living room pillows | welting vs. gimp

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In case you missed it, Kriste and I are heading to Wisconsin tomorrow!  We’re going to be in Milwaukee and Sun Prairie, on Friday and Saturday respectively, to teach workshops, demos and just hang out with blog readers, milk paint lovers and friends-we’ve-yet-to-meet.  You can find all of the details of our trip HERE. Between the long weekend and our trip, … Read More

swapping chairs

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Sooo…I’ve been know to rearrange, trade and swap furniture in my house.  I’ve always done that, but it’s so much more tempting (and easier) when I have a steady stream of awesome furniture coming into my possession as I’m getting ready for an upcoming antique market.  Sometimes I need to love a piece for a while before I send it … Read More

ottoman slipcover tutorial

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My blog was eerily quiet for a couple of days until I realized there was an error with the comments plugin!  Well, it’s back up a running, so you can talk to me again. Before the Chapel Market, I made a slipcover for an ottoman I found at a second-hand shop and promised a tutorial.  The pictures were soon buried … Read More

Christmas decorating | the living room

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I’ve been sharing the Christmas decorations in my house room by room over the past few days.  In case you missed it, here is the master bedroom and family room decked out for the holidays.   And now, in the tour, we come to the living room.   As with the other rooms I’ve already shared, I used mostly fresh greenery … Read More

tips on sanding floors

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This is my second time refinishing floors and I learned a lot through my errors the first go-around.   Since scooting around on diaper boxes to wipe up excess stain (you can read about those antics HERE), I have learned a lot about finishing wood and have done a lot of reading on sanding and finishing floors specifically.  There are … Read More

a slip turned into a slip

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I found a pretty antique petticoat a few months ago at an antique store and decided it would make a pretty pillow cover.  I would turn a slip into a pillow slip!  Two, actually. Since the ruffle was only on one side, I made it like a slip-on pillow case instead of a traditional decorative bolster cover.  It worked out … Read More

a girl can change her mind (and often does)

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Soooo…the curtain saga continues.  I’ve confessed that rugs are my nemesis, but now that I’ve switched to sisal and jute blends, I’ve made peace with rugs.  It seems like curtains might be my new nemesis.  I think the struggle I have with curtains is that it’s not a design choice that’s easily (or inexpensively) changed.  In a room with one … Read More