dining room christmas tree

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I wasn’t sure if I was going to get a second tree this year.  It’s been a little hard to really dig into the holiday decorating with it being our first year in this house, but as Christmas crept closer, I just couldn’t resist.  I mean, I had acquired an antique goat cart this summer with the idea that it … Read More

Christmas foyer

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to have a staircase with pretty railings, bannisters, and a newel post.  Specific, I know, but I just have a thing for staircases.  Maybe that came from growing up in small, military apartments… Well, I finally get to live in a house with an awesome staircase and I was so excited … Read More

the 90’s called…

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I usually don’t put up my tree before Thanksgiving, but this year, I had some Christmas posts I committed to and putting up a tree was a part of that.  I’m no stranger to setting up a tree at odd times, though.  And late November isn’t odd compared to some of the times I’ve had a tree up.  One year, … Read More

romantic homes & celebrating everyday life

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Since Thanksgiving, a cough and cold has been kicking my rear!  Between that and my shoulder that is still sore, I have been loafing a lot more than usual.  So, while there is cleaning that could be done and decorating that I want to do and paint brushes that are calling my name, I have had to put all of … Read More

a reliable, realistic noble fir

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Let me just say that I’m a big fan of live trees.  I am, however, not a fan when they dry out and look like this two days before Christmas… The branches that were once strong and up-turned, were sagging to the point that the garland and ornaments were sliding off.  And this was with proper watering, trimming the trunk … Read More

Custom Clay Family Ornament Giveaway

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When I first started my business, finances were very tight.  That was the main reason I started my business! My parents helped me get off the ground by getting me some basic supplies, tools, but after that, I had to figure out how to get a business up and running with pretty much nothing to invest in it.  That meant … Read More

decorating with fresh evergreens

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I get asked a lot of questions about decorating with live evergreens, how I keep them fresh, etc., so I thought I would share all of the details in a post. In previous years, I have just used the put-it-in-place-and-don’t-touch-it-method.  With most greenery, that works pretty well.  Really, just put it where you want and leave it alone.  It will … Read More