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barn board to breadboard

Miss Mustard Seed-1400

 I wanted to make a bunch of breadboards to sell at the Chapel Market, so I've been on the hunt for cool old boards for that purpose.  I found a couple of beautiful old boards that came from a barn.  They were about 8' each in length and about a foot wide and they had lots of character...worm holes, dents, dings and a nice deep grain.  I sketched out the shapes I wanted to make with chalk and my  (read more …)

hand painted empire buffet | take two

Miss Mustard Seed-050

I showed yesterday how I styled the hand painted empire buffet as a piece for a nursery or kid's room.  In this post, I'm going to show the piece styled as a buffet... Kriste and I grabbed what we had around the studio...pieces in the studio "prop stash", things waiting for tags for the Chapel Market and things that are listed in the online shop.  I'm learning how much of a "prop stash" I had  (read more …)

hand painted buffet makeover

Miss Mustard Seed-042

I have always loved sharing my furniture makeovers here and I know they are what put my blog on the map, so to speak.  Now that I have this new space to work in, I'm more inspired than ever to work on pieces in my stash and it feels good. I started working on this empire buffet a few days ago.  I shared the refinishing, painting and waxing process HERE.  And here's the end result... I  (read more …)

Kriste’s new cabinet

Miss Mustard Seed-010

I did my first photo shoot today in my new studio.  To say it was exciting would be an understatement.  Every time I enter the space, I smile and feel lifted and occasionally want to clap my hands like a toddler who just learned a new word or basic life skill.  It's exciting at that deep level that makes me feel like I'm going to burst.  I felt that way already and then I styled and shot my first  (read more …)

hand painted antique sled

Miss Mustard Seed-9755

Before I get to the sled (yes, in August), I wanted to give some details on the yard sale I'm having on Saturday, August 9, 2014.  I'm actually piggy-backing on the yard sale one of my friends is having.  I really want to flush some things out of my house and this is a great opportunity to do it.  The sale will be at an old commercial building formerly known as Distelfink.  (Locals will know what  (read more …)

silvertone finds a home & French chairs get a fresh start

Miss Mustard Seed-9737

I've been working on restoring an antique Silvertone phonograph for a few months.  I got into painting furniture, because stripping, refinishing and restoring is so tedious and takes forever.  Just give me a brush and a couple of hours and let it be done!  But, sometimes it's worth it and I've found a labor of love is good for my patience every now and then. I have wanted a photograph for several  (read more …)

what I’m working on…

Miss Mustard Seed-9356

As I shared yesterday, after a week of dealing with a lot of details of doing business, I was really ready to do something creative.  So, I headed to the basement to work on some pieces that were waiting for me. The first piece is a great old kitchen cabinet that belongs to Kriste, my online shop manager.  She's going to start working with me on some creative things as well, which is exciting for  (read more …)

glass glitter milk bottles

Miss Mustard Seed-8813

Before I get into the project, I want to share that Miss Mustard Seed's Glass Glitter (used in this project) is the Decor Steals daily "steal" today!  They are offering Tiara Silver, Fallen Snow and 14 Karat.  I've partnered with them for a long time, so it's fun to see them carrying a product with my brand on it.  As always, it's offered at a discounted rate due to their savvy shopping skills, so  (read more …)