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the chicken incubator table


Jeff just looked over my shoulder and said, "I bet no one has ever had a post titled the chicken incubator table before." Well, Kriste and I filmed a Design Ramblings yesterday and I started editing it this evening only to find that we had two short clips of the video we filmed and that was it.  The gaps in the content were so much, that you totally missed what we suggested for the space we were  (read more …)

blue checks & yellow toile


I must say that I am really enjoying playing with pattern on the chairs I've been upholstering.  For the past few years, I've been stuck in the grain sack/hemp sheet/nubby linen rut.  While I still love those and you'll see them a lot in my work, I was ready to break out and stretch my design legs.  I have lots of pretty fabrics in my stash, mostly remnants I've picked up through the years.  (read more …)

“Swedish” secretary desk


Sometimes I need to spend a little time with a piece before I know how I want to "mustard-ize" it.  Other times, inspiration hits me immediately and I can't wait to get to work on it.  My furniture does not get the first-come-first-serve treatment.  So, even with a bunch of other pieces that have been "in line" longer, I set to work on this desk that I had just acquired from Craig's List. Just  (read more …)

the china cabinet on my doorstep


Usually I have to hunt for my furniture, but lately a few pieces have been finding me.  That was the case with this china cabinet... An antique store owner who I've shopped from a few times stopped by my studio a few weeks ago.  He knocked on the door.  "I have something in the truck that I think you might like."  He showed me the china cabinet, quoted a price.  I nodded and he carried it in  (read more …)

swapping chairs


Sooo...I've been know to rearrange, trade and swap furniture in my house.  I've always done that, but it's so much more tempting (and easier) when I have a steady stream of awesome furniture coming into my possession as I'm getting ready for an upcoming antique market.  Sometimes I need to love a piece for a while before I send it off into the world.  There are other times when I trip across  (read more …)

workbench turned kitchen island


I went to a local antique store a few weeks ago and bought a few pieces, including this workbench... Jeff was surprised at my choice.  It doesn't have the curvy lines I usually go for and the top is some kind of wood composite.  I just had a gut feeling about it.  It had a nice shape to it and, with the right additions and changes, I felt like it could be a really special piece. And here's how  (read more …)

upholstered ottoman & painted cabinet


Sometimes when I have a huge stash of furniture to work on, I'm overwhelmed and find it hard to even know where to start.  That is definitely not the case as I'm getting ready for Lucketts this year.  ALL I want to do in the studio is work on furniture.  My e-mail inbox was being so woefully neglected because of it, so I had to pin myself down and get it cleaned out last night.  I'm really  (read more …)

two chair makeovers


I had another BYOF workshop last weekend.  (BYOF stands for Bring Your Own Furniture, for those who didn't figure that out!)  I always love those classes, because I get to help people work on one of their own pieces as they learn how to use milk paint and the finishes.  Not only do they learn, but they get something done in the process.  This workshop was just two ladies, me and my mom, so it was  (read more …)