Christmas decorating | the kitchen

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I got out of bed this morning and was ready to do some more Christmas decorating.  I had toyed with the idea of going to the studio and doing some work there, but the kitchen was calling my name.  It needed a bit of cleaning and I really wanted to give it some festive touches.  In typical “Marian-fashion”, I got … Read More

a fresh way to organize

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I’ve been working on organization for the past year or two, off and on when I have the time.  And I’ve been getting better and more proficient at decluttering and organizing with every pass.  I started with getting rid of the obvious items.  Then, I took it further and got serious and asked myself why I had certain stuff.  I think … Read More

Butcher Block Counters

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A few years ago, I wrote a blog post about my dream for our kitchen.  I wanted to do a little something like this… Now, I fully acknowledged then (and now) that there wasn’t a darn thing wrong with that kitchen.  The cabinets were a pretty hickory and the laminate counters were in great condition, the layout is awesome and … Read More

updated kitchen pictures

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Before we dive into the pictures, I had to share something funny.  My mom read my post from yesterday and immediately got her painting clothes ready.  You see, she helps me on Wednesday nights when the boys are at Awana and she knew after reading the post that we would be painting my guest room!  She knows me so well … Read More

Range Hood Tutorial & More…

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For those who were interested, the tutorial on how we made the range hood in our kitchen is now live on HERE.  This was one of my favorite projects, because it made a huge difference in making the kitchen look custom and higher end. Speaking of my kitchen, I have an exciting photo shoot coming up, so I’ve been … Read More