1800′s Linen Dresser | before & after


I hope you're ready for some furniture makeovers, because you're going to be seeing a lot over the next few weeks!  I've got quite a collection growing for Lucketts. Here's the 1800's dresser with the amazing carved handles that I finished yesterday... It was pretty rough when I bought it, but I could see the potential... It's painted in MMSMP Linen.  The wood was very soft and porous, so … [Read more...]

humble upholstery & an ornate frame


 This chair has been languishing in my basement for a while...almost a year, I think.  Sometimes I don't work on pieces because I'm stalling, busy, uninspired or it keeps falling to the bottom of the to-do list.  I think other times, providence plays a small role.  I wasn't really sure what fabric I was going to use on this piece and was just planning on defaulting to natural hemp.  Then, I found … [Read more...]

Finishing Projects…


Over a year ago, we installed wood floors in our bedroom and family room.  We ripped out broken closet doors and baseboards.  Then, we got busy.  I mean, painting a piece of furniture or installing wood counters is a lot more exciting than priming a baseboard or putting in a threshold.  A few months later, I was hired to do some freelance projects that involved work in the master bedroom and bath. … [Read more...]

Family Room Wainscoting


I spent all day in bed yesterday...down and out with a virus or something.  I was still dragging this morning, but was feeling well enough this afternoon to get my photo shoots done.  Unfortunately, a photo shoot is much more involved than just snapping a few pictures.  I had to finish some details in the room, clean and then style.  I just chipped away at it slowly to get it done. Get ready for … [Read more...]

updated kitchen pictures


Before we dive into the pictures, I had to share something funny.  My mom read my post from yesterday and immediately got her painting clothes ready.  You see, she helps me on Wednesday nights when the boys are at Awana and she knew after reading the post that we would be painting my guest room!  She knows me so well and was, of course, right.  We painted most of the guest room tonight.  I still … [Read more...]

“spackle dries in three minutes…”


Jeff and I got more of the family room wainscoting done last week and I got things cleaned up and "done" along that wall yesterday.  Here's how it's looking... This is where we were in December...one curtain panel (the other was on the way), the French daybed wasn't upholstered, etc... And here's where we are today... With the wainscoting done, I started to play around with wall art … [Read more...]

1/2 Bath Refresh


Well, today was yet another school snow day.  It was a really good day, though.  The boys played very well together and there was lots of laughing and toys everywhere and imaginative play.  In addition to it being a delight to listen to them play, it allowed me to get some things done. I listed some more things in the online shop and packaged up most things that have sold to get ready for our … [Read more...]

A little painting project


Some days I just need to paint.  It's therapeutic for me and it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment.  With a two hour school delay, I didn't have a lot of time to get things done today, so I picked a small project I've been wanting to work on - painting this little stool. It's in our master bathroom, so I decided to use MMSMP Artissimo. It's a deep navy blue.  A yummy color, in my … [Read more...]

the rocking horse – part 2


Here's what the horse looked like when I received it from Restoration Hardware.  I loved the shape, but the wood and finish didn't have as much character as I was hoping for.   I wanted it to look more like one of the inspiration antique horses I shared HERE. Well, that's not a problem in these parts!  So, yesterday I took some time to apply the first coat of paint - MMSMP Trophy.  You can read … [Read more...]

living room sofa makeover

missmustardseed-16 (427x640)

 I shared the new arrangement for my living room, but I thought I would share an "official" before and after of the sofa.  The sofa that was in my living room was a lovely piece my aunt let me "borrow long term."  I slipcovered it in drop cloths and used it for about four years before I gave it back to their side of the family.  It belonged to my uncle's mother and now that I have a steady stream … [Read more...]