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reupholstering a French chair | part 6 | applying the trim


We are finally at our final installment of this video tutorial series on reupholstering a French style chair.  It's time to frame out those upholstered panels and cover the staples with some gimp trim. In case you missed the first five parts, or need to reference them, here are the links... Part 1 – stripping the chair Part 2 – painting the frames Part 3 – distressing & waxing the  (read more …)

reupholstering a French chair | part 5 | upholstering the chair


We are finally here...get your staple guns out and let's start upholstering!!  I know it's hard to believe that it takes four parts to get to the point when you can actually upholster, but that's often how DIY projects are - you have to do several steps to get to the fun part (or at least the part when it starts looking like an improvement and not an epic fail.) This episode is the longest,  (read more …)

paint brush on a stick


I was all set to meet Kriste at the studio this morning, but as I was getting up and about for the day, I realized I really wanted to paint my walls and trim and get the tedious painting project that's been hanging over my head for years, finished.  When the mood strikes to do something like that, you do it.  So I did. I shared last week about some of the painting on my to-do  (read more …)

Furniture Makeovers Galore…


If you like furniture makeovers, you're going to have an overflowing cup after perusing this post.  This weekend, the Mustard Seed Studio hosted our first BYOF (bring your own furniture) workshop.  This is less instruction than the milk paint 101 workshop and is more about finishing a piece and learning along the way.  We had seven ladies attend, plus Kriste and my mom. The furniture (and their  (read more …)

say hello to “mora” | hand painted dresser

Mora B&A Collage

It's now time for me to introduce the final color in the MMSMP European Colour line.  I have to say that it's been so much fun developing these colors, painting pieces in them and then revealing them here.  It's been a true creative journey for me. The last color I'm introducing is perhaps one of my favorites.  Say hello to Mora... Mora is a pale blue/gray/green color that can look entirely  (read more …)

painted oak hutch


Over the past few days work days, I've been getting the studio ready for our first workshops (happening later this week.)  It's been good to have an imposed deadline to get things spruced up.  Otherwise, I just work on whatever I'm most interested in and leave other things hanging.  Kriste is always a huge help, but in this case, she was really good at keeping me on track.  I'll meander around the  (read more …)

say hello to “schloss” | sofa makeover


 This really could be two posts, but I decided to fit it all into one.  The truth is, after a week of hard work, I have a lot of things to share and I'm getting antsy to get them posted! First of all, here is another one of our new European colours in the MMS Milk Paint line...  It's a rich greige that many of our customers have been requesting and it seemed fitting for the new line of subtle  (read more …)

say hello to “marzipan”


It's time for me to introduce another one of the European Colours in the Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint line.  (The "colours" spelling was for you, Kate.)  Please give a warm welcome and hello to Marzipan... This is a very soft, warm neutral with a whisper of a beige in it.  When I first worked on this color, I wasn't sure how much I would use it.  Well, now I'm totally in love with it.  For  (read more …)