the feels like home giveaway

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I am so excited to share that my new book, Feels Like Home, launches in just four days!  And this is the final giveaway to celebrate the book launch.  This giveaway is appropriately named “The Feels Like Home Giveaway.”  In this package of goodies are all things you can use to make your house feel a little more like home.  They are all things that are comfortable, beautiful, and work together to create a homey ambiance.  You’ll see what I mean as you look through this amazing collection of items…

Of course, for the Feels Like Home giveaway, I have to include a signed copy of Feels Like Home

Feels Like Home by Marian Parsons

I’m also tucking in a couple of things I crocheted – a dishcloth and a little scrubby…

Hearthside Comforts Handmade Quilt | miss mustard seed

I haven’t made patterns for these specific pieces, but you can find other crochet patterns HERE.

Hearthside Comforts Handmade Quilt | miss mustard seed

A beautiful handmade quilt made from fabric I designed by Marilla Melcher of Hearthside Comforts

Hearthside Comforts Handmade Quilt | miss mustard seed

Marilla used an antique quilt in my home as inspiration for the pattern and decided to name it the “Shoofly Star” quilt.  Isn’t that so cool?  I love antique quilts, so I like that she used this beautiful, simple pattern as a jumping-off point for this giveaway quilt.  It definitely has an antique look to it!

Hearthside Comforts Handmade Quilt | miss mustard seed

This would make a wonderful lap quilt, but I also think it would be an amazing heirloom-quality gift for an expecting mom, baby’s first birthday, or for a toddler or child, or wedding gift.  It’s a nice size to be a little play quilt or picnic quilt as well.  Marilla is accepting custom orders if you’re interested in having her make a similar quilt for you.  You can get the details HERE.

Hearthside Comforts Handmade Quilt | miss mustard seed

And I love it when artisans make custom tags for their quilts.  They truly are heirloom pieces that will outlast us, so it’s nice to have information on when the quilt was made, where, and by who.  Whoever wins this giveaway is getting a very special piece.

Hearthside Comforts Handmade Quilt | miss mustard seed

My sweet friend and enormous inspiration, Mary from Trout Lily Hill, sent me this turn-of-the-century Gilroy & Bach turkey platter.  It is a huge, heavy piece with an absolutely stunning transfer color and design.  This would be a great piece to use as seasonal decor on the wall or to serve a turkey during holidays.  It’d even be a great platter for a charcuterie spread.  It’s one of those pieces that has a million uses and, since it’s blue & white, it’s decidedly Miss Mustard Seed.

vilroy & boch antique turkey platter | trout lily hill | miss mustard seed

vilroy & boch antique turkey platter | trout lily hill | miss mustard seed

A set of luxury sheets (in queen or king depending on your request) from Paris Perfect

Paris Perfect Luxury Sheets | miss mustard seed

I stayed in a Paris Perfect apartment during both of my trips to Paris in 2018 and 2019 and one thing I appreciated after being awake for over 24 hours was having a comfortable bed (with a view of the Eiffel Tower) to climb into!  They understand that travel is about experiencing new things, but when it comes to going to sleep, you want the bed to feel like home.  Or better than home if you don’t have nice sheets!

After getting so many compliments on their sheets, they decided to start offering them for sale.

So, if you can’t go to a Paris Perfect apartment, you can bring a little piece of one to your home.  The winner can select the size they need for their bed.

Paris Perfect Apartment | miss mustard seed

A part of creating an inviting home is sound.  For that reason, a Kove Commuter 2 Bluetooth Speaker is also included to fill your house with your favorite tunes…

kove bluetooth speaker | miss mustard seed

This Bluetooth speaker is unique in that it can come apart for a true stereo sound experience from this small, but powerful speaker.

A collection of candles and matchboxes from Oldfield Society

old field society house match boxes | miss mustard seed

My very favorite candles are by Amy from Oldfield Society!  She handmakes candles with amazing scents in quality containers (glass jars and wood trenchers.)  She also carries the most adorable matchboxes that look like old houses!  The winner will receive several full-sized candles, a whole village of matchboxes, and a sampling of smaller candles.

oldfield society candles | miss mustard seed

A few little “bits & pieces” from Julia of Ponder & Purchase

blue and white plate, silver spoon, blue bottle | ponder & purchase | miss mustard seed

She sent me a few extra antique English bits to include in this giveaway – a Sterling spoon, an antique blue & white plate, and a little blue glass bottle.

And that’s not all!  We have gift cards, too, so you can select some things that will be perfect for fluffing up your nest…

A $50 gift card from Jenny Steffens Hobick/JSH Home Essentials

JSH essentials fall collection | miss mustard seed

Jenny curates an amazing collection of decor for the home and also designs and makes gorgeous textiles.  I have several of her pillowcases and they are some of my favorites.

Jenny Steffens Hobick JSH Home | miss mustard seed

Another one of my favorite small online shops is Maple House Collective and they are also offering a $50 gift card!

maple house collective instagram | miss mustard seed

Maple House Collective has beautiful home goods, antiques, and gifts.  I think their selection of items is particularly well-suited to purchase as gifts for hostesses, as a cheering-up for someone who needs some pampering, and all of the usual gift-giving occasions, etc.

bass kitchen scissors | copped strainer | marble backsplash | miss mustard seed

I’ll be doing a full spotlight of their shop, soon.  Until then, you can follow them HERE on Instagram for their latest sales and products.  (I know they have some great sales coming up through October.)

maple house collective | iris hantverk brush | miss mustard seed

And a $100 gift card to Finding Home Farms!  I’ve known Laura from Finding Home Farms from the early days of blogging (we’ve met a couple of times) and it’s been amazing to watch her journey of launching and growing a brand of her family’s own homemade certified organic maple syrup.  She is such a powerhouse as a creative and entrepreneur and her family is the kind of family you want to support.

finding home farms maple syrup

In addition to their flagship maple syrup, Finding Home Farms has expanded into other products including mixes, jams, mustards, home decor, ceramics, and more.  You’ll have a fun time spending $100 in their online shop!

finding home farms kitchen and home decor | miss mustard seed

Such an amazing package of gifts to make your house feel even more like home, right?

