favorite Ikea finds

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We live about 90 minutes away from an Ikea, so I don’t go there often.  Maybe once every three or four years.  On Friday, my mom and I made the trek and spent the day “doing Ikea.”  It really is like a theme park.  Wear comfortable shoes, get your map, make your lists, so you don’t miss anything.  Make your … Read More


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This past summer, we did a renovation of our master bathroom.  You can see the full details HERE.  The renovation was floor to ceiling. Here’s what it looked like before.   As you can see, it’s a small, regular bathroom.  It’s not one of these huge train-station-ish master bathrooms.  Since it’s not big, I wanted to make the most of … Read More

stool gallery

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Some days I just need to paint.  It’s therapeutic for me and it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment.  With a two hour school delay, I didn’t have a lot of time to get things done today, so I picked a small project I’ve been wanting to work on – painting this little stool. It’s in our master bathroom, … Read More

Vintage Pillow Cases & Sofa Update

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When I went shopping earlier this week, I found an amazing pair of vintage pillow cases.  I’ve never seen any as long as these.  They’re probably a good 12-18″ longer than the pillow.  They were exactly what I’ve been keeping my eyes opened for.  My pillow, which is down, is always popping out of the case through the night.  I … Read More