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Kim’s coastal bedroom | non-chippy milk paint

I love the look of paint that has been worn with time.  Chips, flakes, rubbed areas that reveal the warm patina of the wood underneath. It just speaks to me. But, I know some people look at those pieces and wonder when you're going to repaint or refinish them.  It's just not a look that is up everyone's alley.  My mom is one of those people who doesn't like the "chippy look." I know!  Where in  (read more …)

creating a chippy finish

One of the reasons I love milk paint is because it can chip and flake in a way that makes a freshly painted finish look authentically old.  This chipping can be a bit random, though. I've tested out a lot of different products and techniques to consistently force chipping to happen and, while I've achieved some great finishes, the consistent, authentic-looking chipping has been illusive. Until  (read more …)

ticking slipcover for an industrial stool

I had a full, productive day in the studio on Thursday and it was glorious.  I worked on the tufted sofa and I made a slipcover out of some antique ticking for the white industrial stool I bought at the Raleigh Flea Market over Thanksgiving. I love how sweet and simple the skirt turned out.  Yeah, it's a little crooked, but that's okay.  I don't do perfect well at all! Here's how the stool  (read more …)

slipcover series part 4 & reveal

Well, I finally finished the slipcover for my mom's room makeover!  Slipcovers aren't my favorite and catching every step on film slows my progress to a crawl, so it's taken me much longer than usual to get this thing finished.  I gave myself a pep-talk and threw some air-punches in the studio and I made it happen. If you're overwhelmed by your slipcover project, just take it one step at a time  (read more …)

painted primitive cabinet

Does this cabinet look at all familiar? How about now...? I bought it to sell at the Market on Chapel Hill and I originally didn't paint it, because it had a pretty patina.  But it didn't sell and it felt like a bit of a black hole, so I decided to lighten it up with paint.  The outside is painted in MMS Milk Paint Farmhouse White and the interior is Shutter Gray.  (Can you tell which colors  (read more …)

trading horses again

Remember my rocking horse?  The one I bought from Restoration Hardware and then painted with MMS Milk Paint to make it look chippy and old?   Well, in typical Marian fashion, I sold it. I wasn't planning to, but a client asked if I could custom paint the same horse for her.  I agreed to the job and we tried to schedule a time for her to drop her horse off at the studio.  As we tried to  (read more …)

the $125 farm table

I needed to pick up some supplies for the glitter workshop last week and I could hardly be out and about for the day without stealing a few minutes in an antique store!  So, I meandered through one of my local haunts, hitting some of my favorite vendor's booths, picking up a few small things.  I wasn't looking for furniture, but, of course, a piece of furniture found me. I spotted this great  (read more …)

Farmhouse White Cupboard

 A few months ago, Jeff and I made a cupboard around a pair of reclaimed doors I bought at an antique market for $40.  They hung in my dining room for a few years, but I always thought they would be perfect in a custom-built cabinet. The full tutorial will be available on at some point and I will link to it when it is. I must admit, this cabinet gave me the "building bug" and now  (read more …)