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post letting me know your fondest memory of home.  I hope some of these items and shops might be in line with some of those happy memories.

Because the boxes are big and heavy, this giveaway is only open to readers in the US.  (Sorry, international readers!)  The giveaway will close Wednesday, October 13, 2021, at midnight PST.

Good luck!

Here are the Instagram accounts for all of the people and businesses who are a part of this giveaway and celebrating Feels Like Home.  Give them a follow!

The Maple House Collective – @themaplehouseco

Finding Home Farms – @findinghomefarms

Jenny Steffens Hobick – @jennysteffenshobick

Oldfield Society – @oldfieldsociety

Hearthside Comforts – @hearthsidecomforts

Paris Perfect – @parisperfectrentals

Ponder & Purchase – @ponderandpurchase

Trout Lily Hill – @troutlilyhill

Kove Audio – @koveaudio

You can preorder Feels Like Home from these retailers…

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Worthy Publishing | Books-a-Million | Indie Bound

And claim your preorder bonuses HERE and find instructions on claiming your preorder bonuses HERE if you need some help.  The preorder bonuses are an original art download, a bonus chapter (The Feels Like Home Renter’s Guide), and five videos including workshops on matching fabrics and enhanced tutorials from the book.

Feels Like Home Book | Miss Mustard Seed | #feelslikehomebook


  1. wspd

    My favorite part of home is my family. A home is a place where we can be together, to laugh, enjoy each other’s company, and create traditions and celebrate them each year. It is a place where we can feel the joy of music. I love the feeling your decoration and design inspires. I am excited for your book to arrive. Thank you for sharing.

    • Laura Nickens

      To me, Home is a comfortable feeling of connection. My fondest memories of Home include all the family (extended relatives and sometimes friends) all gathered together for a Holiday meal, usually Thanksgiving or Christmas. There were certain things you could count on: Granny’s fried apples, my mom’s dressing (recipe from her grandmother), the same familiar decorations, the Candelight Service at my grandparents’ church followed by family dinners… so much more. Home is gathering with people and being together. The shelter provides the capsule fixed in time to build upon the traditions that give comfort, relationship, and meaningful memories for years to come. Home is transcendent over a lifetime of relationships.

    • Lisa Gray

      My favorite memory of home is when my siblings all lived at home too. I think about the pictures my mother chose to decorate the walls our modest home. Some of those pictures hang in my house today and it totally takes me back to my childhood when I look at them. It reminds me of the love we were surrounded with as children.

    • Sabrina MARSHALL

      My favorite memory of home is watching my grandmother sew quilts on an old red eye singer sewing machine while the breeze gently blew the curtains on hot summer days.

    • Donna Dunn

      I love it when all of my children and grandchildren are here together. It’s busy but a wonderful time indeed.

  2. Heather

    Congratulations on the new book! My favorite memory of home was when we would decorate the Christmas tree & have homemade eggnog & squint our eyes to see if we put the tree lights on evenly.

    • angelina

      My fondest memory of home is our dining table. This is where my family comes together for a meal to catch up on our lives, with memories told, jokes and so much laughter. So much happens at that table, like game night and family discussions. It’s so important with my daughter now in her own home with her family to be able to connect. I adore that blue turkey platter. So many wonderful items included here in the giveaway. I just pre ordered the book today, downloaded all my bonus content and can’t wait to receive Feels Like Home. Blue is my favorite decor color! I have been a following from the beginning. Thank you!

  3. Julie

    Coming from a large family, home was a place shared with 5 brothers and 5 sisters. Chores, toys and bedrooms were shared with other siblings. Our parents raised us to care and respect each other. Now as adults with our own children and grandchildren, we look forward to and enjoy the times when we can get together.

  4. Diane

    My fondest memories growing up always meant gathering with extended family. I only had one sister but my parents both came from families with 10 children. I was blessed by wonderful grandparents, aunts, uncles, & cousins. Lots of people that loved me! No one had large or fancy homes but the kind of place you could just make your self at home & feel comfortable. Walking in the door you were hugged & greeted by delicious smells of food being prepared. My Grandma made everyone’s favorite pie, 6 or 8 pies! The women were all getting a meal ready for the table, men spilled out into the porch & yard, & kids everywhere! Lots of laughing & talking. Those days are long past with most of those dear ones no longer with us but I strive to have that kind of welcoming & fun home for our children & grandchildren now.

  5. Jan Anthony

    Congrats on “Feels Like Home”–this has to be one of your grandest moments, Marian! My favorite memory of home was actually going to my maternal grandparents’ farmhouse every year in Alabama. They were humble people who lived so simply, yet their home exuded so much love and goodness. Every once in awhile, I can actually catch a brief moment filled with the scent of their home and feel enveloped in all the good sensations again.

  6. Jan

    My fondest memories always involve food at home. Especially chocolate cake with marshmallow icing. We had it for every special event.

    • Sheryl

      My favorite memories of home are of my two sons growing up together with our two pug puppies. Life could be chaotic but rarely a dull moment. I reveled in those times.

    • Catherine Bonenberger

      Received your book today. Can’t wait to dig in! Love your style!

  7. Yvonne

    I love my home because of all the family memories we have made here! It’s a place where all I have to do is close my eyes and see my children riding their bikes with neighborhood friends on a Saturday morning. Decorating the Christmas tree each year, Easter egg hunts, Thanksgiving dinners, and Halloween! Doing their homework at the dining room table. So, many memories!!! I love this old house!!!

    • Nita B

      My favorite memories of home were the winter evenings tucked in with my mom and I at either end of the couch talking the night away with all the familiar smells and sounds….hot chocolate, the furnace kicking on and off, and
      watching the snow collect.
      I created that in my own home with my 2 boys as we sat around the table and talked and ate our way through the night with all their favorites!
      Congrats on the new book and thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful collection of prizes!

  8. Debra smith

    My favorite memory of home is a summer day and the sound of a screen door shutting and sun so bright outside you felt like the day would last forever!

