the video tutorial series on reupholstering the French chairs is here.  If you missed parts 1-3, you can find them here... Part 1 - stripping the chair Part 2 - painting the frames Part 3 - distressing & waxing the frames Now that the frames are ready, it's time to work with the fabric.  As I mentioned in the first video, we set aside the fabric we removed from the chair in  (read more …)

reupholstery series | part 1 | stripping the upholstery


Welcome to my new series on reupholstering a French-style chair!  I've been meaning to do one of these for a long while, but a lot goes into making a video and I was a little intimidated by the process.  Now that I've learned more about sound, editing, lighting, etc., I'm ready to go!  (Well, I still have more to learn, but I've definitely graduated from the poor lighting, kids screaming in the  (read more …)

styling the jelly cupboard

Miss Mustard Seed-1512

I've been under the weather for the past few days.  I'm getting better, but hanging out in bed doesn't make for very fun blog posts.  I checked out my draft folder to look for posts I started, but never finished or posted, usually because something more exciting comes along to write about.  As I was digging through the drafts folder, I found this one... I have written about styling before and I  (read more …)

how I hand painted the Mora dresser


I shared this hand painted dresser last week and, as promised, I'm now sharing more detail on the hand painted design.  First of all, I'm always asked if my hand painted designs are stencils.  No, they are hand painted.  I know that will immediately lose some folks when I say that, because a lot of people don't feel comfortable with hand painting.  I get that.  The kind of hand painting I do is  (read more …)

distressing painted furniture | tips & techniques


I've shared a lot of tips about distressing furniture through the years, but I decided I would tackle the subject again.  I took pictures of the process as I worked on the Marzipan dresser I revealed yesterday for that very reason. So, here's how the dresser looked once it was painted.  It has two coats of MMSMP Marzipan with some Ironstone (white) painted on the trim, handles and carved  (read more …)

When being a DIYer prevents you from getting something done…

miss mustard seed-358

If you read the title and you're a DIYer, you know what I'm talking about.  Most of us have wish lists waiting to be completed and piles of supplies waiting to be turned into that finished project we've been dreaming about.  There are times when those lists and piles are too overwhelming and I would just rather get sucked into a show on Netflix and pitter about on Pinterest.  Then, there are times  (read more …)

tough coat 101 video

Miss Mustard Seed-1345

We introduced the Tough Coat a few months ago as  part of the MMS Milk Paint line.  It was a product that was many months in the making. You see, I'm a pretty tough sell when it comes to adding new products to the line.  I have to really love them, use them and being okay with them sporting my name.  I never planned on carrying a water based poly product, because my preference is for oils and  (read more …)