“cover bands don’t change the world”

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I love Todd Henry’s quote from the Accidental Creative podcast, “Cover bands don’t change the world.  Don’t be a cover band.” Initially, I took the quote at face value.  Right.  Do your own thing. But I’ve been thinking about it a lot more lately and getting a little deeper with it.  It really is not simple or easy…mostly because the … Read More

is there room for you?

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“One tree is like another tree, but not too much.  One tulip is like the next, but not altogether.  More or less like people – a general outline, then stunning individual strokes…” – Mary Oliver I read this in a book of essays by Mary Oliver last evening and immediately had to put the book down and write my own … Read More

be a moving target

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Inspiration can be a beautiful thing.  It’s a spark that catches and can carry you through enormous projects.  It can drive you, fill you, and lead you into the places of dreams.  But, it can also be fickle, inconstant, and shy.  It can disappoint, be elusive, and untimely. We can sit around a long time waiting for the inspiration to … Read More

linen shades & art sale

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First off, the winner of the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint birthday giveaway is Traci (butterflyoct)!  Congrats! Almost a year ago, I made some linen shades to filter light in my studio.  And that project turned into having the shades reproduced and sold on Decor Steals.  Well, they are back today! I hung one in my kitchen to show what … Read More

designing fabric & papers for spoonflower

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A few weeks ago, I shared that my second quilting fabric collection with FreeSpirit Fabrics wasn’t going to be produced.  (You can find that post HERE.)  Thanks for all of your encouragement on that, by the way!  The brief feeling of failure that comes with any news like that quickly shifted into excitement.  This means I can take my designs … Read More

the toledo stool & equipto cart

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There are two things that have been on my shopping list for a while – an antique adjustable drafting stool and a rolling cart, both for my studio.  I’ve been trolling craigslist and looking at local antique and consignment shops and haven’t found anything that was just right.  Well, I hit the jackpot at Junk Bonanza and found both! One … Read More

index card art project update

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Through the month of March, I’ve been working on the #indexcardartproject with two of my Instagram friends – @mishwooderson and @openfieldmercantile .  It’s been such a great exercise for me in a lot of ways and I thought I would share my thoughts and takeaways so far. First off, if you want to get into art in any capacity, a … Read More