  9. Charlotte

    My favorite memories of home are of my great Aunty Helen wandering around her kitchen always asking me if “I’m hungry, you need to eat more. I’ll cook for you” which is how she showed she loved you. My grandmother (her younger sister) was the same way, always making sure she could cook for you even if you weren’t hungry. Memories of decorating Christmas cookies with my younger cousin and her mom, laughing at some of the gingerbread men who had inadvertently become “anatomically correct”, hearing my 12 year old cousin (who is now 33) say she used the peanut butter baking chip because she wanted a “button for his pants” as her mom and I laughed. Learning to make biscuits by “feel” rather than measurements from my step mom. Learning to till the garden with my dad. Taking all these memories of cooking and baking and how I associate them with home and love and bringing them into my marriage with my husband of 8 years. Showing him how much I love him with homemade dinners, bread from scratch, too many sweets, and breakfasts on Sundays. Home is wherever I can cook and bake for my family (even if my first attempt at Thanksgiving turkey took 9 hours longer than planned and Thanksgiving dinner was at 10pm that night) and all of my best memories are associated with those family dinners and cooking for friends.

  10. Glenda

    My favourite memories of my home now are those who come and go from my home; grandchildren, children, spouses, friends far and near and a couple of exchange students. So many good memories made and happening this very day when all 5 of my grands are outside on this glorious fall day making a movie they wrote, acted in, directed, and filmed on a cell phone. It will be fabulous as only a movie made by 5 year olds to 12 year olds can be.

  11. Jennifer

    My fondest memories of home are being in the kitchen with my children baking sugar cookies (my precious mother in law’s recipe) with friends and family, celebrating the holidays with family and hanging out on the front porch watching the children play.

  12. Vicki

    There are many favorite memories from our farm in northern New Hampshire. Winter was always an exciting time for us as kids; my cousins and Aunts and Uncles would all come visit from Long Island and we would build the most fantastic ‘flying saucer’ tracks (those round saucer shaped sleds) all over the side of the large hill next to our house. Back then we got so much more snow. There were many twists and turns and jumps to fly over and we would all spend hours flying down the hill. Once our hands and feet were frozen we would go inside for hot chocolate and cookies and thaw out by the wood stove. Then we would put on dry clothes and head back out for more fun!! I’ll never forget those wonderful, simple days.

    No one from our family lives at that farm anymore but last week my sister and I went back to look at the old place (and do a little leaf peeping). We just stood there for a long time looking at that hill and reminiscing about all the fun we had there so long ago (over 50 yrs ago). We were amazed at how little that hill looks now 🙂

  13. sandi m

    Fondest memories of Home…there are so many. Remembering my grandparents home where my grandmother made homemade goodies every day. The aromas of her apple pies, kolachy, special Easter lamb pound cake, sweet cinnamon bread, rye bread, soft rolls that barely got out of the oven to be smothered with sweet cream butter. Her dinners were another homemade treat. All enjoyed over family get togethers.
    Those were the days!!
    Thank you Marian for offering these wonderful gifts.

  14. Elizabeth Hammer

    I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts, where we frequently enjoyed snowy Christmases. One of my favorite memories of that home, a century and a half old clapboarded beauty, is of my Grandfather’s arrival on Christmas day, waving a freshly made pan of chocolate fudge. His cheerful baritone resounded in the entryway, as he stamped the snow from his boots and removed his hat and overcoat. Gramp is long gone now, but i can still hear his Christmas greeting.

  15. Donna Gibson

    I am so excited for your book to arrive! This is such an awesome give-away! Many thanks to you and your many generous contributors.
    The fragrance from a hedge of lilac bushes near our play area will always evoke memories of HOME for me. I cherish that special place where we gathered with family and friends for holidays and special meals. I have memories of stories with dad and working in the garden with mom, where I also played in the trees to watch bird nests with eggs that changed to tiny baby birds. We had many visits from our grandparents, where my grandma first introduced us to quilt making. She always had a square in her lap-she sewed each piece by hand! Our home was filled with sweet smells (especially cinnamon), beautiful treasures and decorated with love. I’ve tried to capture that feeling in our own cottage which we are slowly updating and decorating in blues, creating a place where beautiful memories are made for my children and grandchildren.

  16. Ann

    My favorite memory of home is listening to the peepers from the front porch on a Spring evening. When I stop and think about it, I can almost hear them!
    Congrats on your book and thank you for offering such a wonderful prize package.

  17. Anne M Anzil

    My favorite memory of home is being outside in the summer and running from one neighbors home to another, playing with our friends. Sampling different foods from the Mom’s in the neighborhood! We stayed out till the sun went down!

  18. Susan

    My favorite part of home was my mother. She made everything taste good, feel good, and safe. She passed away when I was 17, and I have missed the comfort of having her. But beyond that, I have favorite memories of my aunt and uncles old farmhouse, over 100 years old now, and I loved the comfort of staying with them. Lots of warm wood tones, and the most intricate gingerbread decoration in the archways between rooms and by the big bay window. I loved following my uncle around the dairy farm, watching him milk the cows, playing with the barn kittens, in the haymow, and in the old kitchen with 12 foot high ceilings but aunt made the most astonishing homemade bread. There were floor to ceiling cupboards between the kitchen and dining room that opened on both sides, and a table that seemed 15 feet long stretched the length of the room with windows all along the wall facing the apple orchard. It was simple, cozy, comforting, and heaven to a little girl.

  19. Bree Keyes

    Such an amazing giveaway! I can’t wait for your book- two more days! Home…it’s with my people- my husband and my kids. Growing up, home moved and changed a lot, and now with my own family I want it to be a place that is constant, safe, cozy and full of creativity and the sweet (or spicy) aroma of home cooked meals (or frozen pizza) and simplicity. At the age of 43, I’m finally starting to find my voice in my decorating style and how it merges with my husband’s (picture crazy artist meets solid organized manager- it’s quite the fun merger!) so our home can reflect one another and bring peace and joy to each one of us and our 6 kiddos. It’s a wild, lovely and beautiful ride.

