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the sanded floors

Miss Mustard Seed-250

This weekend, we finally took the plunge and sanded down our floors.  I've been wanting to for a long time...well, and not wanting to at the same time.  It's a total pain.  It's messy and it's really hard work, but I got it in my mind that I really wanted it done before decorating for Christmas and then closing out 2014 and Jeff went along with it. In case you haven't seen them before, this is  (read more …)

painted “swedish” bench

Miss Mustard Seed-2938

I always have a hard time getting refocused after a big event or project.  I seem to work at my best when there is a date looming, but at the same time, I dislike the pressure of deadlines.  So, I'm conflicted.  I love and hate due dates.  To combat the unfocused work approach, I decided to knock out a few projects that have been on my list for some time.  I grabbed the bench at the table in our  (read more …)

slipcovered ottoman

Miss Mustard Seed-2522

Last Friday I was working in the studio on some last minute pieces for the Chapel Market.  I usually leave the sewing projects until everything else is done, mainly because it's not my favorite thing to do.  I'm just dragging my feet.  I finally pulled out the old ottoman that was waiting for a slipcover and started working on it. I decided to use a piece from a cutter quilt I've been holding  (read more …)

1920’s dental cabinet makeover

Miss Mustard Seed-208

Can you handle another furniture makeover?  The Chapel Market is less than a week away and we're getting to the end of the furniture I have worked on for the event.  I picked this dental cabinet up last week while I was shopping for accessories and "smalls" for my booth.  I saw this and just couldn't pass it up.  All of the little drawers and glass knobs caught my attention and the low price  (read more …)

hand painted empire dresser makeover

Miss Mustard Seed-186

It has been a marathon getting ready for The Chapel Market, which is just over a week away, but it's been so fun, too.  I am most focused and intentional when I'm working towards a specific goal.  And this time has been even more fun, because I've had a lot of great help and the amazing studio space to work in.  I've been relishing it!  I have been a little overzealous with filling the "green  (read more …)

say hello to “bergere”

Miss Mustard Seed-1730

It's been a while since I asked you to say hello to a new milk paint color!  I'm really excited to share our first Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint color from our European color line that will be launched in January 2015.  We are introducing six new colors that will be carried in our European & UK markets, but will be available elsewhere on a limited basis...meaning our retailers outside of  (read more …)

victorian settee makeover reveal

Miss Mustard Seed-071

I shared a preview of this makeover yesterday, but here is the full sha-bang (that's a highly technical decorating term)... This isn't a typical piece for me to buy, but as you may have figured out already, I like to change things up, so I don't get stuck in a rut.  Buying a piece of furniture that is atypical for me helps me with that.  Sometimes I love the piece and then I want to explore  (read more …)

jelly cupboard reveal

Miss Mustard Seed-054

I always enjoy getting ready for a show, so I have a reason to work on a lot of furniture!  I finished the jelly cupboard this week and I finally get to reveal it... This is how the jelly cupboard started... It's an old piece...most likely mid-to-late 1800's.  I always love working on old pieces that have been neglected for a few decades.  This piece had been painted a rather sad brown and  (read more …)