Ironstone Attic Heirloom

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When I stumbled across Emma Calls Me Mama’s Heirloom Party today, I was bummed that I didn’t have a post to share. I have so many wonderful heirlooms, so I got out the camera, took some pics, and put this post together, so I could participate. My grandparent’s attic has yielded many wonderful treasures, but this has to be my … Read More

I Forgot My Favorite Find!

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I forgot to highlight my favorite find from today! This is an antique scale (balance, actually) that I found at a yard sale for $20. Now, that’s a lot to spend on something that’s not a piece of furniture at a yard sale, but I love scales. And this one was a bargain…I think I’m keeping this one.

Saturday Morning Finds!

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Well, I headed out this morning…it was gray and chilly, so I didn’t have high hopes. Today was a good reminder to me that you just never know what treasures you’re going to find when you head out on a Saturday morning. I didn’t actually find the dresser this morning, but it was an $8.00 auction find from 2 weeks … Read More

Trash Waiting to be treasures

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Ok, this is my basement. Yikes. These are all of the pieces waiting to be painted for the shop that sells my furniture, accessories, and antiques. As you can see, I have LOTS to do! I haven’t talked a lot about “my” shop in this blog, yet. It’s located in downtown Gettysburg, PA and it’s called Accessories – Fashion, Home … Read More

All Things Blue & White

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Today it’s raining here in PA, so using my paint sprayer is out (I have to open my cellar doors for ventilation), so I thought I would share my love of blue and white. I love Delft, Willow Ware, Blue Flow, even the cheap blue & white urns you can buy at TJMaxx and Marshalls. If it’s Blue & White, … Read More

My Living Room Before & After

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Here is my living room when I first moved it. I don’t even know where to start with this room, except to say it was a mess. It is packed with all of the leftover furniture that I didn’t know what to do with. The floors are unfinished (we pulled up some horrible carpeting right after we closed), the pine … Read More

Some of my favorite finds

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Decorative painting and murals is my main business, but I also buy and sell antiques & home decor. I LOVE thrifting, junking, yard saling, fleaing (I’m making up a lot of words, here), attending auctions, dumpster diving, and digging through the attics, barns, and basements of my family & friends. I’m going to start sharing with you some of my … Read More