  20. Annette

    My fondest memory of home is the smell that permeated the air from my mother’s baking. She baked for every occasion and for no occasion at all. And, of course, she used so many of her vintage serving pieces which made everything so elegant (no paper plates for her). She’s gone now and I didn’t continue with her baking tradition. Instead, I enjoy cooking savory meals.

  21. Lisa

    One fond memory of home (and growing up with 6 brothers and 1 sister!) is having lived in an area of really beautiful historical homes. Very near to our little “downtown” and yet w/a huge yard that let me roam and explore. In many of those historical homes were older neighbors and I loved that, as well.

  22. Jane Cage

    One of my fondest memories of home is a mom that sewed almost everything I wore. She made school clothes, coats, and even bathing suits. Everything I had was one of a kind. All we shopped for were a few shirts and tops. The first “store-bought” dress I had was my wedding dress. She also reupholstered furniture, canned and froze food from our big garden. Just like you, soup was one of her specialities, especially vegetable soup. My brother and I didn’t think we liked peppers and onions, so she put them in the blender before she put them in the soup. We were never the wiser until we were almost grown.
    Congratulations on your book. It’s a great accomplishment.

  23. Megan Cotter

    My fondest memories of my home are celebrating holidays with family and friends. We have a large dining room with a 15 foot table and love to fill it up! Sharing wonderful meals with the people we love is something I hope our children remember and fingers crossed they want to come home to be with us when they are parents one day!

  24. Jen C

    My fondest memories of home are celebrating Christmas from when our children were born to now. We are blessed with a little granddaughter this year and we can’t wait to celebrate with her. Thank you for your ideas and inspiration. I’m looking forward to my pre ordered copy of your book.

  25. Amy Emler

    Home is such a powerful word! I remember the days I came home from school to fresh baked cookies, weekly visits with my grandparents (and their ‘goodie jars’), times on my aunt’s farm but my favorites are bringing my own babies homes, watching them grow, running next door to my mother in law or to the house behind us to my brother-in-law (especially when their math homework became out of my league), my daughter’s homecoming after a year in Iraq as a soldier, both my daughter’s weddings…. Family is home, more than a place or time. It’s the people. 💕

  26. Stacey Gaffney

    My favorite memories of home is most definitely family. I enjoy the lazy quiet days were we are just together, the busy days were there is a lot going on , and days were you just need a shoulder. Being home is my favorite place. I love the comfort of home, the smells of a homey scented candle, the decorations that all tell a story, and the music. There is nothing more memorable then playing your favorite song and singing and dancing around the house. My home is a place of comfort and understanding, family is the most important thing so a welcoming and positive home is very important. A big hug everyday is so important and that hug can be from your family or your home.

  27. Sheila Williams

    One of my favorite memories of home is snowy winter evenings gathered around a crackling fire with my siblings as my mom read aloud to us and someone always saying “just one more page!” to see how far we could get in the story before mom made us go to bed.

  28. Judith T

    My favorite memories of home are at the holidays – baking Christmas cut-outs, decorating the tree, and singing Christmas carols as a family with my mother playing the piano. I’m now a mother myself and still cherish these moments at home.

  29. Laura F

    My fondest memories of home are our Christmas memories….In a family of six children, we didn’t always get a lot of gifts, but the gifts we got we knew were carefully chosen just for us, with our needs being the utmost concern (practicality over indulgence), but there was always 1 special gift that was a desire. Waking up at 5 am, and sitting on the stairs until 7am, waiting for our parents to get up and then we could start opening gifts….youngest to oldest, to open the presents

  30. Sharon

    Being young and free!!

  31. Shelley

    I can NOT wait to receive your book! I’ve been a huge fan of yours for years. Your blog is my first go to in the morning.

    My favorite home memory is the whole family gathered in the kitchen cooking. We all enjoy food made with love and the togetherness it brings. We all love cooking and enjoying our time together, swapping stories and asking each other to taste this…

  32. Judeth

    What a wonderful giveaway. My father passed away almost 9 years now. My best memories I have are with him having Sunday morning breakfast after church. I miss those mornings. My father grew up in an orphanage, I never knew much about his childhood there, put he let me in to those time during breakfast. I miss those and him dearly.

  33. Kathe Kane

    One of my fondest memories of home was getting my own bedroom after sharing with my little sister for forever. I was becoming a teenager and in our tiny home, with 3 siblings and one bathroom, I was given my own room. I found this out when my mother told me to go to my then shared room and not come out until she called me. I asked my little sister for hints about what was going on. She told me it was a surprise. I begged for hints. Being 4 years younger and wanting to please me, she said she’d only tell me it was as big as a bed. I was pretty excited as we waited for the furniture delivery guys to put the bed together. My mother noticed that I wasn’t as surprised and excited as she had expected and I had to admit that I was given a hint that gave away the whole surprise. It didn’t reduce my feeling like a queen for a day!

  34. Lynn

    My favorite memories of home are the ones we’re making now. I have many nostalgic memories of our home growing up but the memories we’re making now with our 14-year-old daughter are the ones I value most. What memories are we making now for our family to look back upon in the future? Your giveaways are the best!

  35. Kathryn Bowen

    A favorite memory of home has to be about the food that is so special to my childhood, and then being able to pass on the recipes to my children. During last years’ pandemic lockdown when we couldn’t get together, my grandson made our traditional Christmas Eve dinner for his family. I had been teaching him for a few years. I couldn’t have been any more proud.

  36. Sandra Couch

    My fondest memories of home were when my son & daughter were little and we would have all the family over for celebrations and holidays. The kids would play and we would gather around our table and sit and talk about everything, old memories and new as we made more memories. The kids would come and share in the conversations then off to play again. Everyone had fun and went home full and happy! Most blessed!

