Old World Kitchen Dreamware Giveaway

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If you’ve followed me for a while, you may have picked up that I have a thing for kitchenware.  I was a Food Network junkie when I left the corporate world, so I could support Jeff in full-time youth ministry and be a homemaker.  I thoroughly relished the time and spent much of it cooking and baking from scratch and, as a part of that, building my collection of kitchen gear.  I built up a pretty well-equipped kitchen with great knives, utensils, pots & pans, cutting boards, etc., but I still keep an eye out for special pieces I can add or tools I can upgrade.

Some of my favorite pieces of kitchen gear over the past couple of years have been wooden spoons and spatulas.  I love the warm patina they develop over time.  The more they are used, the better the look, in my opinion.

Through Instagram, I found and started following a Virginia family who makes and sells hand-carved wooden utensils – The Polders of Old World Kitchen.

I was drawn not only to their beautiful work, but to their story.  They are artisans and small business rockstars.

So, when they asked if I would be interested in adding a few pieces of their Dreamware to my collection and offering a giveaway on my blog, I was more than happy to oblige.

I’ve been using a few of their pieces in my kitchen for a couple of weeks and they truly are not-just-a-regular-wooden-spoon.

I noticed how the spatulas especially, seemed to be carefully designed and carved, so they fit perfectly into your hand.  It’s a small thing that you don’t notice until you start using it in a repetitive motion, like lifting two dozen cookies off parchment or stirring potatoes in a pan.

And the woods they use are all gorgeous!  The graining and colors are a feast for the eyes.

I may love painted things, but, believe it or not, I’m a wood-lover as well.  The two can co-exist.

In addition to the hard carved Dreamware collection, they sell other high-end kitchenware, like ceramics, linens, and vintage and antique copper pieces – molds, pots, pans, casseroles, kettles, etc.

And I bet you can guess how I feel about copper…

So, the copper page on their website just kills me.

The pieces offered in their shop are definitely investment pieces.  They are special occasion wooden spoons for everyday use.  I see them as being a great gift for someone who is passionate about cooking and will appreciate the detail and craftsmanship of each piece.

If their wares are out of your price range, don’t dismay!  You have a chance to win two of their best-selling utensils – the Roux Spoon ($140) and the Favorite Baking Spatula ($199).  In order to win, just leave a comment on this post!

If you are interested in making a purchase, use code MUSTARDSEED to get 25% off your total.

And if you just love looking at wooden spoons and other pretty kitchen gear or you want to be inspired by a family who is following their dream, you can follow the Polder’s on Instagram at Old World Kitchen.

The giveaway will close Monday, September 11, 2017, at midnight PST.  A winner will be randomly chosen and notified shortly after.

Good luck!

Disclosure: I was sent products from Old World Kitchen to use and review in exchange for this post.  I was thrilled to partner with such a special company and did not receive additional payment for this post or any social media promotions.  I do not receive any additional income for purchases made through this post.  All words and opinions are, as always, my own.

Old World Kitchen Dreamware Giveaway

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1,083 Comments on “Old World Kitchen Dreamware Giveaway”

  1. I love wooden spoons! They make cooking so much more fun. I have a spatula that was handed down form my mom and I couldn’t live without it!

  2. You and your blog are amazing! Those hand carved spoons are beautiful. Thanks for the chance to actually own one.

  3. I love wooden utensils and I have a small vintage collection. I live in VA, but I have never heard of this business. I will definitely check them out. Their pieces are beautiful!

  4. Oh wow! What an exciting opportunity to own such a lovely and practical kitchen tool (art?!)

    Thanks for sharing the wealth!


  5. These items are a piece of art! They would not sit in a drawer in my home. They would be hung on the wall for easy access and for all to see and appreciate. Thanks for sharing!

  6. These utensils are beautiful. I am sure they will be well used and well loved by whomever is lucky enough to win!
    Your home is really coming along! I am enjoying the posts of the new place.

  7. I am so enjoying your new life/new house journey. And after a busy couple of weeks, I’ve just spent a contented hour catching up.

  8. There is something to be said for using a tool (kitchen or otherwise) day in and day out, and the sense of pleasure one receives because the tool is so well made! I don’t think there are many opportunities for that to happen for most of us; but it is gratifying to know there are such tools available to us. They are a bit pricy, but not necessarily out of reach (especially if you put aside a few pennies for few months!) Thank you for sharing this amazing product and story with us!!

  9. I would love to own one of these wooden spoons! I have a wooden spoon that my was my mom’s, and although it’s not of the finest quality, I love knowing that I’m cooking with the same utensil she did.

  10. WOW!!! Beautiful and functional. I love wooden utensils, and these are works of art. Thank you for such a great giveaway.

  11. How blessed the winner will be to add these beautiful spoons to their kitchen. Thank you, Marian, for sharing this opportunity with us.

  12. I have been following Polder’s Own on Instagram and drooling over their wooden utensils and copper pieces. I would love to get my hands on a few pieces of their work!

  13. Oh how beautiful! I have never heard of them but would love to own one of their hand crafted pieces! Thanks for the opportunity to win one !

  14. I am loving following your blog during this time as you settle into your new MN life and make your home your own. We moved just north of Minneapolis from Tennessee 3 years ago and have been redoing every room of our house as well. This weekend was planking our bedroom ceiling after whitewashing the barnwood. 🙂

  15. These look absolutely gorgeous! Love wooden utensils! Would be thrilled to win one! Thanks so very much for the opportunity!!

  16. I’ve never heard of them before but I’m intrigued by their amazing utensils and kitchenware. I would love to try them!

  17. I love to cook and these would be a welcome addition to my kitchen. I honestly have no wooden spoons and would love to try them.

  18. I found this family via instagram a few days ago— Love!!!!!! The copper had me drooling,MUST. HAVE. French rolling pin, and the scoops.. roux spoon, if you love a good gravey.. Oh the spoon butter should be on every SAntas list for all your foodie friends.

  19. I so enjoy reading your posts….you are an encouragement to many…..Love, love, love using wooden utensils…..yes these would be an investment…..a big investment for most folks…..would love to be able to try these out…..thx for offering this chance to win …..

  20. These are beautiful utensils, I have looked and lusted many times at their beautiful work.

  21. These are such beautiful pieces!! I would be honored and very excited to have any of these in my kitchen.

  22. I didn’t see such love for wooden utensils from anyone really. It reminds me of my mother. She still has a great collection of kitchenware. Not sure how she keeps so perfect even after ages.

  23. I’m an artist to so, I really felt what you meant when you said how wood and paint can coexist… that is honestly how I feel about everything(everyone) we just need to find the right balance to achieve tranquility and beauty.

  24. Wooden utensils were everywhere in my mamaw’s kitchen…I used to watch her artfully dip the butter into her molds and then when ready pop them out and wrap in wax paper and tie with twine. Mind you that was many years ago…the twine came from the cotton gin my papaw ran….These handmade wooden utensils should be handed down for generations.

  25. Aw, shucks! I missed the giveaway. Sad. They are beautiful pieces though, especially loved the patina of the used one.

    Wood spoons are also a favorite of mine. I’ve collected them for a long time and use them every chance I get. However, there are some I just buy for their looks 🙂

    Thank you for sharing, Marian. I love kitchen gear too!

  26. I love wooden spoons and kitchenware! Whenever I can, I will choose an old spoon from an older family member’s collection to remember them by. Spoons always dish up love!

  27. My son Anders is 11 and is a budding chef. Either of these beautiful pieces would make a great birthday gift and keepsake for him!

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