vintage/farmhouse-style glass cozy crochet tutorial

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Years ago, I was shopping for inventory for the Lucketts Spring Market and found a ziplock bag containing some cream crochet work.  I wasn’t sure what they were initially, but I’ve learned how to hunt and peck to try to find things others might overlook.  I’m the one crawling into the depths of an antique booth, opening all of the … Read More

sofas : neutral vs. bold

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Happy Monday, everyone!  I spent the good part of my weekend resting my arm, hanging out with the family, doing a little bit of cleaning, and looking at some new magazines I picked up at the store.  I love decorating, but the last few months have been busy and I haven’t had as much time to do sewing and furniture … Read More

linen bee napkins

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Just before I left for Europe, I received a package from Linen Bee.  I have worked with them for years as a sponsor and a paying customer.  I’ve worn their dresses to China, Europe, and all over the US. They are my favorite custom-made linen clothes.  So, I’m always excited when I get a package from them! In this order, … Read More

annoying projects

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While the boys are home and dedicated, quiet creative work time is limited (or non-existent), I am trying to knock out some projects that are quick and mindless and have been hanging around undone for months.  The projects that fit in that category are on my “annoying project list”.   Every once in a while I dedicate an entire day to … Read More

a lifetime supply of almond extract & honey

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This week I’ve been working on organizing our kitchen.  It’s one of the spaces that has been bugging me the most (organizationally speaking).  I hadn’t moved things around since we moved in and, after cooking in this kitchen for a year and a half, it has become clear that some things were put in the wrong place initially. Everything looked … Read More

top 10 posts of 2018

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Happy New Year! I absolutely love the time of year between Christmas and New Years when I hibernate, take time off, and generally loaf around without any deadlines, commitments or expectations beyond wearing pajama-like clothes all day, every day.  We’ve been doing puzzles and science experiments, watching movies, playing board games, letting the boys have playdates and sleepovers.  I had … Read More