  37. Stephanie

    Congratulations on the new book! I had many homes growing up–my childhood home, our family cabin, and my grandparents homes. I can’t visit any of those homes anymore, but I keep pieces of them in my own home to remind me of those past homes that I loved; the candle that my mom always burned during the holidays, the piano I learned to play on, a jar full of my grandfather’s paintbrushes, a pencil sketch my grandfather did of the Arc de Triomphe, a painting of my one of my other grandfather’s hunting dogs, my grandmother’s tea set, my great-grandmother’s music box….I love to surround myself with things that bring back treasured memories of people and places that I love and miss.

  38. Leone

    My favorite memory of home was coming home from school and finding cookies or goodies cooling in the kitchen. It was not the food but knowing someone knew I was coming and cared enough to prepare for me. Our homes today still show how we care for others by preparing for them in advance. We had family get togethers every holiday and loved the sharing of time, games, and food.

  39. Nancy

    Now that I’m a grandmother, I realize that my fondest memories of home are centered on the people, not the house my parents owned for 45 years. My dad lived to be 96; my 94-year-old Mom is still living. I’m grateful for the secure home they made for their four kids.

  40. Heidi Cox

    My fondest memory of home is more of a feeling I get when I think of being at the house I grew up, where my mom still lives at 88, and where friends and relatives have come and gone for over 55 years. I don’t need to be physically there to know the warmth that those memories give to me. I can take them wherever I go and wherever I live. I feel so grateful for this!

  41. Michelle Mitchener

    Thank you for this extraordinary giveaway. My fondest childhood memories of home are the holidays- notably Thanksgiving -when relatives would come in from out of town. My parents had just restored a Victorian house with period antiques, wool carpets and intricate wallpapers. We would get dressed up so fancy in our Gunne Sax dresses and eat in the formal dining room on the china and crystal. I remember chaos, merriment and so many people! I’m glad I have those memories. Life is so informal these days, I do miss the feeling of a very special occasion!

  42. Molly

    There are so many beautiful memories of home, but the ones that stand out are meals around the dining table with my parents, brother & sisters, and spouses, whether it was for a birthday or holiday meal. We’d linger after the meal and talk and talk, and laugh and laugh. Precious.

  43. Jane

    My fondest memory of home is 3 generations of our family spending a holiday together…either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Sharing a feast around the table, then gathering around the fireplace in the den with Grandpa and aunts and uncles telling family stories.

  44. Dodie Fausset

    Some of my fondest memories are baking with my mom and grandmother. Especially during the holidays. I’ve passed this tradition on with my children and grandchildren.
    My sisters and I would get together with nieces and nephews and bake the Saturday after Thanksgiving. They would have so much fun together playing and cutting out cookies and icing them.
    When I was young my sister and I would fight over who got to enter the Shoofly pie in the local fair. It alway got a blue ribbon which at that time came with .50 to spend at the fair.
    My granddaughter recently bake a cake for my 70th birthday. I guess the tradition will continue.😊

  45. RuthAnn Harriet

    Home is my mom and daddy’s old ranch house. Long days working cattle, doing all the upkeep that is required on a working ranch, feeding cattle, horses and us kids. My mom is the best cook. Good hearty meals that fill you up and keep you working all day. Now my oldest son is there with them and she still feeds him 3 home cooked meals every day.

  46. Carolama

    In a family of four children, I have so many fond memories. One of the simplest was Sunday evenings. We had chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, then settled in to watch The Wonderful World of Disney. We were all so enthralled with the stories.

  47. Rita Heath

    One of my fondest memories was actually at my Grandmother’s home. She had a set of green glasses with clear beaded bottoms that only the adults got to drink from. I remember when I was deemed old enought to have one at my place at the table. I felt so special that day and many years later as an adult, I was gifted that set as a Christman present. I have cherished them, and they have a special place
    in my Dining Room hutch.

  48. Joanna

    Wow Marian congrats on your book! So many memories of home.. your quilt is a reminder of my childhood, my mom made many quilts and taught me to sew also. A quilt is a perfect touch to making a room feel just right! My mother in law also made quilts for each of my babies.

  49. Cheryl Adams

    Home is sitting at the kitchen table my grandma always used. It’s setting the table with my parents’s silver service every holiday. It’s seeing my family sitting around my other grandmother’s dining room table and arranging my dish display in her hutch. It’s watching my granddaughters sit on Grandpa’s lap while he plays his father’s baby grand piano in our living room. It’s using my mother in law’s Franciscan Apple pattern dishes every day. There are so many family members represented in my home through items they loved and cherished. Now, I am the privileged caretaker! I love the selection of items in this giveaway and will certainly be checking out the businesses! Can’t wait to get my book this week!!

  50. Karen Degiorgis

    My Mother hung a needlepoint in our kitchen that said “Home is Where the Heart Is.” So true, and such a wonderful memory.

  51. Barbara

    Hi Marian,
    Congratulations on your book. Amazon tells me it is on its way to my house.
    My favorite memory of home is from my first childhood home. We moved when I was in college. We lived in a row house, oh sorry townhouse is what they call them now 😘. We had a dog and she would run up and so did both neighbors. I would sit up in my bedroom window and watch her run up and down the fence line with the other dog. It took all my cares away, as well looking back wasted a lot of time. But, if you knew our family you would know it was a safe place to dream away. And boy what rut in the yard she made on both sides of the fence.

  52. Rebekah Waggoner

    My childhood home is gone as are my parents but my favorite memory was buffing the old wood floors with my siblings. We would move all the furniture, put on three pairs of socks and skate around. Everyone was happy and laughing.

    Congratulations on your book and thanks for the amazing giveaways!

  53. Tamara Oster

    Home has always meant cooking together, often old German (from Russia) food my dad grew up with. We have such a good time, Dad would regale us with stories of the farm in South Dakota, the hard winters, Grandma Oster and Aunt Eve Boss making quilts, cooking huge meals for the family of thirteen children. My mother would share stories of growing up a “town” girl in their tiny South Dakota town and we would make Lefsa and other Norwegian delights, I was truly blessed to have both strong cultures shared in our home. My Grandma (maternal) shared her stories of growing up in both Wisconsin and South Dakota and the Great Depression, she had been a suffragette and always reminded me what a great privilege we have in this country to vote – she spent countless hours teaching me to sew, embroider, tat, and tried to teach me to crochet (I seem to be impaired in that area). She shared the love of Jesus with me and would tell me many stories from the Bible. Blessed beyond measure.

