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Lucketts Eve 2015


Today is about resting up for the three day marathon that is the Lucketts Spring Market.  I lingered in bed, took a long soak in a hot bath with lavender epsom salts and had a nice breakfast.  I'm getting my post done early, so I can get a full night's sleep before the big day tomorrow.  We do have to pack up the van with the final things to take down to the market, but that's pretty much all that  (read more …)

pedestal table & balloon back chairs


The Lucketts Spring Market is just days away and I still have things to show you!  I'm going to share more details about the sale, answer your questions and share pictures of everything all set up over the next few days.  Until then, here are a few more things that are coming to the sale... When I purchased this table a few weeks ago, it looked so sad.  With missing veneer, water damage, a wobbly  (read more …)

the chairs with the ticking skirts


Sewing slipcovers is not my very favorite thing to do, so I saved these until the very end.  I kept looking at them, debating if I should just upholster them, which would be much faster or if I should push through and sew the slipcovers.  I had a vision for them from the very beginning...ticking slipcovers with ties and ruffled skirts.  I knew if I did anything different than that, they would look  (read more …)

boxwood highboy


When I bought this piece, I honestly didn't think too much of it.  My parents went to pick up a few pieces from a seller on Craig's List and they sent me a picture of this one that was for sale, but hadn't been listed. Sure.  Throw it in the truck.  I'll do something with it. This is what it looked like when I got it... I really did hit the jackpot on this Craig's List listing.  A man had a  (read more …)

the bergere chairs & design ramblings


Well, the bergere chairs are finally done!  They were some of my earlier upholstery subjects.  I was still at the stage when I would take apart a chair and then I would wonder what in the world I was thinking and how I was going to get it all back together.  At the time, these were the most complicated pieces I had worked on, so I chickened out and didn't take them apart all the way.  That meant  (read more …)

And there’s more…


We've done so much stuff for Lucketts that it's been hard to even show it all!  So, I have a bunch of pieces to share in this post. One of the first things I bought for Lucketts was this set of chairs.  They are so sweet and the design on the backs, to me, looked almost German. We removed the rubber covers on the feet and painted them in MMSMP French Enamel, finished with Hemp Oil.  The  (read more …)

the dresser with the tree…


Just a quick reminder/clarification before I get into the post.  The Friday event of the Lucketts Spring Market is a ticketed event, so you have to have a ticket to attend and tickets will not be sold at the gate AND the tickets are sold out.  So, if you don't have a ticket for Friday, Saturday morning at 8:00 am is the earliest you can show up.  For details, visit the Old Lucketts Store  (read more …)

Mustard Seed Yellow Buffet


It may (or may not) surprise you to know that one of my favorite pieces of furniture ever was the piece I painted to introduce the Mustard Seed Yellow color in my milk paint line. The way the piece chipped, the original amber knobs, the dark wood top, the hand painting...  it just all came together perfectly. When I brought this buffet into the studio, I immediately thought of that piece and  (read more …)