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double-welting tutorial

Well, it only took six months, but I finally finished the "deconstructed chair"!  If you think I always plow through my to-do list and nothing languishes, well, the fact this took me six months should make you feel better.  There are times when I drag my feet, lack motivation, or I'm simply not in the mood.  And upholstery is something I really need to be in the mood for. So, for those who  (read more …)

patience pays off

Usually, when I am dragging my feet on a project, it's because 1.) I'm not 100% sure of the direction I want to go, 2.) I know what I'd like to do, but the execution of it is going to be tedious, and/or 3.) I question whether I can pull off what I envision. There are times when I bulldoze through, anyway, just for the sake of being done.  Historically, that doesn't work out well for me or the  (read more …)

progress on the “deconstructed chair”

This is possibly one of the longest chair makeovers ever. I'm working on it in 10-15 minutes increments as time allows, which is not my usual style.  One reason I am so productive is that I knock things out pretty quickly and all in one shot.  The season of cranking pieces out one after the other will come again, but it's just not right now. So, this is where the "deconstructed chair" (that is  (read more …)

upholstering a broken cane-backed chair…

...because you know you wanted to do that at some point in time, right?  Top Google search -"How do I upholster a broken cane-backed chair?"  Well, here is your answer! So, the chair itself isn't broken, but the cane back is.  It's actually missing entirely, but that qualifies as broken in my book. I bought this chair quite a while ago and Kriste commandeered it from the stash to use as her  (read more …)

deconstructed chair progress

Sorry I was a little late getting the online sale up and running tonight!  I will be switching to another shopping cart that will allow me to schedule events, so that doesn't happen.  Anyway, just hang in there as we're going through a blog redesign and other updates to make things run faster, smoother, and look even prettier! Anyway, the sale is live now and I have listed the latest antiques as  (read more …)

an opinion piece on painted upholstery

I'm often asked for my opinion on painted upholstery, which I usually field as they come, but I decided I would finally share my opinion in a post. Before I share my opinion on the subject, let me say that I get it.  As an unabashed paint enthusiast, I get it.  You have an old sofa or chair that's in good shape, but the fabric is ugly or totally the wrong color or has seen better days.  You have  (read more …)

red & white grain sack chair

As I said last week, some things from our guest room will be coming up for sale, since we're converting the guest room into a room for our youngest son.  It's a little bitter sweet for me, since that room has always been one of my "pretty rooms", but I'm so happy that both of my boys will have their own space.  My room was my haven when I was a little girl and I would play in there for hours.  If  (read more …)

settee makeover | part one

Do you remember this settee I showed a few weeks ago? Well, it's all stripped down to the bones now. I tell you what, I have never seen a sofa give up so much change.  We got at least a dollar out of this one when the final count was over. So, now that this one is stripped, I am feeling very intimidated. I know I managed to do a sofa with over forty tufts, but that gap in the padding has  (read more …)