  54. angelina

    My fondest memory of home is our dining table. This is where my family comes together for a meal to catch up on our lives, with memories told, jokes and so much laughter. So much happens at that table, like game night and family discussions. It’s so important with my daughter now in her own home with her family to be able to connect. I adore that blue turkey platter. So many wonderful items included here in the giveaway. I just pre ordered the book today, downloaded all my bonus content and can’t wait to receive Feels Like Home. Blue is my favorite decor color! I have been a following from the beginning. Thank you!

  55. T

    I have many fond memories of home. My mother made every room special on a limited budget. My bedroom was small but so special. An antique 3/4 bed, handmade quilts and lovely art work made my room seem like a retreat. Best wishes for you on your new book. I am sure it will be a hit with everyone that reads it. I can’t wait!!!!!

  56. Brandi

    So many congrats and all the best wishes on your new book! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity–what a treat. My fondest memory of home…when my maternal grandmother would come by to visit our family. She lived close by, and sitting in our family’s kitchen and talking with her was always my favorite time of day. She made home FEEL like home!

  57. Crystal F

    Fondest memories of home would have to be at either of my grandparents houses as a child. Of course I have great memories at my own home, but there’s just something extra special about grandmas. There are certain smells that instantly take me back (coffee, sausage and eggs, onions in a cast iron skillet, sawdust in the wood shop, motor oil in the garage shop, on and on)! I was very blessed with my grandparents and even still blessed to have 2 of them as an adult. They feel like home no matter where we are, always made everything seem special from going on a walk, cooking dinner or telling us bed time stories.

  58. Mickey

    My favorite memories of home had to do with the holidays. All the family would gather: adults would converse and drink while we kiddos would have a blast with our cousins. To this day, the cousins still get together and have a blast but this time we conversa and drink.

    Thanks for this absolutely wonderful giveaway!!!

  59. Lynn Barnette

    I have many wonderful memories of growing up. My mom always made sure our holidays and birthdays were extra special for us (there were four of us kids). But my favorite holiday memory was having all my mom’s family and their families for Thanksgiving. There was always 20-40 people at our gathering. Everyone was welcome. Fast forward through the years, and the same famiily members are still coming to my mom’s home for Thanksgiving. She always makes everyone feel welcome and loves each person that enters her home. I’ve always marveled that she was such a wonderful host and could cook some of the most delicious dishes!

  60. Anya Schoss

    My fondest memory of home is the stillness of the first snow of the year. I can’t wait to enjoy it this year cozied up to our new fireplace!

  61. Laura B

    We’re moving into a new home this week! It’s bittersweet because my oldest is across the state enjoying his freshman year at college. My fondest memories of our first two homes are bringing our four babies home from the hospital for the first time, and all of the celebrations we’ve hosted in both homes. I love having friends and family close, and I can’t wait to do the same in our new home!

  62. Melissa

    My fondest memories of home include my maternal grandparents and the anticipation as we drove the ninety minutes to their home on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. The smell of pies baking and the sound of familiar voices laughing and talking brought such joy into my young heart! Both of my grandparents are gone now but I can still see their smiles when I l close my eyes and listen to old Christmas carols.

  63. Gina

    My fondest memory of home is all the carefree days I had outside as a young girl-climbing trees, swinging in the swing, picking cherries and eating them right off the tree and then going inside to our screened in porch to play with Play-Doh and then finally crashing on the sofa in front of the air conditioner reading a book.

  64. Rebecca

    My dad was in the Air Force so “home” was a place that changed often. There were six of us kids and not much money. When we moved from furnished, on-base housing in Puerto Rico to unfurnished, off-base housing in California, our parents bought some secondhand furniture, including a long, light green camel back sofa and a wing chair upholstered in a brown floral print. The year we lived in CA our dad was TDY in Greenland and in his absence and when our mom was out, we took a few liberties with the household rules by playing baseball inside. We used the chair for home plate and it’s two throw pillows for the bat and ball. Not surprising, the poor chair’s arms became threadbare and you could see the wooden frame in some places. Mom had the furniture moved with us from CA to FL much to our dad’s surprise. They decided to have the sofa and chair reupholstered in Naugahyde: light green brocade for the sofa and a deep, forest green for the chair. Upon its return from being reupholstered, it became The Big Green Chair. It also became the best seat in the house and was forever the subject of someone “calling dibs.” I loved sitting in it with one leg swung over an arm, much to my mother’s chagrin. I have since acquired my own green chair but in sage and with a more modern silhouette. The spot on the side where the frame is peeking through (which is hidden by a strategically placed throw) is from a succession of kitties who mistook the chair for a scratching post. I still (at my age!) like to sit with one leg slung over an arm of the chair. My sons have never confessed to playing baseball in the house with throw pillows but if they did, I hope they cherish the memory.

  65. Jeannette LeHoullier

    QUILTS! Yes, quilts to me are the basis of what home is to me. It brings back memories of my great grandmother and my “Amazing Grace”grandmother and remembrances of being wrapped up lovingly in their homemade quilts. I even have fond memories of seeing the huge quilt frame hanging from Great Grandma’s ceiling in her small cottage. She also sewed them on her treadle sewing machine. I have one of the last quilts she made (at age 95). 💕 And it is now a tradition and a passion and a collection of mine. make me feel loved, makes my home feel homey, gives me a basis for offering gracious hospitality to my guests in my Romantic French Country home. 🎀

    FYI: I’ve been following your blog for over 10 years and you helped me more clearly define my home style. And gave me so many wonderful wonderful ideas when we bought our dream home. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and creativity in your life that you so freely share with us. It has brought me so much joy.
    Jeannette the JOYFUL DIVA 🎀🌸🎀

  66. Brandi Pratt

    My favorite memory of home is cooking with my mom. She worked hard to support us and on Sundays we would make a big breakfast and then dinner. It was a time for us to connect and something we still do when we visit.

