November Favorites

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Another month is behind us and that means I have some new favorites to share with you!  I am enjoying these posts more and more and, I think, a large part of it is that it makes me mindful of the things I’m really enjoying.  I take note of them as something worth sharing.  Whether it’s something I’m watching, listening … Read More

October Favorites

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October has been a great month.  I feel like we’re finally getting into a rhythm with our schedule and a lot of great memories have been made.  The boys had their first sleep over, I had lunch/coffee with several new friends, our church small group started meeting at our house, and we had our first snowfall and turned on the … Read More

September Favorites

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I started doing “favorites” posts each month at the beginning of this year and that lasted for…oh, about two months!  Life just happened and I didn’t come back to it, but I decided to pick it up again.  Here are a smattering of things I enjoyed in September… Hamilton : An American Musical As a total drama nerd with a … Read More

February Favorites

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We’re almost halfway through March and I haven’t shared my February favorites!  I have some good ones, though, so I wanted to make sure I got this post finished and live.  If you want to check out my favorite products in January, you can see them HERE. These are the things I was really digging in February… To watch… Season … Read More

January Favorites

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I’ve been thinking about sharing a “favorites” post each month for a while now and finally decided to actually do it!  There are so many times when I find a show, a website, an Etsy shop, a beauty product, an Instagram account, etc. that I am smitten with and I want to share them with others.  So, I’m going to … Read More

my favorite things 2015

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Today I’m joining Melissa of 320 Sycamore and a few other bloggers in sharing a few of my favorite things!  She was one of the first bloggers I met and is such a genuine and encouraging person, so I loved the chance to team up with her and some of her favorite bloggers. I decided to share a mix of … Read More