QuickStep Flooring Review

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared the Quick-Step laminate flooring I selected to install in a corner of the studio to use for photo shoots.  I have been wanting to do this for a long time, not because the old floor boards in the studio aren’t cool, but because they are #1 – very orange and #2 – there was … Read More

30 day watercolor challenge update

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I started the 30 day watercolor challenge last month as a way to push myself as I’m learning this new-to-me medium.  I have gotten way behind, though!  I knew when I started that even though it was a 30 day challenge that certainly was meant to be done in 30 consecutive days, I probably wouldn’t be able to keep that … Read More

fall porch photo shoot

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Thursday morning, I hit the snooze button a few times and then lazily scrolled through Instagram with one eye open until I felt like I could function enough to coax myself out of bed.  My throat had been sore for a couple of days and now I could feel that I didn’t just have a dry throat from the A/C running … Read More

30 day watercolor challenge

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Hang in there with me while I experience my own personal renaissance!   I am just having such a wonderful time allowing my creativity to spill into other mediums.  This seems to be what happens to me… Music and theatre were always my creative outlet when I was younger, but when I finished college and decided not to pursue a career … Read More

studio flooring options

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In my post yesterday, I shared that we’ll be installing some new flooring in the studio.  Well, not in the entire studio, but a corner of it, so I can use that area for photo shoots.  The corner we’ll be installing it in is this one… You can see that the flooring is a bit of a mish-mash; some of … Read More

behind the scenes | producing videos

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I have been asked several questions about the videos I make, so I thought I would answer them all in one post, for those who are interested. Videos have been an on-again-off-again thing for me over the past few years.  I started them initially when I wanted to share how I made slipcovers.  I tried to write posts detailing how, … Read More