Are you sick of Lucketts, yet?

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Well, I’m not quite done with sharing stuff about Lucketts.  I know you’ve been reading about my weeks of preparation, the show itself, and the aftermath, but there’s still a little more to share, then I promise I’m going to move on to other things.  One reason for taking video at Lucketts was practice.  I am planning on making video … Read More

Lucketts Design House

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If you’ve read my blog recently, you’ve been hearing a lot about Lucketts.  Lucketts is a tiny town in Northern Virginia, right near the Maryland border.  There is little of interest there, except to people like us.  Lucketts is an antique hot spot and it’s one of my very favorite.  The Old Lucketts Store will keep you occupied for a … Read More

Lucketts Pics & Friends

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I am still playing catch up from Lucketts AND I’ve had loads of new requests for custom pieces, so there is no rest for the weary.  There is a lot of cool things happening to me and my little business and I can’t wait to blog all about it.  Sorry for the cliffhanger, but all I have to share today … Read More

Lucketts – Take Two

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Sorry about the video getting chopped off yesterday.  I am brand spankin’ new at this video thing, but I’m learning.  Please give me feedback if something is not working properly. So, this video picks up right where yesterday’s clip cut off and runs through the end of day one.  I have so much stuff to share, that I am overwhelmed!  … Read More

Moving Into A Booth

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First of all…I didn’t mean my last post to be a plea for praise, but I want to thank all of you for the kind words, cheerleading, and a huge boost.  You are an incredible bunch and I thank each of you for taking the time to type something to encourage me, someone who most of you have never met.  … Read More

Fear and Comfort

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Almost everything is tagged and tallied.  The van is packed.  The weather forecast is amazing.  All of the planning and hard work will finally be rewarded…or will it?  Now that the Lucketts Fair is at my door step, I’m feeling a little fearful.  What if people don’t buy my stuff?  Are the prices too high?  Too low?  What if people … Read More

Tag Tutorial & Creative Eggs

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In preparing for Lucketts, I’ve been trying to make things that are interesting to display around my booth and sell.  I bought some papier mache eggs and thought I would experiment a little.  So, I tried decoupaging antique sheet music on a few… …and painted a few in chalkboard paint. They’re just a little different and fun.  We’ll see if … Read More

Lucketts Love Seat & Something’s Missing

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As most of you know, I’ve been working like a maniac to get as much done for Lucketts as I possibly can.  It’s next weekend and the anticipation (and pile of stuff) is building.  This is the latest addition. This is how this love seat looks underneath the slipcover.  It reminds me of something that would furnish a dentist’s waiting room.  You … Read More