  67. Linda Esposito

    I have sweet memories of my mama rocking me on her lap on our screened porch while my daddy held my younger brother. It was not a fancy house or neighborhood, but the sense of love and safety are beyond price.

  68. Trish Charity

    My memory of home is when I was living on a farm in Indiana. My bedroom was in the attic area and I love the fall. With the windows open and a cool breeze I would listen to the song birds singing their morning or evening praises.

    • Kaye Diehlman

      My favorite memory of home is the house I grew up in, when my mom and dad were still alive. I lost my dad when I was only 15.

      I love the “Shoofly Star” quilt shown in your Facebook post too. ❤

  69. Randa L Weir

    My fondest memory of home is coming *back* home. I’ve always been a homebody and I so loved the home I grew up in. My mom and dad bought this home when I was three, and we moved in the weekend before I turned four, so this has pretty much always been home. So many years of wonderful memories growing up here – immediate family celebrations with my mom, dad, and sister; huge extended family memories of so many wonderful holidays spent here; the year my parents gave my sister and I the ‘option’ – air conditioning? or a pooe were 16 and 12 at the time – what do you think we chose? Hundreds of pool parties later… About 15 years ago, my husband and I decided it might be a good time to buy a home of our own. My dad insisted that we should rent ‘just a few more years’ as he wanted us to have our family home when the time came. Sadly, just a few years later, both my mom and dad passed away within just three months of each other. And so, my husband and I moved *home*. The warm, comforting, familiar place that I’ve always known as home is now our home – the legacy continues. It’s such an honor and treasure to be able to live in this home. We still gather here for celebrations, still have pool parties (the air conditioning was installed *after* my sis and I moved out!), and still love our neighborhood. In fact, several of the kids I grew up with here on the block now own their parents and grandparents home, so we’re still the kids on the block!

    Good luck with the book! I know it will be a great success.

  70. Pam

    When I think about my fondest memories of home my thoughts always turn to growing up in rural Maine on my grandparent’s dairy farm. My earliest memory is of walking hand in hand with my grandmother and grandfather across the pasture to pick wild strawberries for Gram to make into a delicious pie. There would always be a small portion of berries left over that she placed in a bowl for me to eat with fresh cream. My grandmother encouraged me to join her in the kitchen for canning and baking and when I was old enough, to help make quilts for the Ladies Aid Society in our small town, which was founded by my great grandmother. My grandfather taught me about the value of days work, and the native plants, berries and wildflowers that abundantly grew on our farm. The skills and knowledge I use today to keep a home, plant a garden and feed my family are because of my beloved grandparents and are my most treasured gifts. Bless you Marian, for all you share with your readers and followers for you too are a rare a gift.

  71. Lisa Yablonski

    Wow, this is awesome. The book, the products, and the style all remind me of home. My favorite was our dance parties while cleaning or hanging out. My mom would put on a record and it started. Who ever was in the house new to stop and come join in the dance party.

  72. Elizabeh S

    Some of the fondest ones involve my dad reading out loud – usually something long, like Robinson Crusoe, but sometimes shorter like the Little House books – on winter nights, fire in the wood stove, popcorn, playing legos on the floor with my siblings. Cozy, warm, safe. So good. <3

  73. SandyG

    Sunday lunch at my Grandmother’s house and all of us around her large table. The afternoon always ended with tea and sandwiches before we would head for home, and in between there was always a game of Scrabble. I still play Scrabble today with that same game.

  74. Kathleen O'Brien

    Love your blog, Marian! My fondest childhood memories of home revolve around our years living in Germany. Almost every weekend my mom and dad would get me up early to drive to the flea markets in France (we were stationed not far from the French border). We would come home at the end of the day with our little Audi station wagon full of “treasures” — antique tables, chairs, coffee mills, pitchers & wash basins, paintings, needlepoint frames, linens, light fixtures, clocks, the list was endless. Sometimes I could pick out something for my room — a porcelain figurine, a jewelry box, even my iron bed frame. Our home was full of these treasures. So when I read of your own treasure hunts, it reminds me of those days (1970’s). My home now has a few of those lucky finds from the “Marche aux Puces”. It makes me smile to think they were “antiques” when my mom bought them, and are even more so now almost 50 years later. Not sure our purchases from our local big box stores will weather the years quite like those! I love to think of the person who may have sat at that table, used that spoon, read that book, looked at that painting…. Thanks for reminding us to treasure even the smallest, most ordinary of things.

  75. April McKnight

    Home is where our family is.
    Home is where we spend time together in comfort and security. Where we make childhood memories, and grow into adults. As a military family, We have learned to make each house that we have lived in our home by focusing on time spent together.
    I am super excited to get your new book and enjoy the experience of reading it. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  76. Karen

    My birthday is October 13th and my husband preordered “Feels Like Home” as a gift for my birthday. I can’t wait till it arrives! Home to me is a cozy retreat from the often chaotic world; a place to unwind and be yourself; a welcoming space, when you return to it lovingly greeted by your fur baby; a blank canvas to decorate with cultivated pieces, handmade goods and finishing touches. Congratulations on the book, Marian. Thank you for celebrating its release with this amazing giveaway!

  77. Carolyn w McMurray

    Especially after this last year +++ with Covid I treasure most getting together with family at any occasion, especially birthdays, thanksgiving, and soon Christmas. I know that being apart has made us all thankful for each other. We miss our daughter at these gatherings now because she died of Ovarian Cancer 3 years ago. She was the spark in our gatherings for 43 years and we all miss her so much. We know that she is in Heaven with Jesus and we know where she is has great comfort for all my family. Thanks for your wonderful blog. It is so encouraging and uplifting.

  78. Dawn Keplinger

    My mother knew how to make her tiny New England home hospitable, especially keeping her table neat and decorated with simple but beautiful round cloths. There were 5 of us, three girls, one bathroom, two bedrooms, and a fold-out couch in the living room for my parents until I was in “junior high” (dated myself there!). She always took care to dress neatly and use a little makeup, and to spruce herself up before my father came home from the fire station each day. She loved us and enjoyed teaching us how to knit, sew, bake, and then share good things (cookies!) and good times (popcorn back yard parties) with the small crowd of neighbors on our little “dead-end” street. Others were always welcome, especially the other children on our street. Trips to the library downtown (Weymouth) in our old VW bus were regular occurrences early Saturday morning, everyone welcome! She knew how to make a house a home, and welcomed aunts, uncles, and cousins often. We were blessed!

