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Megan’s office makeover | part 6 | the craig’s list wardrobe


When I met with Megan initially about her space, she was really leaning towards built-ins for storage.  Something similar to the ones in our home office, with a desk, lower cabinets and upper cabinets.  As I thought through the space and how she uses it, I felt like a large cabinet would be more functional for her.  We talked about it and agreed.  It was not only more economical, but it would  (read more …)

Megan’s office makeover | desk chair slipcover


Remember the "Franken-chair" I made out of two broken desk chairs for Megan's office makeover?  Well, it has a new dress. Here's what it looked like before...   The base is from the chair on the left and the seat is from the chair on right. And the slipcover is made out of Megan's old cream cotton curtains! We're replacing them with a pretty green buffalo check that works with  (read more …)

the antique, hodgepodge potting bench


Don't you love it when projects come together perfectly? Such is the case with this hodgepodge of a potting bench. We just finished it today and it looks even better than I imagined.  It's especially exciting, because we already had the workbench in the basement (it was free with the house) and I bought the chicken nesting box without a solid plan on turning it into the top-part of the  (read more …)

step-by-step dresser makeover


Thank you so much for all of the wonderful feedback on my very first MMS Milk Paint "commercial".  It was so fun to put together and I was proud of it, but your comments were a confirmation, so thanks! The bar has been set for the second one! Today, I thought I would share more about the dresser makeover and how we made the commercial.   I was always planning to paint the dresser in Mustard  (read more …)

the yellow dress & the dresser


I took a big step today. I've been talking about making a "commercial" for the MMS Milk Paint line for a long time.  Over a year at least.  When I talked about it in my brainstorming sessions, it seemed easy.  When it actually came time to make one, it seemed hard.  And I kept pushing it down the priority list, waiting for the "perfect time." I've always let my business grow organically and I've  (read more …)

megan’s office makeover | part 3 | the plan


After a few weeks of marinating on things, sourcing, kicking around ideas, I have come up with a plan for Megan's office makeover.  If you missed the first two posts in this series, you can check them out here... part 1 | the before part 2 | the "franken-chair" And now, I'm finally sharing the plan, letting you know the direction we're heading. Here's what the office space looked like the  (read more …)

how to make a chair cushion | deck chair makeover


I've been working on my deck off and on throughout the spring and summer and it's finally starting to come together.  I know I'm not going to break any makeover speed records with this project, but that's life, right?  Spaces take time to come together. So, there is still more to do, but last week I jumped a big hurtle - I made new cushions for the vintage iron armchairs my mom passed along to  (read more …)

evolution of my home | part 9 | the boys’ room


And now it's time for part nine of my in-depth house tour, showing how our home has evolved over the (almost) nine years we've lived in it.  This is how the boys' room looks today... We have two boys who are 19 months apart.  They're now 8 (Marshall) and almost 7 (Calvin, the one with type 1 diabetes).  Yes, we have a lot of wrestling and have had many of trips to the emergency room that have  (read more …)