May’s Books of the Week

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I suppose I should share May’s Books of the Week before we get into July!  It’s just been that kind of month.  We can’t keep all of the spinning plates in the air all the time, right? It’s been great to dig into projects, though, and it’s okay that it’s distracted me a little. So, here are my picks for … Read More

family work day

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As I shared a couple of weeks ago, this is the year we get our yard looking more presentable.  Not only were the beds overrun with weeds and filled with plants I had no affection for, but things were just looking messy and untidy.  The black plastic borders were popping up, grass was creeping into the beds, certain spots along … Read More

the Scandinavian yarn shop

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It’s hard to know what to write about at a time like this.  Even since I posted yesterday so many things have changed.  While I’m not feeling panicked, I do feel some anxiety about what the next few weeks and months hold.  Not just for myself and my family and friends, but for people who are hit hard by the … Read More

switching to linen towels

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I have quite a hoard of linen towels, both new and antique.  There is just something irresistible to me about linen.  For the most part, though, those beautiful towels have sat in stacks.  I approached them with the mindset that they were somehow too precious to actually use.  I am pretty regularly preaching that you should use the things you … Read More

five christmas suggestions…

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This isn’t a list of musts and shoulds.  I’m pretty sure we all have enough of those on our plate right now and we’re eagerly awaiting the day when things slow down…Christmas is done, the presents are opened, our bellies are full, and we can just have a moment without a pressing must-do or should-do list. So, there are no … Read More

Home Style Saturdays

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I don’t usually post on Saturdays, but I am making an exception to join Home Style Saturdays!  It’s a collection of bloggers who simply share one of their favorite projects or posts.  So, here are a few links for you to enjoy if you’re looking for some weekend reading… Miss Mustard Seed | Laundry Room Makeover • Sources & Inspiration On … Read More


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This week, we’re in Raleigh, NC to spend Thanksgiving with Jeff’s family.  I am definitely a homebody and I enjoy my projects and work, but it’s been a busy few weeks and it’s nice to step away from that and get a break.  So, I’m going to take the week off from posting here on the blog.   I will be … Read More