my new work spaces

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As most of you know, I started my business out of my home in Pennsylvania and worked out of the home (mostly the unfinished basement) for years.  As the business grew, though, it started taking over more and more of the house until we had palettes of look books and boxes of Milk Paint filling the living room and corners … Read More

working with your house

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Every home has a personality.  It might be quirky, conservative, playful, regal, humble, sleek…  The home brings something to the table.  While there are some homes that need to be stripped to the bones and entire reworked, most homes just need for you to cooperate with them – let them be what they are and bring out their best qualities. … Read More

New House Tour | The Front Porch

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Everyone knows that the best color to use to make a good first impression is the pale beige that has graced Band Aids for generations. Not really, but that’s what my front door is saying at the moment. I don’t know what is up with this color, but it’s blah and it’s going to change. I held up dozens of … Read More

new house tour | living room

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If you missed a tour of my new kitchen earlier this week, you can catch it HERE.  In today’s post, I’m going to take you on a tour of the living room.  We’ve had some debate about what to call this room – the living room or the family room.  I think we’ve settled on the living room and the … Read More

new house tour | the kitchen

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I must confess that as I looked at this big, empty house, I felt a little intimidated by it.  When we bought our PA home, there was a lot of obvious work that needed to be done.  This house, though?  It’s beautiful.  Would my chippy, crusty antiques look like junk?  Would my ironstone look completely out of place? The moment … Read More

but first, toilets

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Warning: This post contains pictures of toilets that some readers may find disturbing.  Reader discretion is advised.   If you know me at all, you know I am bursting to break out some paint in this new house!  But I’ve learned from a few moves that a place feels more like home once the toilets are cleaned to my satisfaction. … Read More


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We sat at a table at the title company, signing papers while the boys were occupied with games on the iPads.  When we reached the end of the stack, we all stood up and shook hands. “Boys, we just bought our house!” We were all excited and eager to get over to the house.  A lot of work was ahead … Read More

the best view in the house

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As we’re getting ready to say a proper goodbye to the house we’ve lived in for 11 years, I want to take some time to reminisce.  A few readers shared they felt sad to see the house empty.  An empty house to me meant that packing was done, so sadness was not an emotion I was experiencing! But then again, our … Read More