moving into the studio part 2

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I don’t mess around when it comes to moving into a new space.  I want to get unpacked and settled as soon as humanly possible.  I think it’s my military brat upbringing.  Moving was just a part of life and something I anticipated.  Maybe that’s why I like change so much? Anyway, I’m good at moving.  I didn’t have a … Read More

moving into the studio

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When I say that the business was taking over our house, I wasn’t exaggerating.  We moved three 14′ truckloads of furniture, tools, packing materials and stuff over to the studio today.  It wasn’t tightly packed in there, but they were pretty full truckloads! We had four guys helping us and they worked incredibly hard.  We had three pretty monstrous pieces to … Read More

the mustard seed studio

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I signed the lease and got the keys for my very own studio yesterday.  I’ve been talking and dreaming about one for at least two years.  My business has always been spread throughout our house, wherever it will fit.  It’s in the upstairs hall closet, the downstairs office, the entire basement, a corner of the family room and usually the … Read More

crusty counter & other finds

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I went shopping with Kriste today and I kept pausing to declare how excited I am about the new studio space.  I got a call while we were shopping, letting me know that I can sign the lease on Friday and move in.  I feel like I’ve been let out of a box, but even so much more than that.  Oh, … Read More