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green toile chair makeover

photo presentation-5679

I hope you like chair makeovers, because I have chairs galore in the studio! This is another one I found on Craig's List.  It was quite a bargain, because a couple of the legs were loose.  This would've been a much harder fix on an older chair, but this one had bolts that just needed to be tightened. We stripped off the old upholstery and removed the piping around the bottom edge of the seat.  I  (read more …)

lucketts green table base


 I bought a small farm table a few months ago to use as a center "island" in my booth at the Chapel Market and to, hopefully, sell.  Well, it was the one piece of furniture we took home with us from Alabama and it's been hanging out in the studio since then.   You can see it buried a bit in this picture... Kriste and I talked about it and decided that we should paint the base of the table to  (read more …)

primitive hutch makeover


Last week was a busy one and we got a ton of things accomplished.  I'm a bit whipped from it and I need to pace myself better, but it feels good to be really productive. Here's one of the pieces I picked up and painted this week... I spotted it on Craig's List and immediately texted my dad to see if he could get it for me. I have been looking for a great hutch or cabinet that could be a  (read more …)

French chair makeover


I have a lot on my plate for the next couple of months and my mind has been churning trying to sort and prioritize.  When I hit these busy seasons, it helps me to get things checked off the to-do list, so I decided to get going right away on things this morning.  Before heading to the studio, I worked some more on the wallpaper mural in the upstairs bath.  Hanging wallpaper is tedious work, so I  (read more …)

checked chair


I have been in an upholstery mood lately and I've learned I need to take advantage of that sort of mood and get some upholstery done.  Kriste worked on stripping a couple of chairs we had hanging in the stash and I started upholstering this beauty.  One of my regular shoppers at Lucketts sent me pictures of it, asking if I would be interested.  Well, of course!  So, we negotiated a trade.  Jeff's  (read more …)

french twins reveal


This reveal is a little anticlimactic, since you've already seen what one finished chair looks like and they are twins, so the other one looks pretty much the same.  As with all identical twins, though, there are some subtle differences, so I thought it was worth giving them both a proper introduction. I'm going to totally brag on my student Kriste and say that she did 99% of the upholstery work  (read more …)

reupholstering a French chair | part 6 | applying the trim


We are finally at our final installment of this video tutorial series on reupholstering a French style chair.  It's time to frame out those upholstered panels and cover the staples with some gimp trim. In case you missed the first five parts, or need to reference them, here are the links... Part 1 – stripping the chair Part 2 – painting the frames Part 3 – distressing & waxing the  (read more …)

reupholstering a French chair | part 5 | upholstering the chair


We are finally here...get your staple guns out and let's start upholstering!!  I know it's hard to believe that it takes four parts to get to the point when you can actually upholster, but that's often how DIY projects are - you have to do several steps to get to the fun part (or at least the part when it starts looking like an improvement and not an epic fail.) This episode is the longest,  (read more …)