cherry picking

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I hope you had a lovely fourth of July!  We invited some friends over from our church and then watched fireworks from a vantage point near our house.  It was low key, but everything July 4th should be…burgers, corn on the cob, macaroni salad, sparklers, and friends. Other than that, I’ve been doing some projects around the house, like finishing … Read More

front garden reveal

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Other than letting everything grow, the front garden is all finished!  Well, for now.  I am still a novice gardener, but one thing I have learned is that gardens are dynamic and they are never done.  All of the plants are in the ground, though, and I love how much curb appeal it’s added to the house. The yard and … Read More

plan for the front garden

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If you missed my garden post last week, you might want to take a minute to check it out.  The comment section is full of great advice, tips, and suggestions that are especially applicable and helpful if you live in zone 4.  Also, this post is a continuation of that one, so it might be helpful for context. To get … Read More

clean slate in the garden

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I was really getting the gardening itch in late May, but with all of the traveling we had coming up, it just didn’t make sense to buy a bunch of plants and start a project we couldn’t finish before we left.  So, I had to practice patience! Now that we’re home, we’re diving into some projects, including the front garden.  … Read More


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Well, we’re finally home for the summer.  We got all of our trips done back to back and I won’t have to pack a suitcase again until I go to France and Italy in the fall.  It’s so good to be home, although I loved visiting family and then unplugging (quite literally) with our church’s pastors and their families at … Read More

faux boxwood topiaries

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I have been a fan of topiaries for years and am always drawn to buy them, even when history tells me I won’t be able to keep them alive for more than a few months.  In our new house, my studio is a sunroom, so it is a sanctuary for plants during the winter and I’m having more success with … Read More

better than black friday

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Wayfair and contains affiliate links. Happy Way Day! I bet you didn’t know today was a holiday!  Well, it’s the newly proclaimed “Way Day” by Wayfair.  What that means for you is savings better than Black Friday and free shipping on everything from an online resource that has everything under the sun for the … Read More