  79. Dawn Frederick

    My fondest memories revolve around family meals, conversation and delicious food. My mom was a great cook and we always ate all together whenever it was humanely possible . Our family also loved playing games together, and our game collection was quite impressive.

  80. Choral Trettevik

    Congratulations – waiting eagerly for my copy to be delivered today! My favorite memory of my childhood home is the smell of baked goods when I walked in the door after school. My mom baked every Friday, and it was always a treat, particularly her apple pie!

  81. Bonnie C. Chandler

    Your giveaway is absolutely wonderful !!!
    I would be very appreciative of such treasures !!!
    My fondest memory of home is the love and important teachings received from my grandparents. They raised my brother and I, and we were blessed with a fabulous childhood, and a wonderful foundation for our adult years. There are so many memories of home, and they are combined to make our childhood the fondest memory of home !!!!
    A homemade hot breakfast, EVERY morning. Always included orange juice and homemade Ghirardelli hot chocolate !!! I can still hear grandma stirring the pot.
    This is how we began each day that was filled with more than I could list in a short note. We were taught to care for and appreciate things from the past, love each other, show respect, be grateful for what we had and the most important thing in the home is the family. How you live, love, and give to every day makes the home special. God bless my grandparent’s souls.

  82. Rachel Jacobsen

    One of my fondest memories of home isn’t of my home, but of arriving at my Grandparents’ house. They were aging and I was in my 40s. As I pulled up to their house in a rental car, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of being home, welcomed and loved. My grandma was a quilter. Handmade quilts remind me of her. I have always loved their texture and patterns.

  83. Jillian

    Home, where everything that makes up me is. I can come home and relax knowing that all of my favorite people and things are! I love antique items and DIY as well! My home is a curated version of me. I love home decor and am studying to become an Interior designer. I can’t wait to get my hands on your new book and capture all the inspiration!

  84. Mai

    My favorite part of home is my family. Remembering back to when I was little was waking up early and going downstairs to find my mom in the kitchen getting ready for breakfast and the day. Just the two of us up early. Such a warm feeling

  85. Karrie Sadzewicz

    My fondest memory of home is building our house as a family including our children, then 4 and 3 years old. My father-in-law is a retired carpenter and was the brains of our project. We had so much help from family, friends, and our church family. It was really one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.

  86. Karen Holleman

    So I’ve written a comment in your comments so many times, and I’ll just try again. Would you believe me when I say that I have a piece of original art from you when you first moved to Rochester. We lived there between 2012-2015, and you captured the beauty of that rolling farmland that I needed to put on my wall as a reminder when God told me “trust me”, and I did.

  87. Lisa Knopik

    My fondest memories of my home growing up was that my mom was always there, and we would cook together.

  88. Lori Merrill

    My favorite memory of home was my mother always being there. She passed away last August at the age of 96 and she lived at that home up until then. Always had the best meals and best smelling sheets from hanging them on the line❤️

  89. Lori Eastman

    I bought my grandparents’ home 4 years ago and it’s still definitely a work in progress. I’ve followed you for a while now – your first book is one of my “coffee table” books and every time I get stuck, I browse your site for inspiration. Blue and white is my “love language” so I especially love the things you’ve done with blue and white. Congrats on the new book – you’ve been a pleasure to follow!!

  90. Dawn Bennett

    Looking forward to finally having this book in my hands. All the photos you keep teasing us with are beautiful!
    One of my favorite memories of home is our summer garden harvest. My aunt and cousins would come over for a big day or two of canning and preserving. It definitely didn’t rank on my top things to do back then but I now cherish those memories of the time together a paring knife in one hand and green beans to string on my lap. Lots of love and laughter filled that kitchen and it tasted great too!

  91. Teresa Brown

    One of my many fond memories of home is my mother teaching me to crochet. Then, we worked together to crochet an afghan. Oh, there were so many granny squares in that afghan!

  92. Mitzi

    You have exquisite taste! I love everything you do!

  93. Susan

    One of my favorite memories of home was going to my grandparents on a hot summer day and churning peach ice cream! We would sit on the front porch, all my aunts, uncles and cousins would gather. We would talk, laugh and just spend time together. Filling up on that family support and love to face a new week. That time, reminded us of who we are and what was important to us. Faith and Family.

  94. Lisa

    I love your site!! My fondest memories of home Is the Kitchen table that our family used to sit and have Dinner every day at 5pm. Now that my Dad and Brother have passed, what I would give for one more day like that.

  95. Melissa Meader

    So many lovely things. Very warm and inviting.

  96. Susan

    I just miss my mom dad and her cooking.

  97. Catherine DiVello

    Congratulations on the publication of your book!

  98. Ericka Cooper

    First congratulations! I’m looking forward to a great read! Secondly, fondest memories of home… probably snow days because we didn’t get them often, but when we did the snow was deep. We’d play till soaked through, go inside for hot chocolate and Mom would throw everything in the dryer. When everything, including us, was warm and dry we’d run back outside. I still love sitting at home with a book and a hot cup of tea watching big snowflakes falling.

  99. Cindy Harter

    My fondest memory of home always comes in the fall with harvest. I grew up on a big family farm and I would ride with my dad in the combine. Mom would bring us dinner. I would sing at the top of my lungs out there. I remember everything about the farm in the fall. The smells of fall. The crisp leaves. The sights: those beautiful trees. Every fall to this day I have to be home when the combine runs around my house. We call it “combine day!” Always reminds me of home!

  100. B Suplita

    My fondest memories of home are the things hand made by my Mom. Curtains, upholstery, cross-stitch. Later after I left home she made quilts, and now I have several of those that adorn my home and remind me of her.


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